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Book 1: Tank

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Book 2: Dom

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Book 3: Seb

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Book 1 - Tank: Sarah is an empty-nester whose children are out of the house and all their own lives. She lives in a cold, damp apartment and works a dead-end job. One day she decides that something needs to change and when she reads the job offers in the regional paper, she comes across an ad for a position as housekeeper in a household in Spain.

After sending an email to apply, she ends up speaking to her future boss, Dom, on the phone and before she realises what is really happening, she is looking after a Nazi mum and taking care of the household for three hot-as-hell, ex-special forces, now billionaires, men who don't only share a house but obviously also want to share Sarah.

Sarah has not been lucky in her relationships in the past. She has had her fair share of betrayal, neglect and heartache and cannot really believe that these three exceptional men, one of them even a certified genius, would want her over any other woman in the world until they teach her to view herself through their eyes, while she teaches them what it feels like to be loved and cared about by a woman who knows what it means to carry sole responsibility for other lives and hearts.

But when Nazi mum dies, it is her son who loses his plot and triggers all of Sarah's fears again, destroying the little trust they have been able to establish between them. Has the experiment of being together with three men ended in a disaster for Sarah, just as she feared it would?

Excerpt: In the huge entrance hall, Sarah felt dwarfed. The men were a lot taller than her already, but the house looked bigger once you had entered it than it did from the outside. She looked up to the ceiling which was two storeys high. There were paintings, gold stucco and a chandelier that could easily kill all of them, if it dropped on their heads.

“It’s secured with a steel rope,” Dom said gently.

Could the man read her mind? Feeling safer, she admired the beauty of the exquisitely worked craftsmanship.

“It’s very beautiful. I’ve always wanted to live in a historical building. A manor house or something. And now I’m in a palace. I love how you’ve decorated it, too. The glass tables blend in perfectly with the historical style and don’t distract from the splendour,” Sarah told Dom and made him smile proudly.

“Thank you. I’ll just take your bags upstairs and then join you in the lounge,” he said.

Seb took over and, with a gesture of his large hand, invited her to follow him.

“Please try not to look shocked, okay? Dom told you about the scar and tattoos, didn’t he?” he asked quietly.

Sarah nodded and tried to smile in what she hoped was a reassuring manner, then followed the Viking into the lounge. The man’s concern for his friend’s feelings touched her. He hadn’t come across as overly sensitive to begin with, and that was a facet of his character she liked and appreciated.

“Tank, Sarah is here,” Seb announced.

Tank had laid on a couch. Now he sat up, which made him nearly as tall as Sarah who was standing up. When he got to his feet, he towered over her and Sarah was pretty certain, she was on eye level with his solar plexus. She looked up. Her eyes roaming over a powerful chest and up to his face.

He had long, dark brown hair that he’d tied into a man bun on top with the hair underneath falling freely down his shoulders. There was some ink in his face, but only on the ridge of his nose. She had seen photos of Samoan men with tribal tattoos covering their entire face and was surprised that Tank’s ink was relatively sparsely distributed. It spread outwards to just above the brows.

An ugly scar marred his eerily beautiful features, but Sarah found it added to his masculine warrior appeal, rather than taking away from it. She thought, of all three men, Tank probably appealed to her the most visually. Suddenly, she realised, she was staring and blushed.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to stare, it’s just that you look like you’ve just hopped out of some GQ magazine,” she explained.

Tank’s mouth fell open. “You’re serious!”

It was a statement, not a question, albeit a surprised one. His own observation of her expression had attested to the truth of her words. He looked at Seb who only grinned. In that moment, something crashed upstairs.

“Is that your mum throwing tea cups again?” Sarah asked with a smirk.

“Most likely.” Seb shrugged, trying to look nonchalant.

“Ah, so she’s awake,” Sarah said.

“So it seems,” Tank grumbled.

“I might as well meet her now then,” Sarah said, not one to put off the inevitable.

Besides, she needed an escape from such an overload of testosterone and masculine beauty. She wasn’t sure how much she could take before her brain literally blew a fuse. Having spent years keeping all even slightly attractive men at a distance, this onslaught on her deprived senses felt overpowering.

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Book 2 - Dom: Back in Spain, Sarah needs to take her mind off Seb's going rogue in the States after his mother's death and Dom has just the thing to take her mind off things. He takes her to Andalusia to spend some time horse riding and have some sweet, romantic moments in a different environment, away from home.


However, the brother of the terrorist Sarah and her men took out is set on revenge and his first target is the woman the three former special forces men have sworn to protect with their lives.


Then events take an unexpected turn and Sarah has to make a decision that will tear her heart apart, no matter which way she decides. Can her warriors save her before it is too late?

Excerpt: “And before you go into that kind of direction, Rio, you really need to learn about responsibility. A leader is not someone who can boss everyone around, has five girls on every finger and a gold chain around his neck. A true leader is someone who works hard and thinks always of the best interest of those who depend on him or her before anything else. Dom is like that. He is royalty in that sense. He always looks out for all of us, he keeps me safe and when I have a problem, no matter how great or small, he will sort it out for me or find someone who can.”

“You really love him, don’t you? The way you talk about him.”

“I do. And I respect him for the man he is. I trust him for the character he has. I’ve got the hots for him because of how sexy he is. He is like a god.”

“Then why do you need three of them?”

“I didn’t get to choose that. They came as a package deal. They proposed this arrangement to me and quite frankly, I don’t think I could have chosen one over the others. I fell in love with all three of them so hard and so fast, it nearly tore my heart out of my chest.”


“So tell me about Tank and Seb. What are they like? What do you like about them?” Rio prodded.

“Tank is like a rock in a churning sea. He is a warrior but a spiritual warrior. He doesn’t only fight. He uses energy, he is at one with nature and the elements. He doesn’t talk much but when he does, his words carry so much power. He looks at me and I know he doesn’t only see me as a goddess, I am the goddess personified for him. He is a genius, too, but he is not arrogant or conceited at all.


“He is patient, kind, loving, helpful and so deeply honourable. When he commits, he goes all the way. It’s a life and death choice for sure. When he holds me, I feel like I have found my home for the first time in my life. He loves me so much, it breaks my heart sometimes because I don’t know how to repay all that devotion. I can only return it in kind.”

Sarah held her phone pressed against her chest over her heart. She didn’t even realise she was clutching it so tightly talking of the men she loved. But it felt good to tell someone how much she loved them. It felt liberating and sacred in a way.


“And Seb?” Rio reminded her after a short while of silence where neither of them had said a word.

“Seb is incredible. He is like a wild Viking. He is the one most easily giving in to his emotions but that doesn’t mean he is moody or not dependable. He is like a force of nature but at the same time, he has the best technique in close combat you can imagine. He is like the Bruce Lee in the world of Special Forces. He has started to train me a little and just a few lessons in, I was able to break branch. You don’t ever want to fuck with him. He can kill you with his bare hands in 123 different ways before you even realise you’re dead.”


“Am I talking to a ghost?” Rio laughed and Sarah fell in.

“I hope not. But Seb is also the jester of the trio. He is so light-hearted, so happy and carefree. His joy is catching and so genuine like a child’s. He is totally in the moment when he jokes and banters and fools around to lighten the mood. He is the one who doesn’t let his brothers get too serious and depressed. And he has made me laugh more in under two months than I have in the entire last year before I came to Spain. He is like spring blossoming in your heart again after a long and barren winter.”


And while Sarah spoke, she realised it was true. Seb was the one who put sunshine into her heart, made her soul sing and dance, laugh and feel young and free again, experience this childlike joy, the radiance of life.

“He sounds like he is completely devoted to you as well,” Rio told her when she had finally finished gushing about Seb.

“He is. Rio, I am so sorry, but I need to go. I have to do something right now.”

“You gonna call the poor man in the middle of the night?”


“He isn’t sleeping.”

“How do you know? These guys are too rich for nightshifts, aren’t they?”

“I know things. That’s my superpower. And I know something else. You will never be the same again after tonight. And you are going to work on yourself. You will visit us next summer and something wonderful will happen that will make you very happy for a very long time.”

She stood up, bent down over him and kissed his brow.

“By summer next year, you will be worthy. Good night.”

She turned and ran back to the guest house.

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Book 3 - Seb: After Sarah and her lovers are finally safely home and their adventures that started on Dom's and Sarah's holiday in Andalusia are finally over, Tank decides to take Sarah to travel to the Pacific to meet his family. To his surprise, Seb follows and gives Sarah an unusual ultimatum. What will she do?

Excerpt:  To come...

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The Series' Creation

The Seals in Spain Reverse Harem Trilogy was written over a period of four years because I started Book 1, Tank, towards the end of 2018 but had to leave the raw version lie because of issues I had in my private life until I was able to get back to it and work on the rewrite and editing in early 2020. The result was that Tank was published on Valentine’s Day 2020 and because I wrote some other books, as well as 2020 being generally a year like we have never experienced it before with so many challenges on both a global and an individual scale, the writing was rather uninspired and difficult to get into the flow with.


So there I was, at the beginning of 2021 and my flow had returned. Of course, there were, as there always are, a million and one things to catch up on, like giving the website a complete overhaul, working on my social media presence and a lot of other things, not to mention having my youngest daughter who still lives at home with me 24/7 because of complete lockdown and distant lessons. The only shops open were grocery stores, gas stations and drug stores. No outside entertainment, no meeting friends, no school and no social life.


We did bond a lot over this time and became very close at a time when she, now thirteen, made a leap in her physical as well as mental and emotional development. It seemed her legs had become longer each morning she got up and stood before me and she developed quite a wicked sense of humour which has brought us no end of laughter and delight. But this situation has also caused me to concentrate a lot on my daughter’s wellbeing to avoid her falling into a state of depression as so many other children have across the world who have been affected by prolonged lockdowns.


Tank had almost written itself and it had stretched out a lot longer than I had anticipated because, in my mind, the characters took on a life of their own. I was merely writing along. And usually, I write characters that suit each other, the male and female leads making perfect couples and complimenting each other. And as this was my first reverse harem book I wrote, I had to find three male characters that built a good unit and complemented the female lead but were not too alike to make them exchangeable.


Tank is a Samoan giant who doesn’t talk much but when he does, his words carry weight. He has pledged himself to be Sarah’s guardian and with that comes that his life is now devoted to the woman he loves. He is deeply spiritual but keeps it, like most other things, mostly to himself. But this trait is something that bonds him further with Sarah because she also has a spiritual interest and trusts him first of all because she knows it would go against his core values to play games of any sort. Sarah is also psychic and Tank is the only one to understand and defend her when she needs his support the most.


To be honest, Tank is the one of all of my male MCs that I have ever written that is “for me”. Meaning, if I could form a man for myself from clay and blow the breath of life into him, he would look and be very much like Tank.


Dom is the suave, sophisticated and authoritative businessman of the trio, wielding power and taking on responsibility without having to be asked. He is a natural leader and Sarah calls him her king in Book 2, Dom, because he is “the father of a nation” in her perception. I truth, Dom is always concerned to act in a manner and make decisions that are always benefitting everyone concerned. He will always put his own needs last while ensuring that the people he loves and cares about are well looked after and all he does is in their interest.


Seb is more of a free spirit who loves to joke and have fun, make light of potentially oppressing situation and elicit a giggle even from the most stern of his friends, Tank. He can be impulsive at times but he is not a bad character or someone who isn’t concerned with the consequences of his actions. All three men are former special forces but Seb still works in that field, now training special forces units at his own training centre in Spain. He is focused and disciplined when it comes to the art of war and so good at what he does that he has the reputation of being the Bruce Lee of special forces. His skills are beyond lethal and Sarah knows he would kill anyone who tried to harm her. But she mostly enjoys the light banter with him, the uninhibited free spirit and the training units when he teaches her a bit of self-defence.


When I created these characters, they really popped up in my head and revealed themselves to me, rather than me planning them. The storylines of the books have had each their own rough outline. Then again, as I still have to finish most of Book 2, Dom, and all of Book 3, Seb, I know my favourite men in all the world and the woman they worship will most definitely have a few more surprises up their sleeves before each book is published. Even their surprise appearance in my other romance series, The Milf Diaries, wasn’t planned but they will be in Book 3, which is as yet not published but will be coming out later this year. In any case, I am looking forward to another wild and adventurous ride with my three badass warriors Tank, Dom and Seb, and their adored Goddess Sarah.

Reviews for Seals in Spain: Tank

A sexy, sweet and smoking hot tale for the heart!

'To the women who dare to follow their dreams, take risks and jump into the deep end when they are already older, "cougars" as they are often called.
You are brave, courageous and bold. You deserve to chase your own dreams...'

Tank is a steamy reverse harem romance with a slightly older woman, three little younger hot as hell seals, a light touch of BDSM and a pinch of the Paranormal. And what makes it truly special is that, next to all that sexy steamy stuff it delivers a touching message. It urges women to dare and be brave, to follow their dreams and accept themselves as they are.

Sarah is an empty-nester whose children are out of the house, living their own lives. She lives in a cold, damp apartment and works a dead-end job until one day, when she finally decides that something needs to change and she takes a chance. She applies for a position as housekeeper in a household in Spain. Her main job would be that of taking care of an old lady, which would be an easy task for Sarah, who had cared for elderly people before. But the employer seems a little too desperate for her to accept, and Sarah can't help but wonder if shady stuff is involved. It is a different country after all.

As it turns out, the only shady part is that the old lady 'was quick to anger and had been known to fling teacups at her predecessors', something that made each and every one of them resign.
Since Sarah 'had the patience to deal with a frustrated soul whose mind was still sharp, but whose body was failing her,' she leaves everything behind and takes on the job.

Before she realizes what is really happening, she is looking after a 'Nazi mum' and taking care of the household for three hot-as-hell, ex-special forces, now billionaires. Seb, Dom and Tank don't only share a house, but obviously also want to share Sarah.

Sarah has had her fair share of betrayal, neglect and heartache in past relationships and cannot really believe that these three drop-dead gorgeous, exceptional men, one of them even a certified genius, would want her over any other woman in the world.
She is downright shocked and their reaction isn't helping.

"Why would you be shocked at that? Seb asked.
"W-well, look at you," Sarah said helplessly.
"Yes, and?" Seb asked.
"Well, look at me.... I'm not exactly a Victoria's Secret model, am I?"
"We don't like models, we like real women."

And Sarah can't help but be confused. Because,

'This wasn't some book. Things like that didn't happen in real life. Three drop-dead gorgeous men all masculine, sex-on-a-stick, who had their shit together, of good character, going for someone like her. Real life just didn't work that way. These men, these perfect men, couldn't possibly want someone like her.'

And yet they do. And they manage to prove it. But Sarah had never been able to lead a healthy relationship with one man. How was she going to handle three? Pretty well it turns out. :)
They teach Sarah to view herself through their eyes, while she teaches them what it feels like to be loved and cared about by a woman who knows what it means to carry sole responsibility for other lives and hearts. Sparks fly and heat flares, while love slowly blossoms. Sweet, gentle and caring - every woman's dream.

"Wear your scars with pride. You are a Goddess!"

But 'Nazi mum' dies and her son triggers all of Sarah's fears again, destroying the little trust they have been able to establish between them. Sarah finds herself rejected and humiliated yet again. If her fears will come true or she'll find her happy ever after, I'll that for you to find out. But I bet you won't see those twists coming.

Fast-paced and full of action - not only the between the sheets kind :D - Tank is a wonderful erotic romance with an intriguing paranormal touch and lots of feeling! And it may have the perfect book boyfriend ever in between it's pages.
Oh Tank!!!! (*dreamy sigh*)

If you love a good reverse harem romance that cherishes and revers women, Tank is the perfect pick.

It is truly a sexy, sweet and smoking hot tale for the heart!

"You bring sunshine into people's hearts wherever you go." That's what Sarah was told. And it goes for this little book as well.

Happy reading everyone

and always remember

'You are brave, courageous and bold.'

The Magic Book Corner, International Book Blogger

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Tank Story 04.png

With this book, I don't even know where to start. I never thought I could like reverse harem. Well, Tirza Schaefer once again did it. She took all my preconceived ideas and no, didn't throw them away, but wrapped them in a cosy blanket and proceeded to expand them page by page. The story starts innocently enough. Being a companion to a frail old lady is the stuff Austen's contemporaries already wrote about. However, Sarah is different. Of course. How couldn't she be, having originated from the pen of this amazing author who develops in her writing with each year that passes, it seems. This is the first book I am reading of hers that was published this year, 2020, and I am amazed at her progress.


I am also sitting here with red, bleary eyes because I am overtired. And yet, I could not put this book down. I will have to get some sleep in before I start on the Milf Diaries series but it was worth it. I loved the review by the Magic Book Corner on this book and can honestly say, I agree with each one of her points.


However, I would also like to add another point from a man's perspective. I totally loved that Tank told Sarah off for putting herself down and said that it's not an attractive feature and it is an insult to his good taste. I think women expect a man to be their knight in shining armour all the time in real life and we have to somehow be these magicians that can make any wound close, heal any insecurities and transform the ugly duckling into a beautiful swan.


Ladies, that's just not real. You have to help and take responsibility for yourself. However, a good man will be there to support you in this every step of the way. But he is the support, not the driving force because that can only come from the inside out, not vice versa. So thank you to the author for letting Tank speak on this matter. It doesn't make him any less heroic, I think.


And by the way, he is written and comes to life, literally jumping off the pages, along with his two best friends Dom and Seb, I dare say, that man is somewhat of an ideal to her personally. Correct me if I'm wrong, Ms Schaefer. I loved this book for so many reasons and to this point, it is my absolute favourite. If you read any book of this author, read this! Can't wait for the sequels of the trilogy to be published next year!

Tuari Eagleswing, Reader

Erotic Romance at High Level and High Quality

To say I have wandered a bit from my typical genres would be comparable to travelling to the moon when my destination is the hardware store. Having said that, Tirza Schaefer has the ability to make 50 Shades seem like 5.

I don't do spoilers.

Tank, one of the main male characters, is a beast of a man with the touch of a feather when required. He is one of three who share a Spanish Palacio. The female lead, Sarah, is hired to care for the ageing mother of Seb, who bears more than a passing resemblance to a Viking Warrior.

Dom, owner of the Estate, rounds out the trio.

Sarah finds herself surrounded by three men, any of which she would gladly bed - though she has no confidence in it coming to pass.

Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. Sarah is about to learn this lesson in ways few women can even begin to imagine.

Tank is a work of erotic art which women, and men for that matter, will find difficult to put down. You will also be looking forward to the second chapter in this trilogy. If you need more incentive, my wife "borrowed" my copy to read and was duly impressed, energized and motivated. Thank you, Tirza.😉

Robert Ullrich, Author & Owner of Phantom Scorpio Productions

Tank MSq 11.png

This was a great book. I loved the characters. Dom was dominating but looked out for Sarah's welfare and only took action on her behalf. Tank was the big strong guy who would tell you honestly how he feels and once you have his trust you are gold.


Seb was a little harder to take. He reminds me of a lost, spoiled rich guy looking for love and understanding. His mother the nazi mom is hard to deal with but Sarah sees her real self and brings that knowledge to the others. Sarah's psychic abilities get stronger and bring an added element to the story.


Overall it was a page-turning adventure and a great read. I finished in hours. I couldn't put it down.

Kim Kurtz, Reader

You'll love this sexy read.

Sarah is an empty nester who applies for a job as a housekeeper and a companion for a dying woman. What she didn't expect was to find a sexy menage with three hot, compassionate men. You'll love this sexy read!

Lyndsay Whitlock, Author

* * *

What a great read!

Love what the psychic abilities added to the story, and the men just got yummier as they were introduced. In fact, I couldn't help but be a little jealous of Sarah.

Beyond steam heat!

Gina Salamon-Casto, Author & Editor

* * *

Waiting until we meet again, Tank...

I adored this sexy book! It was quite the page-turner, but then again, all of Tirza's novels are! Hot, steamy and relentless... I was so wanting to meet Tank by the end of the book!

SueBeth, Reader

Tank Story 06.png
Tank Story 07.png

Perfect book boyfriend? Look no further!

This is the first reverse harem romance novel of Tirza Schaefer's and she aced it. Sarah is a mother with grown children who are all out of the house and she is looking for a brighter happier life, which is why she moves from the UK to Spain. Her three bosses are sexy AF and all three treat her with respect and romance her.


The first of the three, Tank, is a Samoan hulk with a scar on his face that usually puts the ladies off. However, Sarah feels an instant deeper connection with him and he is the first of the three men she shares a bed with. I love that all three men, Tank, Dom and Seb, have distinctly different characters and all have strengths and weaknesses which make them a great team and give the reader always different nuances to look forward to.


There is a lot of action and some scenes had me in stitches as well. I love how Sarah isn't all helpless when faced with terrorists but at the same time, she is still a real person who isn't used to warfare and has her breakdown after the crisis is averted. The description of the symptoms of shock and terror are believable and realistic, as are the parts where Sarah's psychic powers appear. I know a few people with similar gifts, so I find those parts very realistic, too, but they don't dominate the story, just like in real life, everything has its time and place.


Personally, I am particularly in love with Tank for all the reasons Sarah feels drawn to him from the start, although the other two are not far behind at all. Dom is the leader, the one who will take on responsibility naturally. And Seb is the happy-go-lucky with a warrior smouldering underneath. I love this book and can see myself re-reading it time and again!

Reader, Amazon

Being in my 40's I often find myself reading about not just new love, but young love. Or reading romances where initial lust is mistaken for love. So when I open up a novel and find my age group represented and living life well, I am 100% happy.


And having been a housekeeper who dealt with handsy old men instead of young, tight, and tan billionaires. YES, I'm a tad jealous. Sarah...oh Sarah., how do you have the time??? Though this is a Reverse Harem with plenty of juice dripping off the people and is also about empowerment and living that second act of your life without answering to anyone.

Natalie Freese, Author, a.k.a. Natillie Painter & Sunny Abernathy

* * *

Easy & beautiful, flowing language, believable characters, and lots of steamy scenes! One woman and three gorgeous men, each with a past and layers of personality. I really enjoyed this book. I read it fast and shall read more from this author:

Tirza Schaefer

Rebecka Jäger, Author

* * *

Enjoyable read, loving the older heroine.

This is my first read of Tirza Schaefer and I’m sure it won’t be the last, reverse harem not being my normal read. I have to admit to liking the way Tirza wrote for the older woman, we often get missed. And enjoyed the way the story evolved and the dynamics between all the characters. Enjoyable read.

Josephine Wrightson, Author

Tank Story 04.png
Tank Story 02.png

Hello lover...

Hot and steamy, Tirza dives right into it in another hot and heavy love story.

Jillian Bondarchuk, Author


Must read

Here we are again, yet another book read and another satisfied customer.

I give Tank a full 5 stars and here's why...

I started this book, not sure what to expect as a new reader with Tirza. This book started a bit slow, but I loved the progression of the whole story. I was hanging on each word, amid interruptions from my kids and hubby, I mean how rude I'm reading here, lol, but seriously, this book held me captive until I finished it this morning. I recommend this book to anyone who likes RH (reverse harem) books and navy seals...

Linda Marie Pankow, Author

So Loved this story!

When Sarah completely changed her life by moving to Spain, to care for an elderly lady, at a mansion shared by the lady's special forces son Seb and his friends/comrades, Dom and Tank; she's faced with many challenges and temptations!! Another wonderful passionate loving tale about Love in its many facets from Tirza Schaefer!


Can't wait to read the next in this great series! Many thanks!

Reader, Amazon


This was my first book by Tirza Schaefer & I will need to look into more of hers! This is a great book. It is book 1 of a series that revolves around the same 4 individuals in this relationship, but it doesn’t end on a cliffhanger. I appreciate this right now as I have read a ton of cliffies lately.

I also really love how this book has an older cast of characters & is a reverse age gap, so the female is older than her three men. This book has adventure, some very hot scenes & touching moments.

Definitely a book to check out!

Traci Bookstagram, Reader

Tank Story 03.png