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What Is Reiki?


Reiki is a gentle, yet powerful energy healing modality whereby the healer channels Reiki energy, usually through the hands, into the person receiving the healing. This can be done in person, where hands are usually also laid onto the body unless otherwise specified beforehand, and over distance, using symbols the healer is attuned to, in time and/or space.

Reiki energy is the universal life force that animates us all. It is a powerful healing agent and can be used to work not only on the physical body but also on emotions, mental issues and on the spiritual level to promote wellbeing, health and happiness.

My Reiki Experience


I am a qualified Reiki master/teacher. My first initiations were between 2002 and 2003. In 2018, I also took another Reiki Level 1 & 2 and a master level course with Leila Hardy (BU4Life) to enhance my skills, amplify my healing abilities and learn additional techniques to be able to provide the best quality of healing I possibly can.

A typical Reiki session will last somewhere between 45 mins to one hour, including talking about your needs and wishes, as well as discussing anything experienced throughout the session which will take place on Zoom.


I create a loving, caring and non-judgmental, safe and comfortable atmosphere in which you can relax and surrender yourself in order to achieve the best possible results during and subsequent to your session.


When you place your order, please use the contact form to detail your requirements or special areas you wish to pay attention to in particular or ask any further questions you may have. I will then contact you to make an appointment with you and discuss any further open questions.

What Is Goddess Reiki?

Goddess Reiki is a download of various Reiki symbols given to me by various Goddesses. It is still a work in progress as it didn’t happen overnight but the symbols are given over a period of time, whenever I am ready to receive the next one. I first had Goddesses appear more and more often to me in my Reiki practice. As I love and work a lot with Goddess energies, I started to deliberately invoke the Goddesses, specific ones, as well as a general invitation, as I felt intuitively guided, and worked very successfully this way for a while.


Until one day, the thought struck me that if I constantly had Goddesses appear in my healing and take an active and supportive role in the process, that perhaps, like in other Reiki modalities, there should be symbols to go with this as well. Nearly instantly I had a vision of a group of Goddesses standing closely together throwing their arms up, laughing and shaking their heads and saying, “We thought, you’d never ask!”


Duh, I felt stupid there for a moment but they lovingly ruffled my hair and reminded me that I wasn’t and I should never think ill of myself because that is the #1 reason we all keep ourselves from being the grandest version of ourselves we can be in human form. I was given the master symbol by the Goddess Brigid first and others followed. When I had the first three, I tried them out during a live on Facebook in another group and asked my audience for feedback on the energies they felt with each particular symbol.


The feedback I received from other Reiki practitioners who were trained in various other Reiki modalities besides Usui Reiki was of special interest to me. The resonance was quite unanimous. All symbols felt powerful yet infinitely gentle and loving and they could feel distinct differences between the three separate symbols.


My journey in working with the Goddess energies and archetypes has continued from there, including my Goddess Reiki practice. I use the symbols alongside the Usui Reiki ones, as I feel guided to do in any one moment and I love to work with those energies and connect with the many different Goddesses that deign to join me in my healing, not necessarily the ones from whom I received the symbol that I am using at that particular time.


I may also have Power Animals, Gods or Angels join me, in that order of frequency, the exception being the Egyptian jackal-headed God Anubis who is my closest personal guide. He is never far and hovers around, in the background or butting in, however, he feels like (in alignment with my free will, of course). In a Reiki healing session for clients, he doesn’t take centre stage very often, though, more when I do self-healing or just want to talk or joke around. Usually, it’s Goddesses and a Power Animal or two at times. However, it is only the Goddesses from whom I have received any symbols.

Being an Usui Reiki Master/Teacher and founder of Goddess Reiki, I am offering 1-hour distance Reiki sessions. These consist of an initial introduction and we will talk about what your goals are, whether you have any specific ones, and I'll tell you a little more about what you can expect from our session. During the Goddess Reiki healing via Zoom, I will use symbols from both Usui and Goddess Reiki as I feel intuitively guided. After the healing, we will discuss anything that came up for us and I will answer any further questions you may have.


As I have a very international clientele, I prefer to not work with a pre-set calendar but seek to find a time we can both easily schedule for any sessions. That way, I can accommodate Europeans, Americans, Australians and anyone in-between as well.


You can book your session or discounted 6-pack below which will save you a whooping €39.00!

Praise for Goddess Reiki


"I had a Goddess Session with Tirza yesterday. She brought forward messages that I needed to hear again through her oracle cards and gave me a reiki session afterwards. Tirza has a very lovely and calming presence and brings forward messages in a gentle way. I felt SOOOO AMAZING after the Goddess Reiki session. I felt lighter, happier and more grounded thanks to her support. She really made my afternoon and I would definitely recommend her to people seeking guidance and support with their energy! Thanks again Tirza!"

Stef Ventura, Stef Ventura Coaching

"Dear Tirza, I feel wonderful!!!! Thank you so much! I felt something release in me before you said ok, how do you feel. I felt free. I have not had a sad cry day for a week, so nice! Or even just the weighed-down feeling. Thank you so much again. You helped me so much!"

Jill Rochon

I just had an incredible Reiki session with the lovely, caring Tirza! She gently guided me to a place of peace while pulling out negative energy and healing the pain that I had been having in my back and legs. She was gentle and open, sharing her gifts in a way that brought peace and comfort. I left the session feeling energized and centred. She is an amazingly supportive healer with a beautiful soul!

Carol Owens, Author

"Your Goddess Reiki is the most beautiful thing I have witnessed!x As well as your readings!"

Leila Hardy, Holistic Health & Life Coach

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