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Author Tirza Schaefer’s book “Love Expressed” is a collection of poetry of love, romance, passion and sensuality, some sweet, some explicit, some from a male, some from a female perspective, and as universal as to not reduce their power by aiming solely at one type of orientation. It is love unbounded, love celebrated and love expressed.

This collection of love poems will delight your soul, warm your heart and heat your mind. The way Schaefer weaves her words and conjures up emotions and feelings will leave you breathless, moved to the core and your heart-melting like ice in summer’s sunshine. Whether it is her description of a night of passion or soulmates finding each other through a chance encounter, this book has it all and will transport you into fields you did not previously imagine you had within you.

“Love Expressed” is exactly what the title indicates: An emotion, a feeling, a state of being expressed in words, graphic, colourful, imaginative, designed to rekindle your belief in the power of love and that perfect passion is not only possible but your birthright to enjoy in your life.

This book is also a perfect gift for your romantic partner, a friend, or the person you secretly long for, but never found the right words to convey your feelings to. This book also serves as an inspiration to instate a ritual of reading a poem to your loved one before going to bed (and not necessarily sleeping right after). Enjoy the pleasure Schaefer’s words convey. Romance your date by reciting one of the sweet, romantic poems to the person. Let this poetry inspire you and open your heart to the wonders and magic of true, divine love in all its forms, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.

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Soon to come...

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Reviews for Love Expressed

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So sensual, enticing, magical.

I've decided to give this a shot after I've read Drew and Balcony Above the Sea, both of which contain poetry and I wasn't all grossed out by it, either. Tirza Schaefer did it again. She had me hooked. And boy, was this a sexy but also a deeply romantic ride.

66 poems and each one was beautiful in its own right. This book is like, you hated cauliflower your entire life and suddenly you try it when a special person cooked it and it tastes nothing like it ever did before. It is so unique and so delicious! That's what Tirza Schaefer did to me with her poetry. I might yet dare and read the huge one with the spiritual poetry as well. This book definitely had me hooked. I even checked out her YouTube channel (and if you've not done that yet, you definitely should!) to find a video or two where she reads poetry live.

I found it and damn, it's hot. That voice... so sensual, enticing, magical. (And some other things I won't write here because it might get me banned but I have to say, that woman got under my skin with the way she delivered it. And I am saying that with the utmost respect. She is an amazing person and you can see that she has a kind heart and very warm and shining personality. So yes, I loved the poetry in this book. So don't get put off if you don't like poetry. I swear, this is different. In the best way possible!

Tuari Eagleswing, Reader


A beautiful collection of poetry for any romantic soul out there. Sensual, heartfelt and full of feeling.

'When you reach out in love
Miracles happen
And healing takes place
In you and in the other

Then you are as one
In that light
That goes beyond human
That goes beyond the physical
Beyond the hurt and pain and anger

In that field of light
Of unconditional love
You are PEACE'
- Judgement

Poetry is special for me. A poem must be both meaningful and beautiful to capture my attention. Because I'm picky like that. I love Emily Dickinson, Edgar Allan Poe and John Keats but I haven't really ventured into the world of more modern poetry. Until today, with this collection of poems by Tirza Schaefer.

And boy am I glad I did because I loved it!

"Love Expressed" is a collection of poetry of love, romance, passion and sensuality. It represents love celebrated and love expressed with heart, body, mind and soul.

Some of the poems are practically an ode to desire:

'The fire of your lips
Sears my soul
Pervading all
Consuming me whole'

Others make longing and passion leap from the page:

'The drumming of your heart
Strong and even
Like the steady pulse of Mother Earth
Beats a tattoo into my soul
Branding me
With the ink of your love'

Some are vividly smutty and hot, while others speak about an everlasting love that connects one soul to the other. But every single one of them is elegantly sensual and also full of meaning.

'You set me free
And I return to you
You let me free
And I am tame in your hands
You caress me
And I grow wild under your touch
You give me space
And I return to you
From free will alone'

"Love Expressed" is exactly what the title indicates: An emotion, a feeling, a state of being expressed in words, graphic, colourful, imaginative, designed to rekindle your belief in the power of love and that perfect passion is not only possible, but your birthright to enjoy in your life.

True love in all it's forms - mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. This is what this poetry collection here is all about. And it expresses it all beautifully.

'How do you sleep my love?
And how do I fit in?
Into the mould of your body?
And the thoughts of your mind?

I want to find out…

... If you let me in!'

If you love romance and poetry give this little book a try.

It's elegantly sensual and heartfelt. And absolutely worth your time.

The Magic Book CornerInternational Book Blogger

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From sweet to steamy, you've got all the feels!

This poetry collection of romantic poems is amazing. It really has it all from sweet romance to steamy sensuality. There is such tenderness and then there is unbridled passion - and everything in-between. Even if you're usually not a lover of romantic poetry (or any poetry at all), I urge you to give this book a chance. You will be positively surprised and you might just find yourself mopping your brow. And other places...

Sekhmet, Amazon

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