Book 1 - Izzy: Izzy is the first book in THE MILF DIARIES, a standalone contemporary romance novel series, connected through friendship, girl power, love and loyalty.


Izzy is the daughter of an Irish cop and an Italian mafia daughter from Brooklyn. She is also a single cougar mum of a grownup son in his early 20s. When she meets two ex-cons and a cop, all in their late 20s, her life changes forever...


Although Izzy and the other books in this series are standalone novels, it is advised for you to read the books of The Milf Diaries series in order because the characters are connected through friendship and some mention of the stories in the other books might be made, even though this won't take away from your understanding and overall enjoyment of your reading.

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Book 2 - Ria: Meet Ria.

Ria is a gifted artist and painter with a spiritual interest and a lack of grounding in the "real world". However, due to her friends' Izzy and Lucia's unstinting support, she has finally been able to find a way to make money from her exceptional talents. As she is a cougar this hasn't been coming fast and easy for her But she has worked on herself and finally made it happen. Then she meets a sexy as sin younger man who seems to have the hots for her as well. But he keeps her hidden from the world and refuses to even kiss her. Whenever she comes too close, he has an anxiety attack. Ria us understandably more than a little confused.


Meet Jordan.

Jordan is a young, jaded stripper who has had a hard childhood and learned early how to use his charms and talent to mesmerise the ladies for his own profit. Now, women all around the world pay top prices to see him dance – and possibly more. But the jetset lifestyle has become stale and when Jordan meets Ria who has no idea who he actually is, he starts to develop series anxiety attacks whenever they come close, although Ria is the only woman he's ever fallen for in his life.

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Book 3 - Reyna: Izzy’s and Ria’s best friend Lucia has her sister visiting from Spain. Reyna is a professional dancer who is close to the end of her stage career. However, when her two beaus turn up, two younger men who have been best friends since birth and are now embittered enemies in their pursuit of Reyna, it needs more than Izzy’s men to talk to the two competitors.


When an old admirer appears on the scene, things take a dramatic change and the two best friends have to unite once again to save the woman they love from disaster. But all this cannot happen without a little help from their friends, and so, the entire gang ends up in Spain as guests of Tank, Dom and Seb and their love Sarah from the Seals in Spain reverse harem trilogy in order to overcome adversaries and to get their heads straight about the next generation at the same time.


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Book 4 - Sassy: When Sassy first started her professional career as a company lawyer on Wall Street, she fell in love with her boss, a man-whore who didn't care about his own son by his previous wife. Sassy looked out for the boy whose mother was more concerned with making her next billionaire husband happy, rather than being a loving mother. Sassy and the boy become close but then the relationship between her and the boy's father breaks apart and Sassy and Orlando lose touch after she has seen to it that he got sent to a boarding school where he made friends for life. When the boy's father suddenly dies of a heart attack, he surprises everyone by decreeing Sassy to be the executor of his will. It is up to her to divide his wealth amongst his many children and their mothers.

Book 5 - Calendar Boys (Christmas Special): In Calendar Boys, Holly, a friend of Sassy's, travels to snowy Montana by car to join her family for their traditional Christmas celebration. The only setback is her anger at her ex-boyfriend who broke up with her the previous day. Stopping by the roadside to scream her pent-up anger across the picturesque valley below, she is found by a group of twelve men who are on their way to the same holiday village to shoot pictures for a charity calendar.


These men are not only fitness models and Holly learns quickly that beauty and sex appeal comes in many forms. In this case, in twelve. If only there wasn't her crazy family always causing drama…

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The Series


The Milf Diaries is a series of standalone romance novels with a theme of mature women being loved by somewhat younger men who adore and appreciate them. The books are connected through main characters being best friends or the people close to them. Each book has its own love story but as the world is that of Izzy and her friends, you need to read the books in order, also to avoid any spoilers and to sensically follow the story of the recurring characters.


Reviews for The Milf Diaries: Izzy

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Smoldering, sexy and sensual, Izzy is a tale of love, loyalty and acceptance.

Meet Izzy, a single mother with a grownup son in his early 20s. Strong, sensible, smart and sexy, as well as completely independent. Daughter of an Irish cop but also part of the Italian mafia from Brooklyn, Izzy is still the princess of the family, dotted on and adored by everyone. It could be because of her courage to brave the world and have her baby at 15, without a husband at her side. But most probably because of her loving and nature and big kind heart.

Happy on her own, Izzy hadn't met a man who really interested her for years. Until the day a kindness done for her future daughter in law sets Izzy face to face with not one but 3 hot young men who somehow manage to wiggle under her skin and completely turn her life upside down.

Within a single week's time, Izzy had three younger men who drove her wild, fighting over her like dogs over a bone. And to her dismay, she finds herself not only enjoying their attention but also craving it. After not even dating for more than a year, let alone having sex, she is downright shocked at her own reaction to not one but three a lot younger men. Totally inappropriate for a woman her age as well as her social and professional status! Especially since their age is closer to that of her own son, while one of them is the brother of her future daughter in law. Completely unacceptable, as far as Izzy's concerned! But then, why does it feel so right?!

When the men themselves suggest sharing and seem set on proving how good it can get, Izzy's resolve slowly crumbles, alongside her doubts and self-judgement. Because their relationship is based on gentleness, caring, respect and love. Any woman's dream and Izzy is getting that times 3! So she starts falling and falls hard for the three hot hunks who make her happier than she had ever been. But she is older and they are young ... and what will the world say?!
Will Izzy's family agree? And how about her son? Or the daughter in law when she finds out her brother is dating her fiance's 'mama'?! Judgement and resentment are bound to arise.

How Izzy and her men will stand through it all, I'll leave that for you to find out. But know that stand they will. And their happy ever after is so damn hot and sweet!!! I absolutely loved it!

This book is a steamy hot contemporary reverse harem that will appeal to all reverse harem fans out there. And yet, it is also a heartwarming tale with a strong message.

'You are the heroes of your own stories. Be a light to those who don't yet dare to follow you and give them courage by your example.'

Izzy is a book for the women who dare to be different and follow their heart no matter what. The women who stand up for their own happiness and dare to do what makes them happy without regard to what others think of them. It is for those souls who dare to love, even if their love seems inappropriate to others.

Fast flowing and fun at times, while sizzling at others, Izzy manages to beautifully combine wit and sensuality with steamy hot scenes. And that particular combinations turns it into a downright addictive read.

I highly recommend it to all romance lovers out there.

It's sexy, sensual and hot!!

Happy reading everyone

and always remember:

'Dare to be different. But most of all, dare to be happy.'

The Magic Book Corner, International Book Blogger

This book tells a story of love. It doesn't matter how old you are as long as there is caring, protection and deep affection there can be love. Izzy has the unconditional love from her family. They want her to be happy and Manu, Yann and Dante do that for her.

Kim Kurtz, Reader

* * *

I wasn't sure what a revers Harem was when I picked up the book, but I'm glad I found out. Izzy is living her the form of hot nights with three amazing men who treat her how every woman wants to be treated. With love, respect and care during the day hours, and as a sex goddess in the evening. I think I read this in one night! I was addicted. I look forward to the next book!

Lindsay Whitlock, Author

* * *

Once again, this author does not disappoint. If you're looking for a sexy hot read, just pick up any one of Tirza's books.

Izzy is a character many of us can identify with and once you read her story, you may wish you had her luck!

Enjoyable story and great characters!

Gina Salamon-Casto,  Author & Editor

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MSt Izzy 5.png

I love it!

I absolutely love this book. It's been long overdue to find a romance novel that combines true storytelling and real love with the milf/cougar trope. Before I only found badly written books with barely legal lovers, which is absolutely not my thing in any constellation, whether the young part is male or female.


I want to read about a real relationship between real adults and Izzy didn't merely provide this, this book ticked all my boxes. It's hot and steamy, real love with a happily ever after for all 4 parties involved, as this is a contemporary reverse harem (yummy!) and the emotional side doesn't come too short, either. There are family issues addressed characters' backgrounds and development are done very well and it is exciting and adventurous without losing its grip on reality. 5 stars all the way! Read it, you won't be disappointed!

Sekhmet, Reader

* * *

Young men and a hot milf? Yes, please.

I liked it! Lots of sexy time, perfect for what it was meant to be.

Jillian Bondarchuk, Author


A Hot Romance You Can’t Put Down

I couldn’t stop reading this book. The author’s pacing was fantastic. I loved the anticipation and build up. The characters were thrilling and well developed. All in all a great enjoyable read.

Alisa Klinger, Author


Only to find true love, in a manner not quite the norm for most, and thus she had to face family querying and unapproving, standing for what made her happy, for once. She understood who she was, her strength and also what she lacked and wanted. She had to give herself a break and allow herself to experience that which she always created for everyone else-Happiness. Her family had no choice, but to agree that she deserved a share of that, being the gift she was to all of them, in whichever way it came, as long as she was happy.

This was beautiful, encouraging, and clearly intriguing to the end. I cannot wait to start on Tank, her next read in my hands. I am glad that the first of its genre that I read, turned out to be a masterpiece.


Salute Tirza.

Swit La Pound, Reader

MSt Izzy 2.png
MSt Izzy 1.png


Wow! Tirza Schaefer is really coming into her own. Starting with Tank and now this feature novel, she is definitely upping the scales! She dares to write more. More explicit, more emotion, more of everything and it works. This book shows a few prejudices and stereotypes (timely when considering, this novel was released shortly before the "Black Lives Matter" movement was big in the media, also touching on the subject of police brutality but in this novel, the author shows how it can be done differently and how it is possible to heal wounds, make friends and create a new family with the most unlikely members.

This starts with Izzy herself who is a mix of Italian mafia and Irish cop. After an early teenage pregnancy, she raised a son all by herself and then takes in that said son's girfriend's brother who is fresh out of prison. Being the pragmatic and nurturing type, she finds him a job and has her son's old room renovated for her new house guest.

This act of love for her almost-daughter-in-law spins out of control into a series of events that combine heart, love, family loyalty (I'm personally really big on that myself) and lots of steam! But it's not only lots of steam, but it's LOTS of it and it's really loving at the same time. I'd say it's too emotional for me if it didn't work so perfectly that even a hardened guy like me can admit (at least with an incognito alias) can once in a while feel all mushy. Not that I'll ever admit to it in real life. But yeah, Izzy and her men, as well as her amazing friends and loving family grabbed my heart, wrung it out and left me panting in my seat. Okay, under the shower...

Anyway, the book is great from start to finish. And I actually didn't want it to finish, which is why I grabbed Book 2, Ria, of The Milf Diaries right after. And omg... But that'll go in Ria's review...

Tuari Eagleswing, Reader


Love, family and community, but most of all love!

What a fabulous read! Tirza has done it yet again, with beautifully written characters that make you really care for them! The story is based in New York, Brooklyn, and joins two strong families, Italian American and Irish American.


In a passionate love story, where Izzy, finds her true loves, Dante, Manu, and Yann, despite all the difficulties on their paths to happiness.


A truly uplifting read! Many thanks!

Webvale, Reader

* * *

A Hot Romance You Can’t Put Down

I couldn’t stop reading this book. The author’s pacing was fantastic. I loved the anticipation and build up. The characters were thrilling and well developed. All in all a great enjoyable read.

Alisa Klinger, Author

MSt Izzy 6.png

Reviews for The Milf Diaries: Ria

MSt Ria 2.png

This story has touched my heart so deeply!


Ria is a spiritual artist whose head is mostly absent in other dimensions. She has spirit guides with which she parties in her studio and when she holds conversations, half of it happens in her head, so following her responses can be a bit of a challenge for people who talk to her. Her hair is as colourful as her creativity and her spiritual beliefs do not incorporate the typical kind of Christian concept of God. Until she meets Jordan and believes him to be God at first. Then she wants nothing more but to paint his behind. Yes, all of him from the rearview. And don't get me started on her verbal reaction to him!


Jordan has had a difficult childhood. His father left the family early on and his mother, stricken with grief, turned to the bottle to cope with the pain, leaving Jordan to fend for himself for the most part. But Jordan has been successful in turning his adversities into strength and has built himself a stripper empire, owning his own nightclub in Manhattan and being world-famous. Women pay enormous amounts of money to spend time with him, not only with him dancing.


When he meets Ria, however, in a hardware store of all places, his old demons rise to the surface, however, and he suddenly experiences an anxiety attack. This is how these two completely different characters form an unlikely alliance and friendship that turns to love. If only there wasn't the problem with Jordan fretting over being too good in bed, fearing it could destroy all they have between them.


When you hear male stripper, you probably first think of Magic Mike. I did. I expected something similar, although with a lot more depth, knowing the author's style already. But then, it all comes completely different. This book had me laughing out loud, rooting for the two, groaning in agony and suspense and yes, I was in tears as well.


The characters came to life off the pages and I so felt for them that I couldn't help but really live in this story. I felt for Ria and Jordan, laughed, cried and fretted with them. There were such tender moments and such great acts of friendship as we meet the characters from Book 1, Izzy, of The Milf Diaries series again. One of Izzy's men, Yann, actually plays an important role in this story as well, which also moved me deeply.


The unforeseen twists and characters kept me on my toes and turning the pages. I am amazed at and impressed with the author's sensitivity and knowledgeable handling of the subject of mental health issues without making it too depressing and dark. She shines a light on taboo subjects and lets them shine not in their negativity but ultimately brings a positive lesson learned and a "Night of the Soul" turns into bright daylight.


If you ever need a pick-me-up and a story that will make you believe in the rainbows at the end of the dark thunderstorms of life, this author is a definite go-to. No matter, how unique and eccentric a character is, she shows the positive aspects of a person, their strengths and a good influence on the people in their lives. She also showcases how supportive friendships can help a person reach their full potential and develop a belief in and love for themselves. Ria, Izzy and Lucia are the best BFFs I've yet come across in romantic literature. They are real, all different but complement each other perfectly. And their mutual support is exemplary.


Ria is an amazing read and it also makes sense why this is not a reverse harem but a one-on-one story. But read it for yourself and thank me later!


Sekhmet, Reader

Hot 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 five stars for Ria!

I loved this book. The beginning had me all cracking up laughing 😆. I could so relate to Ria:


“My fingers are already itching with the need to paint him. Before I can lose momentum and clam up again, I have verbal diarrhoea and spill all my thoughts out unfiltered...”


This could have been me. Verbal diarrhoea. 🤣


Tirza Schaefer expertly manages to combine positive elements like humour true friendship, trust and sexual tension before plunging us into the abyss of Jordan’s battered and abused, anxiety-ridden mind. She then gently takes us on a healing process that wasn’t only a revelation for the characters, but also for me.


I loved the multiple layers of meaning, the understanding of the human psyche and the energies involved, showing them as colours of the soul.


Going full circle, the end is full of love, positivity and steamy release. Tirza Schaefer, thank you for the happy end 💖


Finishing this book left me in a state of bliss that simply made me feel good all over. Deserved five Stars!

J.C. Seal, Author

MSt Ria 1.png
MSt Ria 2.png

Talk about anticipation!

Jordan is a man with heavy baggage and Ria was just the right woman to lift it from his arms.

A charming read.

Gina Salamon-Casto, Author & Editor

* * *

Very well developed.

I totally fell in love with Ría and Jordan. The opening chapters when they meet at a hardware store are SO funny.


‘I need to screw...I mean a screwdriver!’


I was laughing my ass off. Both characters are so well developed and are so intricate I fell in live with both. This is an opposites attract novel and I am rooting for them until the end.


I love that the characters don’t jump into bed right away, the author teases us for awhile before giving us a good finale. That’s one of the things I liked about the novel the most. The growing connection and anticipation. Love this series.

Lyndsay Whitlock, Author

Wow! Now this, I didn't see coming at all.


After the family-oriented and pragmatic Izzy, Book 1 of The Milf Diaries, which was a reverse harem with three men, Ria is quite a change. A slow burn, one-on-one romance with a very deep topic. Anxiety. And it's not Ria who suffers from it. It's the man she falls in love with, the stripper (although she doesn't know he's a world-famous stripper) Jordan. And Jordan is literally scared out of his wits to have sex with Ria. This story starts with a hilarious first encounter when Ria thinks, Jordan is God and wants to paint screw him. Or paint him. Well, she is a bit out of this world but in a really cute way. And she has the biggest heart you can imagine.


I loved this book because the author is not afraid to go into the darker recesses of a man's mind with a traumatic past. But it's not overly dark and there is, of course, a happy ending. Still, I would have loved to have a little more action on Ria's side because I was so taken by this lovely spiritual artist that I wanted more of her.


I am happy to report that I took the liberty to reach out to the author and she was so kind as to reply and told me, we will see more of Ria in Book 3, Reyna, which is not yet published but there will be a lot more to come. I can't wait to read more of this series. From what the author shared with me, it's going to be hotter, deeper and with more men, too. Ria is going to be the only one-on-one romance in the series but Tirza Schaefer explained that Ria needs a lot of peace and quiet to be creative and having to concentrate on more than one man in the worldly realm would just be too much for her.


And Jordan has had his wild times. He's fed up with being surrounded by women who just want in his panties and Ria is the only one he feels at peace with and really seen. Until he tries to have sex with her, that is. But find out for yourself! Definitely a great book!

And check out the author's website. There are some great videos on The Milf Diaries page as well. Love that website, anyway. It's brilliant. You can see Tirza Schaefer's love and devotion to her craft for sure!

Tuari Eagleswing, Reader

MSt Ria 3.png
MSt Ria 5.png

A great read!

After meeting the main character Ria, in "Izzy", the previous book in this series, I was really looking forward to hearing her story. I certainly haven't been disappointed. Tirza writes so movingly, Ria and Jordan's love story, overcoming so much together to achieve their happiness.

Just wonderful, and full of compassion as well as beautifully written sensuous and passionate love scenes. Looking forward to the next in this lovely series. Many thanks!

Webvale, Reader

* * *

Deeply Emotional.

This is a deeply emotional book. Jordan has huge problems stemming from his childhood causing anxiety when he meets Ria. Jordan is a god to women and Ria is his goddess. No one is better fitting then these two characters.


I loved the humor and the emotional ride. Ria has a wonderful personality and is a fantastic character.

Kim Kurtz, Reader