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Goddess Past Life Regression Session


Have you ever wondered which karmic ties you have from past lives that affect you in this lifetime? Do you want to experience and remember yourself, rather than having someone tell you about it? Then this offer is the right fit for you.

What I Do

How It Works

I gently guide you into your own inner subconscious to access your memories in a safe and non-judgmental space, using a maze meditation technique and intuitive guidance.

The Process

Once you’re in a relaxed and comfortable state, on the couch or in your bed, whichever feels good for you, with pillows, cushions, blankets, candles, crystals, (you can set it up however feels most comfortable for you), you close your eyes and we begin our session, starting with a grounding exercise, then going into the maze and accessing your memories.


You tell me what you see and feel, and I will ask further questions as intuitively guided to get the most information and make you feel safe and comfortable throughout. Once we have explored, I will gently guide you back to your normal conscious state and we can discuss what you have experienced, and I’ll answer any further questions you may have.


The whole session will be recorded on Zoom and made available to you as either an unlisted video on my YouTube channel, so you can access it privately with the direct link I’ll provide you with, or, if you prefer, I can send you the file to download for yourself to keep.

How to Prepare

Think about a theme or pattern in your life you desire clarity and deeper insight on that you suspect to have some karmic roots from past lives. Examples of this are:

  • Have my partner and I been in a close relationship in a former life or lives?

  • What past life experience blocks me from creating abundance in my life?

  • Why do I always attract the wrong people/love interests/clients into my life?

  • Why do I have an irrational fear of XYZ?

Make sure you are hydrated and have eaten some light, healthy food that will not tire you but sustain you throughout the session and not dampen your intuitive powers.


Prepare your space to make it feel safe and cosy. You may want to be on the couch or even in bed with pillows and a blanket to be comfy and warm. Your body temperature might drop when you’re not moving and your heart rate slows, so bear in mind you may feel cold if you’re not covered. A blanket also gives you a safe, protected feeling. You can add crystals and candles or whatever you want to have close-by to help you relax and access your intuition more easily. Have tissues and water on hand, in case you need it, and some snack for afterwards, as intuitive work can sometimes make you feel thirsty, floaty or ungrounded and hungry.


As we are working online, I don’t have physical access to you and if you feel you might need the support of a trusted loved one after the session for a cuddle, talk about your experience or something, you might want to ask that person to wait in another room and join you when you’re done with a cup of tea. This is solely up to you, however you feel safest and most comfortable during and after the session.


(Please know, I will stay with you afterwards for as long as you need me to, in case you feel overly emotional and don't have someone at hand to be with you.)

How Most Clients Experience the Session

Most clients (including myself) are in a state of relaxed and calm observation, not only of events when going through past lives, but also of emotions. They don’t feel them as their own. It is more like you look at things and people from various perspectives as an all-knowing observer.

In Case of Doubt

It has never happened to me or my clients I’ve guided through this in the past that anyone has felt deeply emotional, sad or unsettled, but on the off chance, if you have any doubts about your own reactions, you might want a loved one on call to come be with you. Sometimes just knowing someone else is physically within reach can give you that added sense of security you need to really allow yourself to relax and enjoy the experience.

Booking & Questions

If you have any further questions before booking a session, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email at or fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.


A Zoom session lasts approximately 90-100 min. I am now offering this as a new service online as well at an introductory discounted rate of €199.00. Please click the button below to book and pay.

Praise for the GPLR Session


"Tirza and I did a past life regression on three of my past lives and it was such an interesting experience. She prepared me well for what I needed to think about in advance. Tirza explained how I could create the most comfortable environment possible so I would remain present during the session. I had no idea what to expect as I have never had a past life regression before but Tirza was a pro, right from the start. Through her soft and comforting voice, I relaxed deeply and she guided me on a journey and took me to 3 past lives where I received the answers and clarity I was searching for. She asked me questions to help guide me around the space so I could connect to what I was experiencing. Like asking what could I see around me, what was the landscape like around me, what was I wearing, it all helped me to 'see' more clearly what I was doing and where I was. It was all fascinating. If you are wondering why you are the way you are, or why you keep experiencing certain people or situations in your life, consider doing a past life regression with Tirza. She will help guide you to your own truth."

Asa Nilsson, More Moss to the People Podcast & Swedish Death Cleaning

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