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Seals in Spain
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The Series' Creation

The Seals in Spain Reverse Harem Trilogy was written over a period of four years because I started Book 1, Tank, towards the end of 2018 but had to leave the raw version lie because of issues I had in my private life until I was able to get back to it and work on the rewrite and editing in early 2020. The result was that Tank was published on Valentine’s Day 2020 and because I wrote some other books, as well as 2020 being generally a year like we have never experienced it before with so many challenges on both a global and an individual scale, the writing was rather uninspired and difficult to get into the flow with.


So there I was, at the beginning of 2021 and my flow had returned. Of course, there were, as there always are, a million and one things to catch up on, like giving the website a complete overhaul, working on my social media presence and a lot of other things, not to mention having my youngest daughter who still lives at home with me 24/7 because of complete lockdown and distant lessons. The only shops open were grocery stores, gas stations and drug stores. No outside entertainment, no meeting friends, no school and no social life.


We did bond a lot over this time and became very close at a time when she, now thirteen, made a leap in her physical as well as mental and emotional development. It seemed her legs had become longer each morning she got up and stood before me and she developed quite a wicked sense of humour which has brought us no end of laughter and delight. But this situation has also caused me to concentrate a lot on my daughter’s wellbeing to avoid her falling into a state of depression as so many other children have across the world who have been affected by prolonged lockdowns.


Tank had almost written itself and it had stretched out a lot longer than I had anticipated because, in my mind, the characters took on a life of their own. I was merely writing along. And usually, I write characters that suit each other, the male and female leads making perfect couples and complimenting each other. And as this was my first reverse harem book I wrote, I had to find three male characters that built a good unit and complemented the female lead but were not too alike to make them exchangeable.


Tank is a Samoan giant who doesn’t talk much but when he does, his words carry weight. He has pledged himself to be Sarah’s guardian and with that comes that his life is now devoted to the woman he loves. He is deeply spiritual but keeps it, like most other things, mostly to himself. But this trait is something that bonds him further with Sarah because she also has a spiritual interest and trusts him first of all because she knows it would go against his core values to play games of any sort. Sarah is also psychic and Tank is the only one to understand and defend her when she needs his support the most.


To be honest, Tank is the one of all of my male MCs that I have ever written that is “for me”. Meaning, if I could form a man for myself from clay and blow the breath of life into him, he would look and be very much like Tank.


Dom is the suave, sophisticated and authoritative businessman of the trio, wielding power and taking on responsibility without having to be asked. He is a natural leader and Sarah calls him her king in Book 2, Dom, because he is “the father of a nation” in her perception. I truth, Dom is always concerned to act in a manner and make decisions that are always benefitting everyone concerned. He will always put his own needs last while ensuring that the people he loves and cares about are well looked after and all he does is in their interest.


Seb is more of a free spirit who loves to joke and have fun, make light of potentially oppressing situation and elicit a giggle even from the most stern of his friends, Tank. He can be impulsive at times but he is not a bad character or someone who isn’t concerned with the consequences of his actions. All three men are former special forces but Seb still works in that field, now training special forces units at his own training centre in Spain. He is focused and disciplined when it comes to the art of war and so good at what he does that he has the reputation of being the Bruce Lee of special forces. His skills are beyond lethal and Sarah knows he would kill anyone who tried to harm her. But she mostly enjoys the light banter with him, the uninhibited free spirit and the training units when he teaches her a bit of self-defence.


When I created these characters, they really popped up in my head and revealed themselves to me, rather than me planning them. The storylines of the books have had each their own rough outline. Then again, as I still have to finish most of Book 2, Dom, and all of Book 3, Seb, I know my favourite men in all the world and the woman they worship will most definitely have a few more surprises up their sleeves before each book is published. Even their surprise appearance in my other romance series, The Milf Diaries, wasn’t planned but they will be in Book 3, which is as yet not published but will be coming out later this year. In any case, I am looking forward to another wild and adventurous ride with my three badass warriors Tank, Dom and Seb, and their adored Goddess Sarah.


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