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Goddess Readings

Benefits of My Readings

  • Greater clarity on particular energies, events and feelings in your life.

  • Guidance on how to best deal with a situation or energy shift.

  • Positive inspiration.

  • A different perspective offered.

  • In-depth answers to your questions.

  • An interactive process. Together we will find answers and solutions.

  • A Zoom recording of your session that will either be uploaded unlisted on YouTube for you to be able to refer back to at any time and from anywhere on a digital device, as long as you have the direct link, or, if you prefer not to have it posted online, sent to you via email as a digital file, usually using WeTransfer for files larger than 20 GB.

  • Completely confidential, loving support in a non-judgmental way, regardless of any religious or spiritual beliefs you may hold, and any other personal characteristics, physical, emotional, mental, sexual, spiritual, or cultural background you may have.

  • Your reading will be infused with Goddess and Usui Reiki and/or free healing energy (please let me know any preferences ahead of time), as well as crystal energies to ensure the best possible atmosphere for you to relax, feel safe and have an open mind and heart to ensure maximum benefit.

My Philosophy & How I Read


My name is Tirza Schaefer and I am an intuitive reader. I love reading Tarot and oracle cards for people or using any other type of medium, for example, pendulum, runes, my personal Goddess Heart Oracle that I created myself, and more. Reading energies means to be in alignment, in flow with your own energy, divine intuition and wisdom and often, messages come through to me directly, channelled. I completely trust my intuition to guide me.


Because every client is such a beautifully unique individual and also because "flow" is synonymous with change, with life, my readings are individualised and, therefore, it is possible that individual readings differ from one another. They can even vary with the same person, conducted at different times and focusing on different themes. That means the best quality reading for each individual client is ensured by avoiding the "one size fits all" approach.

Serving you by conducting a reading with you (rather than to you) is as great a joy to me. But it is also a great responsibility and I will ensure in each case that my service to you is the best it can be, the best I can give. At the same time, I don't do the traditional type of readings where I read and you listen. I conduct the process differently, which means, when you book a reading with me, be prepared for it to be an interactive, open process. It is part reading and channelling messages, part discussion and guidance. The aim is to change your energetic imprint to bring about a new perspective and approach to certain issues, as well as placing new tools at your disposal in order to gain more desirable results and sustainably creating a happier life for yourself in the future.

Please, also ensure that you have your questions clearly formulated, are sober and have lived as cleanly as possible before the appointment. Drink plenty of water before, during and after the reading and have pen and paper ready, in case you want to take notes of the important points. The readings will be recorded on Zoom but you might find it helpful at times to jot down a couple of bullet points to discuss further as time allows.

Before the appointment, make sure you won't be disturbed for the duration, prepare the atmosphere in a way that best suits you to feel comfortable and open-minded. You may wish to smudge, light a candle or have a couple of your favourite crystals at hand. Perhaps a fresh flower, your favourite tea or other hot drink, a bit of chocolate? However you decide to "set the stage", make sure it feel comfortable and sacred to you. I've made the experience that the more you are in the right frame of mind, the better the process and results will usually be.

What to Expect

As a reader and spiritual healer, as well as coach, it is important for me to provide you with more than mere information that you gather passively. Be prepared for me to ask questions, listen to you and work together to find possible solutions and creative, new approaches to situations and challenges you encounter in your life and also to address the link between your own energy and the experiences you make in your life. This understanding can be helpful in creating your own life more consciously and deliberately. Learn to wield your own unique brand of magic!

Part of my work is to help you understand the direct link between emotions, energies and manifestations and then work on providing you with tools to make this process an aware and empowered one for you, so you no longer have to feel helpless and victimised or simply as though you merely have good or bad luck.

In my reading, I will first select a Goddess for you. I may do so, if intuitively guided beforehand or during the reading. The Goddess will be the foundational energy. Together, we will formulate your question in the best possible way and then I read cards pertaining to it. At first, I will provide you with a quick general meaning of the individual cards so you can already feel into this information and see what resonates with you and which thoughts, feelings and inspirations come up. Next, I will give you an in-depth interpretation of how these cards relate to your question or current life situation and whatever other messages and information I receive for you.


The readings take place via Zoom so we can interact freely with each other, and will be recorded. If you are unable to meet me on Zoom, please contact me directly to arrange for an alternative medium for us to communicate through during the reading. In that case, however, I cannot be expected to record our session for your benefit as I would on Zoom.

If I feel called to also send you Reiki or other healing energies during our session because I feel intuitively guided to do so, I will always ask your permission beforehand. If you are not comfortable with this, for whatever reason (and you don't have to explain or justify yourself), I will abstain, of course. Nothing happens against your free will. In our reading, I am providing a sacred space of love and an atmosphere of openness and being nonjudgemental. There is no room for judgement, blame and guilt. Spiritual work is about unconditional love and, just like a lawyer or doctor, what passes between us is subject to professional confidentiality. For this same reason, I will not tap into the energies of another person and read them for you, unless that person has prior to our reading given me written consent to do so via email, although I will always say that this has to be an exceptional circumstance and I am not in general in favour of reading (for) one person and relaying the message to someone else.

During a reading, apart from spiritual guides like deities, power animals and angels, etc., a loved one that has already crossed over may come through with a message for you. However, I am not a medium who typically and purposefully contacts passed loved ones. My work with you is about YOU and no one else. I am here to inform, help and support you in becoming more empowered to understand, heal and change your own issues and life experience consciously by tapping into your own innate divine power.


For the same reason, I avoid circumstantial readings like "It will rain tomorrow and the lady cashier at the supermarket you pay when you go shopping will have red hair."

This is neither useful to know, nor does it help you to get out of a passive mindset ("Life is what happens TO me.") and evolve into an active mindset ("Life is what happens THROUGH me, for I am life itself.").

What I say might challenge your thinking and your worldview but I say it all with unconditional love and the aim to empower you. You're completely safe with me, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. At the same time, this is about helping you to grow, evolve and become more confident and empowered, so I would not do my job properly if I didn't point out certain things to you that might take you out of your comfort zone but are necessary to help you move into a healthier direction. For example, if you feel a little shy in general, I might suggest you practise approaching people by asking them for the time at the store or on the street. You see that's nothing too way out.

Although I might feel called to refer to my pendulum or runes during a card reading session, this is not the typical procedure and doesn't happen too often.

Once you have booked our session, I will get in touch with you to arrange for an appointment. I understand that we may live in different time zones and I will ensure that we can find a time that suits both of us well. Because of this flexibility that I have, I don't like to offer a digital appointment booking process to my clients but rather, stay open to their individual needs and life situation and work around that with you.


**Please note that I may be referring to general health, financial or legal matters in my reading, but don’t answer any specific medical/financial/legal questions at this time and that you need to always refer to the qualified experts for this because I am not. (See disclaimers.) When acting on any advice or guidance given in a reading, you agree that this is either with the consent of the relevant qualified practitioner, or solely at your own risk and that I am not liable for any consequences resulting from your choices made and actions taken.**

Monthly Goddess Guidance.png


The monthly personal 3-card card guidance is a subscription you can sign up for and cancel anytime. If not otherwise specified by you, I will use the email with which you have paid to send to you a picture of your cards (Tarot/Oracle) and a personal audio recording with your spoken reading shortly before or on the first of the month. This also comes with a personal channelled message of your Goddess of the month.

The monthly subscription is priced at the special value of 88.00.

Goddess Card Reading.png


This is an in-depth recorded Goddess card reading via Zoom. Typically, I connect to whichever Goddess comes up for your readings beforehand and give you a short message from her at the beginning of our session. The reading itself incorporates a simple Tarot/oracle spread and an in-depth interactive discussion and guidance about finding answers and solutions to any challenges or questions we have concentrated on with focus on empowering your Divine Feminine intuition. I may also use other oracle tools on occasion, such as a pendulum or runes, and I also channel messages, depending on how I am intuitively guided.

This one-hour Goddess Card Reading is priced at the special value of 133.00.

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Goddess Empowerment Reading.png


The Goddess Empowerment Reading concentrates on deep spiritual work and is designed to facilitate deep healing on your psyche. We will find your personal guardian Goddess for a certain issue you want to work on. Drawing on the powers of this archetype, as well as using crystals, Goddess Reiki and Tarot/oracle cards, we will find solutions and progressive steps in an action plan for you and end the reading with an energy imprint to affect deeper healing on a psychic and cellular level. The session will take place via Zoom and I will record it for you to refer back to. It typically lasts about 90 min to an hour. It can also vary according to your input. This reading/healing is not strictly time-sensitive.

The Goddess Empowerment Reading is priced at the special value of €199.00.

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The A YEAR WITH THE GODDESS READING is a written work for you to plan your year ahead with guidance, personalised for you from the Divine Feminine. It comes in a beautifully designed PDF for you to print out and refer back to over the coming 12 months.

This reading includes:

  • Goddess of the Year

  • Monthly Goddess

  • Monthly Tarot card

  • Monthly Oracle Card

  • Monthly Colour Card

  • Crystal of the Month

The PDF is comprised of Pictures for each Goddess, card and crystal with texts explaining the meaning and relevance to your personal inner journey of self-development and embracing your inner Goddess to help you step into your own power.

As I am working on this reading personally, taking time to channel messages and formatting your unique document, you must allow up to a month for delivery, depending on how many orders I get. I will always start with the month that has not yet begun, so you can order this reading at any time of the year.


However, this is a special, time-limited offer at an introductory rate. The price will go up in the new year, so be sure to take this unique opportunity to get your personal Year with the Goddess reading now!

​​The A Year with the Goddess Annual Reading is priced at the special value of 888.00 for very limited time.

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"I had a Goddess Session with Tirza yesterday. She brought forward messages that I needed to hear again through her oracle cards and gave me a reiki session afterwards. Tirza has a very lovely and calming presence and brings forward messages in a gentle way. I felt SOOOO AMAZING after the reiki session. I felt lighter, happier and more grounded thanks to her support. She really made my afternoon and I would definitely recommend her to people seeking guidance and support with their energy! Thanks again Tirza!"

Stef Ventura, Coach


"I had the most AMAZING Goddess reading with Tirza last week. Tirza was so spot on with all of the information that she brought forth for me. I felt understood and heard by her gentle and compassionate way of delivering her messages. I was able to get clarity on some deep issues that were perplexing me and felt such a sense of inner peace. I wholeheartedly recommend Tirza’s Goddess Reiki Sessions for anyone who is looking to seek the divine wisdom of the goddesses. She is a class act! Thank you so much Tirza!!!"

RaShawn Dyonne, Psychotherapist

"Oh my goodness! The clearing tears, the emotions, the reassurance from reading this has been deeply healing. This will be my Bible amongst my journal this coming year!

Tirza, I cannot thank you enough for this peace of beauty, I have been setting intentions and goals for 2018 and it has blown me away how aligned your channelled messages are to the intentions I have set to be worked on or achieved by certain times next year. – I’m speechless!"

Leila Hardy, Holistic Health & Life Coach

"On a whim I decided to have Tirza do an annual reading for me. I have worked with cards for years, but I have never had someone do an annual reading like this. First of all, I loved all of the information, like 84 pages of it. I loved the cards she used, the messages and affirmations also feel spot on for me and where I am heading this year. I am so pleased with this experience, and I highly recommend Tirza to anyone looking for guidance. Thanks Tirza."

Caroline Nixon, Holistic Healer

"WOW! It has been a while since I have had a reading of any kind and Tirza was refreshing and spot on. The message from her guide was a wonderful surprise that I did not expect, and I felt a special connection to not just her guide, but to the message that was given."

Linda Philipp, Client

"I can really recommend the reading from Tirza. It is very professional. You get 3 cards from different card decks. I have no background knowledge and it is a big help how comprehensible Tirza explains the meaning of the cards and what I can see on it. The summary at the end is a great finish from a marvellous reading which gave me an overview about situations and feelings from another side. Very inspiring!"

Kai Bulb, Civil Service Manager

"Inspiring & beautiful! Tapping into your energy vibrations helps make your life, other lives & the Universe so much better, healthier, intune with all. Thank you!"

Patricia Fontana, Client

"Tirza’s knowledge of and passion for all things Goddess is truly amazing! I highly recommend her Full Moon Goddess Circle. She’s great company and her reiki healing is wonderful. The visions I had are still working magic in many areas of my life. Her beautiful smile and laugh bring light and warmth all the way to me over here in freezing Canada! My kids enjoyed her kids book and I enjoyed enjoying it with them. It‘s so nice to have new ways of telling them how amazing, creative and full of stardust they are! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your heart and light and love and gifts."

Emily J Bell, Owner of Tree Chic Eco Boutique & independent Web Designer at Emily J Bell

"I have just completed the 6 week summer challenge with Tirza and absolutely loved it. She is very inspiring and an awesome teacher and very supportive, would do another course with her anytime!"

Kay Harris, Client

"Tirza is a bright star. No matter what, her energy is very inspiring for everyone and she is really lovable! Her beautiful personality reflects on her work. Enlightened words and wandering poems bring me joy every time I read them! I want to thank her for being in my life and giving me such positive emotions! Her card readings are highly intuitive and inspirational. Her guidance is helpful and empowering!"

Pinelopi Charalampous, Angel Reiki Healer & Crafting Artist

"Gorgeous Tirza has a beautiful soul, the heart of a mother and she is naughty like a lover. Her beauty and naughtiness reflect in her writings, too. And I feel honoured to get to know her and her Goddess Reiki gives me instant relaxation and peace. I love her giggles very much. In short, thank you, God, for creating such a powerful, hilarious, beautiful, gorgeous, atomic bomb as Tirza. And a big thank you for sending her on Earth for spreading her beautiful energy to everyone around her and to those who watch her and talk to her! Keep writing and keep giggling Tirza, we love you so much! Many, many thanks for creating such a powerful space for us and giving us a chance to grow, love and learn together. May God always bless you and your loving family!"

Apeksha Puri, Client

"As a Reiki practitioner and working with angels, the love and connections that Tirza links to, are blessed by angels, and all our friends are connected in Love and Light."

Lee Duffield, Reiki Practicioner

"I have recently completed Tirza’s 6-week Summer Challenge course. Well what can I say? I have loved every minute of it, the people in the group and Tirza herself is a incredible woman full of endless amounts of knowledge, support, guidance and Love. I have benefitted daily from prompts to practice gratitude, accountability posts and daily card readings, not to mention the amazing personal readings you receive from Tirza. I have learnt so much in such a short space of time. Tirza’s meditation skills are mind-blowing and she has the ability to relax you in seconds with her guided meditations. I have come out of this course lighter, brighter and positive about the steps I am making in my life. I feel a little emotional at the thought of the course coming to an end, but I know that Tirza is now someone who has become a good friend and someone I wouldn’t want to be without in my life. Thank you, Tirza, from the bottom of my heart. You are truly amazing and I look forward to the next course you do. Lots of Love xxxxxxxx"

Rebecca Stephenson, Client


"All I can say is WOW. I have just received my reading from this amazing lady. I was able to pick which cards I wanted to use and also a question that I would like some guidance on. The reading involved three cards being drawn by Tirza, who then put the meanings down for me and also gave me a channelled guidance. The cards that were picked were absolutely spot on to how I have been feeling and the guidance that was given to me was so useful. I will definitely be doing what was suggested. I cannot thank Tirza enough for how insightful this reading was. It actually made me cry! If you ever want guidance for any area of your life then I would highly recommend Tirza. She goes above and beyond in her readings. There was so much information and guidance from three cards. This lady is absolutely incredible. Thank you so much Tirza for all of your help. I can't believe you made me cry! xxx"

Karen Carruthers, Reiki Master/Teacher & Hypnotherapist

"Excellent and accurate... completely aligned with what I am going through... the cards hold special meaning to me on so many levels. I loved your reading.. Great job!"

Tonya R. Anderson, Law Enforcement

"I was not into what the cards mean but then I read your reading… That shit was real. WTF!!! Especially about the cats and all of it was right on fucking point. Thank you for this. This reading is my theme for this year!!! People should get a reading like this... cause that was intense."

Uwe Holzmann, Electrical Engineering Manager

"I was one of the lucky people who were able to get a free card reading from the amazing Tirza Schaefer. I don't typically do card readings, or at least, haven't for quite some time. So, I approached my reading in a spirit of fun (always a good thing) but not necessarily putting the pressure of receiving serious guidance on the whole enterprise. Well, I cannot wait to do my next reading! I was stunned, really, at the accuracy of the cards and on Tirza's spot on explanations of how the cards might be interpreted as to one's particular circumstances. From the results of the reading, I would have imagined that Tirza was an expert with tens of years of experience; I do believe there can be value in being Divinely guided through the use of Angel or Tarot cards. Each of the three cards seemed to hone in on a specific issue that was currently at the forefront of my life and her interpretations shed light on how I might view the situations from her intuitive perspective. And, that perspective was just what I needed to hear. Where I was lacking in clarity, she provided it. I could only view her readings as Divinely Guided in terms of their accuracy and spiritual bent. I had to show my appreciation for her work and for her gifts and hope that others will take the opportunity to consult with such an intuitively gifted and thoughtful person."

Susan Shearer Young, Life Coach

"Tirza, at the moment I am almost at a loss for words. I have never ever had a reading that was so totally accurate about what is going on at this time…(personal details removed)... Thank you darling, you are so tuned in! I am impressed indeed and love this reading and you so much!"

Josesphine Riediger, Retired Specialist Nurse & Counsellor

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