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1. Her Badass Bikers (Standalone)

2. Fromance (Standalone)

Seals in Spain (Trilogy, ongoing story with the same MCs)

3. Tank

4. Dom

5. Seb

The BFF Diaries (5-Book Series with alternating MCs, connected through friendship)

6. Izzy's Law

7. Ria's Healing

8. Reyna's Dancers

9. Sassy's Success

10. Holly's Calendar Boys

11. The Korean Cartel (Standalone)

12. Her Viking Warriors (Standalone)

The Creation Story


The Metaverse Books are a collection of books that (will) have characters living in the same world and you will find that they hop in and out of each other's books on occasion. In that sense, it will probably be good advice to read them in the intended order​ but bear in mind, this is not a single ongoing series and you'll find that you are able to enjoy the books if you don't keep to this order, even though you might not get the same nuances from the storyline and deeper insights that you would otherwise have. Also, when I started writing these books, they didn't get written in the same order.

It all began with TANK...

TANK was the first book I wrote in this world and was originally intended as a standalone. However, by the end of it, I was so much in love with Sarah and her three men TANK, DOM and SEB, that I could not yet part with them. So I decided to make a series out of it and call it the Seals in Spain trilogy.

IZZY'S LAW (formerly published as Izzy) was next but I already knew that this was going to be the first book in a series. Originally intended as standalones with a reverse age gap theme, four out of five books being reverse harem constellations, I intended to only have the main characters loosely connected. If that. However, as so often in an author's life, characters took on lives of their own and by the time RIA'S HEALING (formerly published as Ria)rolled around, the concept had already changed to have closer connections. In the third book of The BFF Diaries, (the new name of the series after originally being named The Milf Diaries which I later decided sounded too much like erotica and wouldn't do the complex storylines and character arcs justice, hence the change), I was planning to bring the women together in a sacred circle, addressing choices regarding motherhood long before this became a hot topic in the US. I also decided to bring the characters from this series together with the ones from the Seals in Spain trilogy.

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While I had started on all the as then still not published books in both these series already, things didn't really flow in my writing. And then HER BADASS BIKERS came. I had originally intended (I keep saying this phrase and end it with a but then, haha) to make this a standalone but in reality, it ended up being the opening of the Metaverse Books. I decided to bring them into the second book of the Seals in Spain trilogy and have them reappear there.

Then I was invited to take part in a charity romance anthology with a friends-to-lovers theme with almost forty bestselling and award-winning authors. As the word count limit was 5K, I wrote this story's first draft in one sitting and called it FROMANCE. I had so many ideas that I couldn't include in it because of the limitations, I decided to write an extended version of it, much like I had done previously with my anthology story A LITTLE SLICE OF HEAVEN which was then extended into a novella and published solo after the anthology Summer Heat in which the original shorter version had been unpublished again. FROMANCE, the extended version, has become the second book of the Metaverse Books and the Seals in Spain trilogy and The BFF Diaries follow in that order. In FROMANCE, we meet Ava and HER BADASS BIKERS again and these characters will also show up in DOM, the second book of the Seals in Spain.

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In The BFF Diaries, there will be five books in total. After IZZY'S LAW and RIA'S HEALING, some of the characters from this series will also be appearing in the last three books that will make up this Metaverse. After REYNA'S DANCERS, there still are SASSY'S SUCCESS and the HOLLY'S CALENDAR BOYS to go and get their own space and I am excited to write their stories as well. I've already started on both but stopped when I did not yet know how to connect all the characters of the series, let alone the Metaverse. Now there is a plan and I am so excited to build this world with all its wonderful characters in it. I'd also love to remind you that worlds change and characters have their own heads.

After these two series, there will be another couple of standalones, called THE KOREAN CARTEL and HER VIKING WARRIORS. Those books will then close the cycle and the world of these fifteen books and this Metaverse. I am excited to see what the characters all get up to. If I have learned one thing in my writing career so far, it is that characters always take on a life of their own and don't do what you had planned them to do. Most of the time. So let's just keep it all open for some surprising twists and turns. You never know what they come up with...


Books in the Metaverse

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