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Book 1: Drew

Book 2: Zee

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Book 1, Drew: Raven, a poet laureate, meets with a group of Marine officers while at a convention is Las Vegas. The five friends and SpecOps teammates are a sworn brotherhood and one man is more beautiful than the next. It also seems that they are all interested in her candy.

All but one, that is, because the one man who really makes Raven’s heart beat out of her chest each time she is near him, is the commanding officer of the team, Drew Merino. However, it seems that the only feelings Drew has for her is resentment. After a night at a club, however, the cards are dealt again and a wild ride of passion and sleepless nights ensues.

Everything would be well if there wasn’t Drew’s teammate Notchu whose past finally catches up with him in the most unexpected manner.

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The Series' Creation


I’ve always loved to read about a group of guys who felt like brothers about each other, who supported each other and protected each other’s lives. Since I can remember, I had always wanted a big brother to look out for me. I had a little sister whom I had to look out for, protect and care for.


I took that responsibility very seriously because I loved her, of course, and I am a natural protector. I was also the one watching out that no one steals any purses or the like when I was out with my friends in a busy bar. That included my male friends, not only female ones. I’d be the group’s designated security in that sense.


When I started reading military romance, I was impressed with the dedication these men have for each other, how best friends are brothers who do everything for each other and also look out for the families of the individuals in a sworn group of such men. I loved the idea that there was always someone to turn to for help for a spouse and that the women who were in a relationship with these men also supported each other. And in an ideal story, they all got along and became great friends.


So one day, I decided to write such a story where a woman is not only falling in love with a man, but also becomes part of such a family unit of the heart. She is the first one in the group to become a wife and I may write more of this group in the future, I don’t know yet. But writing this book really expressed my deep love for my heart family and the ideal of mutual support and friendship beyond the call of duty.


I am very blessed to have some close friends in the world whom I love deeply and can turn to with my happy news, as well as my worries and fears. Friends who support me in my growth and whom I support. We cheer each other on, provide a shoulder to lean on in times of need and celebrate each other’s achievements. These beautiful Goddesses give me so much strength and courage, a different perspective when I am stuck in a negative mindset and help me to laugh at myself.


This kind of friendship is so precious and valuable to me, so I incorporated this energy and love I have with my soul sisters, as I like to call them, in my book in male form and also added the female protagonist, Raven, gaining not only the love of her life, but a whole Band of Brothers as well.


It’s been a beautiful experience to write this book and I have also included some poetry. I’ve included fun, love, but also challenges and fears. All this has made it a special experience for me on an inner level on top of weaving this love story in the narrative. When I write, I always write from my heartspace, and I work through themes that have relevance in my own life and psyche, be it for myself or people close to me.


So this adult romance novel is not only a sexy love story. It is a story of friendship, of family and of love for yourself and others.

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