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Featured Tarot deck above: Light Seer's Tarot by Chris-Anne. All rights stay with the author, only the edit is mine. The featured card below is from the classic Rider-Waite deck.

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XVI The Tower
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Confronting One’s Truth, Enlightenment, Release of Outdated Ideas and Beliefs, Liberation, Drastic Change, Chaos

Card Meaning

Card Number 16 of the Tarot’s Major Arcana is The Tower. Something is about to shake your life to its foundations. This is not a trifle, but a crisis or disaster. This can be terrifying, as you may have got too cosy in your sheltered life where everything seemed to go its routine ways and you thought yourself safe from any harm. Not so!


There are such drastic changes occurring that you won’t know anymore how to get through this. However, if you struggle against the flow, you will most likely make it all worse. Acceptance seems the more terrifying option, but trust that once the ball has started to roll, it’s like a landslide and you can either try to find shelter, get out of the way or get buried beneath. The choice is yours, even if none of the alternatives seems at first too attractive.


You feel exposed and vulnerable as all your carefully built walls of protection crumble away. This is definitely not an easy event to stomach but at the same time, where there is stagnation, something has to give eventually. You cannot keep off the torrential, all-powerful flow of life forever.

It is like building a dam to collect water, but there is no overflow valve. Eventually, the entire dam will break flooding everything in its wake like a tsunami. There is nothing you can do about it. You cannot stop water bursting from a dam. All you can do is jump out of the way or swim.


On the other hand, The Tower is also called the “Tower of Liberation.” This means, albeit quite a heavy blow, The Tower sets you free by forcefully breaking up and dismantling the old and outdated that no longer serves you and has outlived its usefulness in your life.


That could mean you are losing your job, a breakup in a romantic relationship or a really bad fight with a formerly best friend you no longer have anything in common with, but kept on seeing out of loyalty. Anything along those lines is possible, including a heavy bout of flu that keeps you bedridden at a time when you have you a to-do list longer than the Eiffel Tower is high.


A violent ending, a forceful breakup of old patterns always forces us to face things that you have previously ignored to maintain the status quo and retain a false sense of peace and security. But now you can no longer turn your head the other way and thus, The Tower functions are a powerful catalyst to bring fresh wind into your life; the winds of change.


There will be challenges to overcome and this will not be remembered as one of the easier times of your life, but once you have licked your wounds, accepted the situation and opened your mind, there will be new possibilities and opportunities opening up for you. Ultimately, once the dust has settled, and you have found your footing and are moving into a new direction, you will be able to look back and see this crisis as the foundation of great blessings coming in its wake.


The Tower is a liberating force, albeit a very powerful and disruptive one, but one you cannot possibly ignore. So know, there is a light at the end of that dark tunnel and it shines brighter than ever before. All you have to do is pluck up the courage and move towards it.







Black TourmalineGarnet, Ruby, Black Obsidian, Lodestone/Magnetite, Chrysocolla, Hematite, Kyanite


Heather, Honeysuckle, Yarrow, Garlic, Rue, Wormwood, Mushroom

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