A Spiritual Evolution in Poetic Expression

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This book is the culmination of author Tirza Schaefer’s works in spiritual poetry. At the same time, the poems map out a very personal journey of self-discovery, self-development and growing out of a mentality of separation and lack to one which is marked by the realization that all is One and that we are all Divine.

This journey of spiritual discovery and greater personal self-fulfilment leads into greater personal empowerment and a shift to self-love where there had previously been all too much self-condemnation. The religious beliefs of having to suffer to be holy and whole were slowly put down in order to embrace a worldview and a deep awareness that happiness is every (not-only-human) BEings birthright.

With Schaefer’s slow gaining of knowledge and wisdom, the reader is able to track the path she had forged, accompanying her step by step into a change of existence that culminates in a blissful awareness and deep happiness that she had never previously thought possible. And thus, the reader is inspired to take this journey with her to find greater insight and courage to face one’s fears and demons in order to emerge victorious in the light of new wisdom and realizations that are as profound as they are life-changing. As Tirza Schaefer says, they are a true “happinator.”

This book is a uniquely personal collection of spiritual encounters and self-development. What makes it so special is the fact that Schaefer does not start at the point where she thinks she knows it all, like so many others before her have done. Instead, she wishes to bring her journey to light, each step of the way, to inspire others to walk with her and gain greater fulfilment and wisdom in their own rights.

Through her sensitive and loving words and total lack of spiritual arrogance, so deeply ingrained in many of today’s spiritual teachers and writers, it is apparent that the author sees life as an ongoing journey where nothing is ever complete but instead invites you to keep on moving forward as a logical consequence of accepting life as a powerful energy that never stops moving and always changes form – the form you give it.

From Reiki to Shamanism, from Wicca to Natural Science, this author has been there, done that, won the t-shirt. And despite the many differing influences in her life, has gained a trust in life and her own existence that is as marvellous as it is beautiful. Something we may all wish to aspire to.

With nearly 50,000 words of poetry, this book is a must-read!

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The Book's Creation


It was in 2012 that I published my first poem in a blog on a spiritual website. Comparing myself to Shakespeare (and in my perception failing miserably) didn’t do much to alleviate my being extremely nervous about this. I was asking myself what kind of feedback I was going to get. But as the people on that site were all very loving and accepting, I had plucked up the courage. I thought maybe one or two likes and thank you for sharing might come up before the post would slink back into blissful oblivion.


When I checked the next morning, I couldn’t believe my eyes. There were more than just a couple of comments, at least five, and all were very positive, saying my poem was beautiful and it had touched them. I couldn’t get over the fact that I had actually been able to touch someone’s heart with my poetry. My heart was racing and leaping. I decided to post another poem a couple of days later and then another the following week.


I received many positive responses and one person asked me, if I minded if she printed it out to hang on her fridge, so she could read it every morning. Another told me, it had struck a chord in her so deeply, she had cried for two hours and it had been very cleansing and healing.


That website doesn’t exist any longer, but it was the birthplace for my confidence as a writer and it was a place where I made many online friends, a few of which are still with me to this day. One in particular, I actually visit in the UK on a regular basis. She is one of my closest friends and she called me “Shakespeare’s sister” in those early days.


That totally freaked me out, triggering all my fear responses. I thought people would think I was a megalomaniac putting myself on the same level as this world-famous poet whose works have lasted over 400 years. And my writing technique was nothing like his, anyway. When I messaged my friend and asked her about it, telling her Shakespeare was totally out of my league, she said, Shakespeare’s works have survived so long because he touches the hearts of people with his words. And that was something we had in common. I had my own style and I shouldn’t be a copycat, but myself.


As I had received many emotional responses to my poetry, I couldn’t deny the fact that I seemed to be able to touch some hearts, even if I could scarce believe it at the time through all my many layers of insecurity. Some people had actually encouraged me to publish my poetry in book form. My greatest dream in my life at this point had always been to have a book published and for my children to be able to say of their mother that she was a published author. To me, that was then the ultimate life achievement and greatest legacy I could think of to leave behind. One book!


Forward three years to the beginning of 2015. I had a collection of poetry that was large enough to be published in book form, but it took me until then to 1. Work up the courage to put myself out there and 2. Find help with the technical side of things. I had no idea how to format a manuscript for that and when someone gave me the address of a website where such services could be purchased for a reasonable price, that’s what I did.


I created my Amazon author’s account and at the end of March 2015, my first book ever, “Poetry from the Heart” was published, first on Kindle, then a little later as paperback. At the end of 2016, however, I could already see that this format was not going to work for future poetry and I decided to split my collection, which had also already grown substantially in size, as I had been writing so much more, some for clients, but I always kept the copyright to my work, so I was able to include all in a new volume.


I arranged the content not only chronologically as I had done before, but also by topic. Then I took the romantic poetry out and started a separate collection for that, deciding I would publish it when I had 66 poems, as 6 is the card of the Lovers in the Major Arcana of the Tarot and I thought that was a suitable number then.


The new poetry book with over 400 pages of poetry was finally ready for publication and at the same time, I unpublished the first poetry book. I decided on the new title while listening to some beautiful Native American shamanic-meets-new age music. “My Spirit Song: A Spiritual Evolution in Poetic Expression.” The poetry had come from my spirit expressing itself in words and to see my own personal development over the years in my spiritual journey through my own writing was encouraging and empowering. Where I had felt too stagnant before, I looked at these words and saw the flow in my own personal growth.


Thus, “My Spirit Song” was born and it holds the culmination of my poetic work from six years of writing. There are healing poems, messages received from deities, poems about people who have touched my heart at one time or another and random poetry, inspired by experiences at the time. “My Spirit Song” was published in March 2017.

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