A Trip Into The Eifel Mountains



Join the author, Tirza Schaefer, on a magical journey travelling to the Eifel Mountains in Western Germany with her mother and two daughters, Tarjani and Tarini. After a ride in the car, the family find themselves in a magical garden in which stands the Pear Tree of Life. Walking through the garden, they find a magical house. They spend one week travelling through different time-space and vibrational dimensions. It begins with a conversation between mother, daughter and a cow and continues with many inner and outer adventures in an environment which is as magical and otherworldly, as it is celebrating the beauty of nature and encompassing the joys of experiencing the physical realm in a very in-joyable and spiritual way. From walking deep below the ground to viewing the world from a bird’s perspective, it incorporates all.


With a foreword by India Wilson.

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The Creation Story


This book happened by sheer accident, if you believe in that sort of thing. We know, of course, that nothing is an accident, but I never set out to write a book when I wrote this. Then again, I was quite overcome with emotion when I fell in love with a wall and a magic tree.


It all started with my friends, (amongst them India Wilson who subsequently wrote the foreword to this book), who said they would miss me so much during my week’s holiday without internet connection, and they wanted to hear all about it upon my return. Via Facebook. They live in English-speaking countries, namely the UK and the USA. And I am over here in Germany on dry land.


So I thought, no problem, little one-week trip into the German Eifel mountains with my mum and my two girls is not going to be this crazy adventure. We’ll make a group chat and that’s it, talk. Have a little chat, I write a bit, a couple of highlights like the girls going horse riding and so forth.


It was the first time I myself travelled to the house that belongs to my mum’s best friend and her husband. I was so innocently oblivious to what was going to expect me, what kind of experiences I would have and how magical it would all be!


Every single day was packed with wonder, excitement and the time and atmosphere for my children and I to bond more again. In daily life with long school hours, hobbies and play-dates with friends, all three at different times, naturally, you forget to take a breath and take time for quality interaction with your children, as a family. Tomorrow, you think. Next week, you said. And you find your little islands of love together sometimes, but it seems never quite enough.


That’s what holidays are for, to have so much time together, you could actually get bored, but you don’t, because it’s so awesome to just be and be together. Great conversations have sprung from this source of renewed vitality, of life force flowing once again.


At the end of the first day, I had fallen in love with a wall and had had a conversation with a cow already. I couldn’t remember all the details in a week’s time, surely, so I decided to take out my trusted old laptop and write the major points down, so I would not forget to tell my friends later on.


When I start writing, it is seldom that I look at the blank screen or page and have a block. When I travel, I have so many new impressions, it’s a total impossibility. And I had just discovered magic hidden in the mundane! I wrote, haha, and how I wrote! I relieved the conversation with the cow I had translated for my younger daughter Tarini. I delighted all over again in her giggles and disbelief, her wonder and awe.


Once again, I felt the wall under my hands, the roughly hewn stones feeling just as rough under the palm of my hands, and yet…so gentle, so old and wise. I don’t think, I will ever be able to forget this feeling. And it went on from there.

Every single day, there was a new miracle, a new kind of magical atmosphere enchanting us, enveloping us, transporting us all into our own safe, imaginative space where everything, even the most unlikely, could perhaps be true. It was awesome.


Upon my return home and back in modern networks like WiFi, I sent my document to my friends, and upon reading, they urged me to make a book of it. Every new day was going to be a new chapter. That was in 2014 when I slowly developed the confidence that it could be possible to one day perhaps publish a book. And wouldn’t it be extra special to actually have two? Not only a poetry book, but also a Magical Family Holiday book?


And again, something occurred that seemed like magic, but, as I know now, were only my own energies paving the way. In March of 2015, I published my poetry book and a day or two later, my Holiday book followed. And to me, it still seems like the most beautiful magic that had ever occurred. I had another book, filled with special moments and wondrous experiences, and it had happened as if by accident, if you believe in that sort of thing. But we know better, don’t we?

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An Excerpt


I go back down in shorts and t-shirt and have a three-way conversation with Tarini and the cow which seems to live on the far side of the high garden wall. The cow (Kuh, pronounce coo, in German) calls to us.


Tarini thinks the cow’s voice is loud when she was the only one loving the incessant ringing of church and clock bells.


“Mooh!” says the cow once more.

“Mooh! What do you want?” Tarini calls back.

“She doesn’t know our voices yet. She wants to connect and introduce herself,” I tell her.

“Oh, that is a very polite cow,” Tarini observes.

“Mooh!” the cow calls again.

“Moooh! Mooh!” Tarini calls back.


“See, she says she lives there and you told her, we are here for a week visiting,” I smile at Tarini.

Tarini beams at me.

“How do you know? Have you learned how to speak Mooh-Kuhish?”

I tell her I spent a good part of my childhood in the company of horses and cows.


“Mooh!” calls the cow.

“Moo-mooh,” I call back with a smile.

“What did you say?” Tarini asks.

“She asked whether we like it here and I told her we love it,” I explain.

“Oh yes, very much – eeerrr, I mean mooh!”

“Mooh,” calls the cow.

“She is happy we do,” I translate.

“Oh that is very sweet of her. I’ve never met such a nice cow!” Tarini enthuses.


“Mooh!” calls the cow.

“She said, we’re a very nice family and she loves to hear us laugh, especially children’s laughter. It makes her happy,” I tell Tarini.

Tarini beams.

“When we get back home, I will write the cow a postcard with a picture of our garden on it.”

“I’m sure, she’d like that.”

We go inside to go to bed.


“Moo-moo-mooo-hooo!” calls Tarini from the door. (It means good night in Mooh-Kuh-ish.)

“Mooh! Mooh!” the answer resonates across the garden wall. (Same to you, sweet dreams in Mooh-Kuh-ish.)


“She’s my friend now,” Tarini sighs happily when she lies down in bed. “It’s nice we made a new friend on our first day.”

Her eyes close while I stroke her hair and agree with her. It doesn’t take long for her to sleep. It was such an exciting day!

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