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This is how it all started. Even as a child in nursery, I used to tell my sister bedtime stories. Later I wrote some down and as a teenager, I wrote my first long story. I continued to write almost on a daily basis throughout my life, but it took me well into adult life to believe in my own gift enough to dare to publish my first poems on a spiritual website. The positive feedback I received there gave me the courage to publish my first book of spiritual poetry, and many more books in various genres like children's literature, parenting, adult romance and romantic poetry followed. There's more to come, of course, I never stop writing. Make sure you follow my author pages (links in the header), so you don't miss out on a new release.


If you want to find out more about a particular book or series, click on the heading or, in case of the standalone novels, on the link added to take you to the respective page. Enjoy browsing!

My Spirit Song

My Spirit Song is a spiritual journey of the author's path of seeking deeper truths expressed in a collection of spiritual poetry.

A Magical Family Holiday

In A Magical Family Holiday, the author, her mother and two daughters travel on a family holiday to the mackical Eifel Mountains of Germany. Together they travel through time and enjoy some special moments of inter-generational bonding. And are there fairies in the enchanted little garden? With a foreword by India Wilson.

How Picasso Makes You a Genius

How Picasso Makes You a Genius is a textbook with humour, explaining how energy works, while travelling to ancient Rome, visiting the Formula 1 racetrack, baking cakes and more. It is aimed at older children and teens with a basic knowledge of physics.

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