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She Rescued A Child & Gained A Husband

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Anastasia has always loved to bake cookies. She has become an expert and now runs an exclusive cookie shop which holds real treasures. However, the one treasure she has always longed for which eludes her is a family of her own. When she loses a lazy employee, she finds herself faced with a princess and a fairytale king which seem to answer her prayers. Her happiness seems complete when Stasia finally has a daughter and a husband.

However, the marriage is arranged and although her husband loves his daughter Cara, Anastasia herself seems to leave him altogether cold. But then he returns home one day with a few bruises and tempers heat up by several degrees. In the end, Anastasia is willing to give up the reality of her entire life in order to save her fake family from utter destruction.

A move seems imminent, but her husband Duke is not so easily convinced.

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The Book's Creation


This romantic story found its way into existence in the summer. I think it was on Facebook where I first saw the link to this amazing young woman who made an art – and a living – out of decorating cookies. It was amazing to see her practice her craft. She was so skilled at doing this and the results were breathtaking.


This led me to think of my daughter Tarjani who had a phase in which she loved to bake cakes and cookies. And cookies reminded me of Christmas, Tarjani’s face in front of my inner eye reminded me of an angel, and this in turn of younger children. And thus, suddenly, the story took form in my mind. The lady who loved to bake and was a true artisan at her craft, the little girl who looked like a princess and the strong warrior who somehow found his way into the cookie shop with his little angel daughter.


The question of why they would not only enter the shop but stay there long enough for the adults to fall in love and the cookie lady and little girl to bond, I answered with nearly dropping my phone and somehow music went on because I must have touched the player button. Lenny Kravitz roared “Always on the run!” and thus, it was decided! The father and child were on the run and Miss Cookie Lady would take them in and protect them.


And when I looked at my mum who walked in at that moment, I had a reason why the two were on the run as well – and I have to admit that my mother never found out that she was the inspiration for the villains of the story – which were horrid grandparents who were trying to take the child away from her father and were not nice to the little girl at all. But as they were rich and influential, they had some leverage. And thus, the story unfolded in my head, while I was typing furiously to keep up with the inner cinematography that is my creative process.


So if you ever wonder, how Christmas can enter the mind of an author during a summer holiday, you now have the answer. This is what happened and why it was published on 21st July 2016.


A New Family for Christmas is one of the more romantic and less erotic ones, but it is heart-touching and has its own unique charm, as all my books have. I don’t like to write by one formula and use this repeatedly until it becomes generic. I like to try out new things, visit new places and incorporate new ideas. I develop as an author, as much as I develop as a person. Each of my books are unique and each one holds a special place in my heart, each has a unique story behind the story. This is the one for A NEW FAMILY FOR CHRISTMAS.

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A Demented Wolf, He Never Saw It Coming

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When Jett and Ace, two military men from different branches, meet one night before Christmas in a local bar in West Yellowstone, the two former friends who haven’t seen each other in 13 years thought they’d have a quiet drink before going home again. Then Sutani comes in, and her head is bleeding profusely.


While Ace looks after her wounds, Jett tries to pick her up. But the headstrong wolf woman has different plans.

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The Book's Creation


Soon to Come...

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