I offer a variety of cards readings for which you can choose your own deck of cards or another form of medium from here:



My readings are individualised, therefore it is possible that individual readings differ slightly in the number of cards being drawn and intuitive guidance, advice and discussion is being conducted. Because I lay great emphasis on giving you the best service tailored to your individual needs, I charge by time.

Please, also ensure that you have your questions clearly formulated, are sober and have lived as cleanly as possible before the appointment. Drink plenty of water before, during and after the reading and have pen and paper ready, in case you want to take notes of the important points.

What to Expect

Whether you choose a 30, 60 or 90-minute reading, my readings are in-depth. You can ask certain questions, either one to get a more extensive idea of the subject matter or as many as you have time for. Alternatively, you can also have a reading on a “Whatever you need to know at this time” basis.


I will first provide you with the general meaning of the card, so you can already feel into this information and see what resonates with you and which thoughts, feelings and inspirations come up.


Next, I will give you an in-depth interpretation of how this card relates to your question and whatever other messages and information I receive for you.


The readings take place via webcam messenger, so we can interact freely with each other.

For pendulum and Rune readings, please refer to the individually designated pages for them.


(Please note that I may be referring to general health matters in my reading, but don’t answer any specific medical questions at this time and that you need to always refer to the qualified experts for this. When acting on any advice given in a reading, you agree that this is either with the consent of the relevant health practitioner or other qualified expert, or solely at your own risk and that I am not liable for any consequences resulting from your actions taken.)

Benefits of Tirza's Readings

  • Greater clarity on particular energies, events and feelings in your life.

  • Guidance on how to best deal with a situation or energy shift.

  • Positive inspiration.

  • A different perspective offered.

  • In-depth answers to your questions.

  • A beautifully designed document for you to keep and refer back to anytime you wish.

  • Completely confidential loving support in a non-judgmental way, regardless of any religious or spiritual beliefs you may hold, and any other personal characteristics, physical, emotional, mental, sexual, spiritual, or cultural background you may have.

  • Your reading will be infused with Reiki energy to ensure the best possible atmosphere for you to read and benefit from.

Praise for Tirza's Readings

"All I can say is WOW. I have just received my reading from this amazing lady. I was able to pick which cards I wanted to use and also a question that I would like some guidance on. The reading involved three cards being drawn by Tirza, who then put the meanings down for me and also gave me a channelled guidance. The cards that were picked were absolutely spot on to how I have been feeling and the guidance that was given to me was so useful. I will definitely be doing what was suggested. I cannot thank Tirza enough for how insightful this reading was. It actually made me cry! If you ever want guidance for any area of your life then I would highly recommend Tirza. She goes above and beyond in her readings. There was so much information and guidance from three cards. This lady is absolutely incredible. Thank you so much Tirza for all of your help. I can't believe you made me cry! xxx"

Karen Carruthers, Reiki Master/Teacher & Hypnotherapist

“Oh my goodness! The clearing tears, the emotions, the reassurance from reading this has been deeply healing. This will be my Bible amongst my journal this year of 2018 coming!

Tirza, I cannot thank you enough for this peace of beauty, I have been setting intentions and goals for 2018 and it has blown me away how aligned your channelled messages are to the intentions I have set to be worked on or achieved by certain times in 2018. – I’m speechless!”

Leila Hardy, Holistic Health & Life Coach

"On a whim I decided to have Tirza do an annual reading for me. I have worked with cards for years, but I have never had someone do an annual reading like this. First of all, I loved all of the information, like 84 pages of it. I loved the cards she used, the messages and affirmations also feel spot on for me and where I am heading this year. I am so pleased with this experience, and I highly recommend Tirza to anyone looking for guidance. Thanks Tirza."

Caroline Nixon, Holistic Healer

"WOW! It has been a while since I have had a reading of any kind and Tirza was refreshing and spot on. The message from her guide was a wonderful surprise that I did not expect, and I felt a special connection to not just her guide, but to the message that was given."

Linda Philipp

"I can really recommend the reading from Tirza. It is very professional. You get 3 cards from different card decks. I have no background knowledge and it is a big help how comprehensible Tirza explains the meaning of the cards and what I can see on it. The summary at the end is a great finish from a marvellous reading which gave me an overview about situations and feelings from another side. Very inspiring!"

Kai Bulb, Civil Service Manager

"Excellent and accurate... completely aligned with what I am going through... the cards hold special meaning to me on so many levels. I loved your reading.. Great job!"

Tonya R. Anderson, Law Enforcement

"I was not into what the cards mean but then I read your reading… That shit was real. WTF!!! Especially about the cats and all of it was right on fucking point. Thank you for this. This reading is my theme for this year!!! People should get a reading like this... cause that was intense."

Uwe Holzmann, Electrical Engineering Manager

"I was one of the lucky people who were able to get a free card reading from the amazing Tirza Schaefer. I don't typically do card readings, or at least, haven't for quite some time. So, I approached my reading in a spirit of fun (always a good thing) but not necessarily putting the pressure of receiving serious guidance on the whole enterprise. Well, I cannot wait to do my next reading! I was stunned, really, at the accuracy of the cards and on Tirza's spot on explanations of how the cards might be interpreted as to one's particular circumstances. From the results of the reading, I would have imagined that Tirza was an expert with tens of years of experience; I do believe there can be value in being Divinely guided through the use of Angel or Tarot cards. Each of the three cards seemed to hone in on a specific issue that was currently at the forefront of my life and her interpretations shed light on how I might view the situations from her intuitive perspective. And, that perspective was just what I needed to hear. Where I was lacking in clarity, she provided it. I could only view her readings as Divinely Guided in terms of their accuracy and spiritual bent. I had to show my appreciation for her work and for her gifts and hope that others will take the opportunity to consult with such an intuitively gifted and thoughtful person."

Susan Shearer Young, Life Coach

Tirza, at the moment I am almost at a loss for words. I have never ever had a reading that was so totally accurate about what is going on at this time…(personal details removed)... Thank you darling, you are so tuned in! I am impressed indeed and love this reading and you so much!

Josesphine Riediger, Retired Specialist Nurse & Counsellor

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