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Susianna is an expert on crystals with decades of experience. To find out more about her and follow her on social media, scroll down and click on the respective links at the bottom of this page.

History & Properties of Individual Crystals

 About Susianna


Susianna started her working life as a nurse and during that time was partly fascinated and partly terrified by the ghost stories some of her colleagues talked about relating to the hospitals she worked in. She’s had a varied career since then, even working as a travel rep for a season in the Greek Islands; but eventually settled back into the normal 9 - 5 lifestyle back home.


She first started her spiritual journey over twenty years ago when she was introduced to Transcendental Meditation via a friend in the hope that she would be able to clear some lasting effects from her childhood and has since then explored many different avenues.


In the late 1990’s she was diagnosed with Lymphoma for which she underwent chemotherapy; and it was at this time, by seemingly pure accident, she was first drawn to the power of crystals. She spotted a beautiful crystal bracelet made of rainbow fluorite and bought it. The lady who owned the shop knew nothing about the cancer diagnosis and told her that the energies of this crystal will give you courage and reassure you that everything’s going to be alright. On further investigation, Susianna found that fluorite can purify your body and eliminate anything that’s causing it not to function perfectly and can help you have more structure in your everyday life, making you physically, emotionally, and mentally prepared to overcome both small and big challenges. A perfect example of synchronicity in action at the right time, just when it was most needed.


Following that first encounter with crystals, she became fascinated by them and realised that each crystal she was drawn to had the properties for what she needed at that moment in her life, whether it be grounding, protection, balancing or healing for a specific illness or symptom.


It was at this time a friend suggested that she get an animal for company and she got her first Dwarf Lop rabbit which she house trained and which was her constant companion until he passed at the age of six. She has adopted rescue rabbits since then and now has a delightful Lionhead Lop and a Harlequin Lop which she shares house space with.


Approximately a year into her recovery from the chemotherapy she signed up to a weekly meditation course with some work friends and when this ended, signed up for a personal development course with the same tutor. This was the start of learning more about spirituality, auras, energies, Tarot, angels, crystals and channelling. Over the years Susianna completed courses in the Mechanics of Mediumship and the Psychic Skill of Psychometry and the Advanced Mediumship Level 2 with a gifted Spiritual Medium and Clairvoyant and completed her Reiki Master Practitioner level in Usui Reiki and Master Teacher level in Angelic Reiki. She has participated in Reiki and Psychic Shares and completed a number of one-day workshops on the Dolphins of Atlantis, the Power of the Phoenix, the Angel Lightworker Programme and many more.


She also “fell into” selling crystals by co-incidence. A friend who is a Tarot reader, healer and many other things, was going to have a stall at a Mind, Body and Spirit event and didn’t know whether to go with the crystals or the Tarot readings. Susianna suggested she do both and that she would look after the crystals whilst her friend did the readings, with the proviso that they were next to each other in case anybody asked anything about the crystals.


Susianna had a fabulous day on the stall, really enjoyed working with the crystals and found on the whole she could answer most of the questions as if she was channelling the answers from spirit. At the end of the day, knowing that her friend was winding down the crystal side of her business, she asked if she could buy the whole lot off her. Her friend’s immediate reaction was positive, but Susianna asked her to think about it rather than say yes ion the spot so that she wouldn’t come to regret a hasty decision. The long and the short of it is that Susianna bought the crystals from her friend and started rebuilding the stock that her friend had allowed to reduce naturally. She also added some new lines, including Tarot cards and salt lamps.


Susianna is happy to take questions on which crystals will help with a specific issue and at events can be heard to say “I’ve got a crystal for that.”


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