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Featured Tarot deck above: Light Seer's Tarot by Chris-Anne. All rights stay with the author, only the edit is mine. The featured card below is from the classic Rider-Waite deck.

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I The Magician
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Willpower, Creation, Manifestation, Desire, Skill, Focus

Card Meaning

The Magician is the second card of the Major Arcana in the Tarot. As I mentioned in The Fool’s introduction, I have long shied away from using Tarot cards because I disliked the traditional designs, and only when I found other cards with a warmer feeling to it, did I warm up to the Tarot. However, I do mention the Ryder-Waite Tarot below and I am sure, if you don’t have that deck yourself, you can easily find all its cards online in your preferred search engine.


The Magician truly wields creative magic. He balances the forces of earth and sky, combining them into one powerful and unique manifestation. The Magician has a strong male, active energy, and he can conjure up things from any source.


He has all the four elements of the Minor Arcana at his beg and call. The stave, representing the element of fire, symbolises willpower and passion, the chalice, representing the element of water, symbolises emotions and the subconscious, also feelings, the sword represents air and symbolises the mind, thoughts and inspiration. And lastly, we have the coins, disks or pentacles, depending on the deck, which represent the element of earth and symbolise the material world, action, physical sensations and manifestation. In the traditional Ryder-Waite Tarot, the Magician is surrounded by roses and lilies which represent love and purity.

Above his head floats the infinity symbol, which looks like the number 8 lying on its side. It symbolises the connection with all that is and with limitlessness. The Magician knows no bounds or rules. His unique approach ensures that his creations never are the same twice. He does not lend himself well to routine and mundane tasks, but instead, thinks and acts outside the box – and disregards all rules.


The Magician combines his spirituality and intellect to bring about the best results. Neither one can exist without the other when it comes to living and creating on this earth plane. Therefore, he is well equipped to fulfil his purpose and create all he desires.


Where the Fool has previously been “up in the clouds” and dreaming of great things, The Magician now makes those ideas and dreams alive by bringing them into the material, manifest reality. He gives us the strength we need on our path of spiritual development. He teaches us the connection and exchange between above and below, sky and earth, inside and outside, the subconscious and conscious. All is connected. Nothing exists by itself and unconnected to anything else.


The Magician encourages us to face our problems and challenges and gives us courage and confidence to tackle them successfully.







Clear Quartz, Citrine, Fire Opal, Agate, Tiger Eye​, Garnet, Sunstone, Opal (Fire), Clear Quartz, Tiger Eye, Jade


Carnation, Rosemary, Vanilla, Astragalus, Marjoram, Vervain, Sunflower

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