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Smoky Quartz


Susianna is an expert on crystals with decades of experience in the spiritual field. She is an empath, healer and has psychic abilities. Her greatest passion lies in the field of crystals and she writes articles on them regularly. We are very happy to have her as a contributing author on this website. If you wish to order any crystals from Susianna or to book an in-depth crystal consultation and advice session, send an email to, shop for crystals at Susianna's Shop and follow her on Social Media.

Location and Composition of the Crystal

Smoky Quartz the “Stone of Power”; when it is almost opaque and in its darkest state it is also known as Morion which may have come from the French moreau meaning dark-skinned. Morion is the German, Danish, Spanish and Polish name for Smoky Quartz, too. The name Smoky Quartz was first reported by J S Dana in 1837 because its colour had been likened to smoke.


Smoky Quartz is a commonly found crystal from Africa, Arkansas, Brazil, China, Himalayas and India. It is a form of Quartz, a Silicon Dioxide of the silicates class of crystals. It is mainly a transparent crystal, although it can be opaque, and its colour is a dark, smoky grey-brown with some pieces looking almost black. The colour comes from exposure to natural underground radiation from granite deposits and impurities of aluminium.

General Information & Legends

Smoky Quartz is a powerful balancing, grounding and protecting crystal and can be used to absorb and transmute negative energy back into light as well as creating a shield against psychic attack. It was a sacred crystal for the ancient Druids as it signified the strong dark power of the Earths’ gods and goddesses. It is also the national gem of Scotland, and was mined by the Celts who colonised the British Isles around 300 BCE in the Cairngorm Mountains of the Scottish highlands.


They called the crystal Morion or Cairngorm and it was worn as shoulder brooches and kilt pins, and used on the handles of weapons, especially the Scottish dagger sgian dubh (sock knife) which is still part of a proper kilted dress by the Highlanders. The Sceptre of Scotland, part of the “Honours of Scotland” (Scottish Crown Jewels) is silver gilt and topped by a Scottish pearl and a lump of Cairngorm. The sceptre was given as a gift to King James IV from Pope Alexander VI n 1494, and was remodelled and lengthened in 1536.

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Connections: Goddesses & Angels

Smoky Quartz is associated with the Goddess Hecate, the Thracian Goddess of Wisdom, Crossroads and Ghosts who is also Goddess of the Occult and the Dark Moon, the side we are unable to see. The stone also honours Gaia, the Greek Earth Mother Goddess, who was the first (or one of the first) beings to appear during the process of creation and is the Earth itself.


Smoky Quartz is not associated with any particular Angel.


Smoky Quartz is primarily associated with the Base or Root Chakra (Muladhara), relating to survival and security, and further down to the Earth Star Chakra to keep you deeply rooted to Mother Earth. Its secondary chakras are the Sacral Chakra (Svadhistana), relating to creativity, sensuality, sexuality and desire for pleasure, and the Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura), relating to our identity and our power in this world. Smoky Quartz is also used to draw white light energy down from the Crown Chakra through all of the chakras and down to the Earth Star Chakra to keep you be deeply rooted to Mother Earth.

Healing: Physical, Emotional & Spiritual

In crystal healing, Smoky Quartz is said to help with symptoms relating to the following illnesses and areas of the body: abdominal problems, balance issues, cancer, chemotherapy, foot problems, headache and migraine, infertility, kidney disorders, legs, nightmares and night terrors, pain relief, pancreatic health, removal of toxins, skin infections, skin irritations, tumours and growths. As the crystals are naturally irradiated, it is thought to be a helpful crystal to use for those undergoing radiotherapy as it has the ability to amplify the healing outcomes for those who are receiving these treatments.


Emotionally, Smoky Quartz is said to assist with easing depression, grounding, reducing stress or tension, resentment, understanding death.


Spiritually, Smoky Quartz is said to aid aura cleansing and clearing, aura protection, balances yang energy, earth healing, electromagnetic frequencies/smog/pollution, enhancing and stimulating dreams, grounding, psychic protection, release and dispel negativity.

Birthstones & Anniversaries

Smoky Quartz is not a traditional or natural birthstone but is a modern birthstone for the Zodiac sign Capricorn (22nd December - 19th January).

It is not on the anniversary list.


In meditation, Smoky Quartz is a perfect stone to help you ground yourself, stop the mind chatter and be in the moment. It can help you attain a deep and prolonged meditative state, enabling you to let go of the past and also to journey to past worlds or astral travel when candlelight is shone into it and you meditate on the light within with your eyes open.



I am grounded and protected.

Important to Know

WARNING: Smoky Quartz can be easily scratched or chipped, so be careful with jewellery which contains it so as not to damage the surface. Do not soak your Smoky Quartz in water or leave it in direct sunlight as it will cause it to fade or change.


As with all crystals you use regularly, don’t forget to cleanse and recharge it at least once a month.

For crystal healers who use crystals in their work, they should be cleansed after each client to remove any negative energy prior to being used on someone else.


PLEASE REMEMBER: Although the powers of crystals and stones are well documented and have been proven to help bring positivity into people's lives, they are never a substitute for medical advice.


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