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Please note that the Tarot card pictures in the page banner above are not my own and I don't claim to have any right over them. They are taken from the Light Seer's Tarot by Chris-Anne for educational purposes only. This deck is great for beginners but it is also advised that you have a Rider-Waite deck as well to study with, as this is the traditional one on which most modern decks are based and the symbolism is (partially) lost in most modern decks.

The astrological correspondences assigned to the cards are after Corrine Kenner from her book Tarot and Astrology: Enhance Your Readings with the Wisdom of the Zodiac.

The crystal associations for the Goddesses are from two sources: Mostly, by Susianna who writes on crystals on this website. The other source is the book Stones of the Goddess: 104 Crystals for the Divine Feminine by Nicholas Pearson who also very kindly helped me when I contacted him about a particular Goddess that wasn't included in his list in the book. For the Tarot-crystal associations I looked through various websites and Susianna helped me to filter out what made sense and adding where appropriate.

All this would not have been possible without my amazing Tarot teacher Sinead Fine from Tarot for Women. I am studying with her to gain an ever deeper insight into the cards - and myself - and can only recommend her most highly if you are looking to study Tarot for a diploma. It has already changed my life and I love every minute of it! She is a great teacher, full of knowledge and wisdom in many fields and has a sheer endless of supply of resources to recommend if you want to dive into a particular field more deeply.


If you are interested in any of my Goddess services (Goddess readings, Goddess Reiki sessions or literary readings), visit my SERVICES page to choose your best fit.

Major Arcana

Minor Arcana

Swords (Air)

Wands (Fire)

Cups (Water)

Pentacles (Earth)

Important Information

Please contact Susianna for all your crystal needs. You can check out the main crystal page Crystals by Susianna which contains all her details.

If you'd like to study Tarot in-depth and gain a diploma, there is no better teacher in the world than Sinead Fine. For more information, check out her website Tarot for Women.

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