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Tirza Schaefer

Tirza Schaefer was born in Cologne (Köln), Germany, and raised in a small town bordering the culturally vibrant city with its world-famous landmark, Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom). After she graduated from school, where she qualified in German “Abitur” and also attained proficiency in English and Latin (she also studied French for two years and Russian for one), she moved to the United Kingdom in 1991 and lived there for the next eight years.

During her stay, she started to study for a BA Combined at SOAS (School of African and Oriental Studies, which is located near the British Museum and part of the London University) in Comparative Religious Studies with the main subject of Hinduism and Indonesian Studies. However, after a year, Tirza decided that this wasn’t her path and changed to the University of North London, which has since become a part of The London Metropolitan University, and graduated in an HND (Higher National Diploma) in Leisure and Tourism Studies and a Bachelor of Arts in Tourism Studies with Marketing.

After graduation in 1998, she moved back to Germany in 1999 to embark on a new adventure which was that of being a mother. Her three wonderful children, a boy and two girls are the loves of her life and she dedicated a great deal of time to raising them and concentrating on her role as a mother.

During this time, she worked as the Personal Assistant to a CEO in a wholesaling company, at the local hospice for terminally ill cancer patients and at an insurance brokerage before she discovered her talent as voice-over artist (she has recorded for DJs and music producers in the UK, Germany and the United States, as well as recording guided meditations and blessings for spiritual event managers and hosts in the UK) and due to the support of online friends finally dared to dream of publishing her first book.

Since her late teenage years, Tirza privately studied all manner of religious and spiritual pathways and followed the quest of fully understanding herself in relation to life and the divine. It took her over two decades of reading, taking part in workshops, seminars and becoming an Usui Reiki Master/Teacher until she finally started to discover a path that was logical and scientific, as well as truly empowering and finally facilitated deep healing in her, as well as leading her on a path of self-discovery, the likes of which she had never encountered before.

At the beginning of 2015, Tirza started to publish her own books, and with way above 20 and continuously working on more, she is a creative hothouse. She has also edited shorter texts and book manuscripts and worked as a content creator, as well as doing some online administration work for clients.

In April 2017, her family added a new member, an Arabian Mau cat called Taani which had elected the Schaefer family as her new human family and thus flew in all the way from Dubai to henceforth live with and love her family of spirit. Taani is a highly intuitive and psychic cat and regularly likes to go on psychic journeys while resting beside Tirza on the couch, often inspiring her to do some meditational work and inner journeying as well.

Tirza runs three free Facebook groups and offers Full Moon Goddess Circles to women, as well as spiritual readings and coaching packages. In 2018 and 2019, she founded her own Reiki healing modality, Goddess Reiki, and loves to write about and work with Goddess archetypes in order to explore her own psyche and help clients in this process with their own self-development.

To this day, in spite of her many academic achievements, her many talents and skills, Tirza Schaefer has a progressive personality and always strives to expand herself in many areas. Apart from reading a lot and educating herself in many areas further in private, she continues to study and looks forward to new challenges and opportunities which take her out of her comfort zone and lead her further on the path of personal development in spiritual, as well as secular matters. A non-extensive list of her qualifications are:


  • University Graduate

  • Mother

  • International Author

  • Usui Reiki Master/Teacher

  • Founder of Goddess Reiki

  • Voice Over Artist

  • Poet

  • Empowered Empath

  • Goddess Coach

  • Intuitive Reader & Healer


Thus, you can never find “the final sentence” for her vita. Her life is an ongoing work of art, of character building, of an expanding personality, of sometimes taking a wrong turn or walking in a circle, yet ultimately always moving forward, always striving for new, for more, for added quality of life, of herself. Tirza is a woman who is as steadfast and loyal as she is adventurous and surprising. It is exciting and worthwhile to observe her further to see what she will come up with next. You never know…

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