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Book 1: Tank

Book 2: Dom

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Book 1 - Tank: Sarah is an empty-nester whose children are out of the house and all their own lives. She lives in a cold, damp apartment and works a dead-end job. One day, she decides that something needs to change and when she reads the job offers in the regional paper, she comes across an ad for a position as housekeeper in a household in Spain.

After sending an email to apply, she ends up speaking to her future boss, Dom, on the phone and before she realises what is really happening, she is looking after a Nazi mum and taking care of the household for three hot-as-hell, ex-special forces, now billionaires, men who don't only share a house but obviously also want to share Sarah.

Sarah has not been lucky in her relationships in the past. She has had her fair share of betrayal, neglect and heartache and cannot really believe that these three exceptional men, one of them even a certified genius, would want her over any other woman in the world until they teach her to view herself through their eyes, while she teaches them what it feels like to be loved and cared about by a woman who knows what it means to carry sole responsibility for other lives and hearts.

But when Nazi mum dies, it is her son who loses his plot and triggers all of Sarah's fears again, destroying the little trust they have been able to establish between them. Has the experiment of being together with three men ended in a disaster for Sarah, just as she feared it would?

Excerpt: In the huge entrance hall, Sarah felt dwarfed. The men were a lot taller than her already, but the house looked bigger once you had entered it than it did from the outside. She looked up to the ceiling which was two storeys high. There were paintings, gold stucco and a chandelier that could easily kill all of them, if it dropped on their heads.

“It’s secured with a steel rope,” Dom said gently.

Could the man read her mind? Feeling safer, she admired the beauty of the exquisitely worked craftsmanship.

“It’s very beautiful. I’ve always wanted to live in a historical building. A manor house or something. And now I’m in a palace. I love how you’ve decorated it, too. The glass tables blend in perfectly with the historical style and don’t distract from the splendour,” Sarah told Dom and made him smile proudly.

“Thank you. I’ll just take your bags upstairs and then join you in the lounge,” he said.

Seb took over and, with a gesture of his large hand, invited her to follow him.

“Please try not to look shocked, okay? Dom told you about the scar and tattoos, didn’t he?” he asked quietly.

Sarah nodded and tried to smile in what she hoped was a reassuring manner, then followed the Viking into the lounge. The man’s concern for his friend’s feelings touched her. He hadn’t come across as overly sensitive to begin with, and that was a facet of his character she liked and appreciated.

“Tank, Sarah is here,” Seb announced.

Tank had laid on a couch. Now he sat up, which made him nearly as tall as Sarah who was standing up. When he got to his feet, he towered over her and Sarah was pretty certain, she was on eye level with his solar plexus. She looked up. Her eyes roaming over a powerful chest and up to his face.

He had long, dark brown hair that he’d tied into a man bun on top with the hair underneath falling freely down his shoulders. There was some ink in his face, but only on the ridge of his nose. She had seen photos of Samoan men with tribal tattoos covering their entire face and was surprised that Tank’s ink was relatively sparsely distributed. It spread outwards to just above the brows.

An ugly scar marred his eerily beautiful features, but Sarah found it added to his masculine warrior appeal, rather than taking away from it. She thought, of all three men, Tank probably appealed to her the most visually. Suddenly, she realised, she was staring and blushed.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to stare, it’s just that you look like you’ve just hopped out of some GQ magazine,” she explained.

Tank’s mouth fell open. “You’re serious!”

It was a statement, not a question, albeit a surprised one. His own observation of her expression had attested to the truth of her words. He looked at Seb who only grinned. In that moment, something crashed upstairs.

“Is that your mum throwing tea cups again?” Sarah asked with a smirk.

“Most likely.” Seb shrugged, trying to look nonchalant.

“Ah, so she’s awake,” Sarah said.

“So it seems,” Tank grumbled.

“I might as well meet her now then,” Sarah said, not one to put off the inevitable.

Besides, she needed an escape from such an overload of testosterone and masculine beauty. She wasn’t sure how much she could take before her brain literally blew a fuse. Having spent years keeping all even slightly attractive men at a distance, this onslaught on her deprived senses felt overpowering.

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