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V The Hierophant


Please note that all Tarot pictures are not my own and I don't claim to have any right over them. They are taken from the Ancient Egyptian Tarot deck by Clive Barrett for educational purposes only.

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#5 of the Tarot's Major Arcana is The Hierophant. The Hierophant is also known as the Pope in traditional tarot. He is the symbol of religion and tradition, of cyclical patterns in our societal structure. His task is to translate God’s messages and in this, you could look upon him as a divine interpreter. He gives us structure, rules and guidelines on which to orientate ourselves and live our lives by.


The Hierophant is stable and reliable in his ethics and his statements, there are no surprises. He represents your core beliefs about yourself and the world. Within this structure, he guides you to your inner source, your own innate wisdom.

However, your inner Hierophant is only as good a translator and guide as you allow him to be. His guiding principles can be stifling and not leave room for creativity and spontaneity, or he can give you a stable and safe environment in which you can confidently explore your true self, your inner being and find your balance, your love of the divine and life itself, which truly is you.

Stability & Reliability

The Hierophant loves unconditionally and never judges, he guides you unwaveringly to your own centre. The question is, do you listen or are you too blocked by limiting beliefs and energy blockages that cause you not to heed his call? The filter through which you perceive the world and your inner voice of conscience and moral reason is the one you should examine closely because it can make or break you.


Dig through all your filters and that nagging voice that down-talks on yourself and observe who you really are inside under all the layers of mud that tarnishes the lens you look through. Clean that lens a little more with each day, see what is really important to you and what your core values are. Yours, and not someone else’s or society’s. Trust that inner guidance above all else.


You have the power to be the master of your own life. Claim that power and use the Hierophant as your guiding principles to keep you on your path during your journey to become the most authentic version of yourself in physical expression.