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A mother has to sign a paper her 8-year-old daughter Tarini brings home from school and from there ensues a conversation about Picasso, a caveman and a swarm of mosquitoes, Lewis Hamilton, the Ancient Romans and how to mix up a cake, all before taking a chill pill.

This entire funny narration by international author Tirza Schaefer leads to your child’s empowerment by learning how life functions, combining science and spirituality with logic into one whole sensible construct, which is as coherent and understandable as it is empowering.

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The Book's Creation


I’ve always told my children stories when they were small. I even wrote little ones for them some years back, but I never really sat down to write a children’s book. I always thought I’d do it later; one day. And then the day came when my little, then 8-year-old daughter Tarini came home from school and set a discussion in motion. Nothing strange about that. It is what children do. They give you a slip to sign and you end up talking about Picasso and how he makes them a genius.


Good thing, I’ve read enough science and logic based spiritual works and this helped me to explain certain concepts to my daughter during the Picasso discussion which didn’t only include creativity, but also physics and spirituality.


I wrote it down and then some more besides. And suddenly, I held a book in my hands. Well, digitally, of course, but you know what I mean. When I tell a story, I go all out to tell it. And then I had the idea that I would include questions at the end of each chapter for the children or teens to answer for themselves.


As I have three children myself, I know that when you make them laugh, they will remember better and they will be more open to what you tell them. Okay, that’s just an excuse, really, because I love to laugh myself. A lot. Ask Marilyn or my children, or anyone who knows me better in person. So the book is a funny one. Even the questions are half-serious and half-humorous.


Obviously, the content is important. Teaching someone that they are not victims but hold power themselves over their own lives is the most important lesson you can impart on any human being, but especially children. (When you do, it makes for a lot less emotionally immature, traumatised and victimized adults down the line.) In case you still wonder: that’s a very good thing. We want happy people! The more, the better!


Anyway, this is how my first-ever children’s book came about. So although this is the 23rd book I am publishing, I am particularly excited and full of joy about this one, as you can imagine. And my children all had a hand in its creation along the line. Tarini who inspired it first, Tajun, who loves Ancient Rome and the Latin language, as well as helping me choose the hand picture which looks both creative and unique, as a handprint is singular in the whole world, and Tarjani, whose creative talent and sense for beauty helped to perfect the cover.


So here it is, How Picasso Makes You A Genius is now available on Amazon for juveniles, aged 10 – 16.

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