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Please note that all Tarot pictures are not my own and I don't claim to have any right over them. They are taken from the Ancient Egyptian Tarot deck by Clive Barrett for educational purposes only.

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Welcome to my tarot series about the meanings of the tarot cards. Starting with the Major Arcana, we are beginning with Card 0, The Fool.


There are traditional Tarot cards, which I am, admittedly, not a great fan of. This is the reason I didn’t use them for the longest time and instead kept to other oracle decks. However, new Tarot decks have been created and I will post pictures from different decks to show that even something as steeped in history and traditional like the Tarot can and should evolve.


The traditional Tarot cards hold wisdom and symbolism, but they were created at a time when the general public was still much rawer in their approach to life and spiritual enlightenment was a term not even understood by most. The influx with Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children (if I may use labels to describe a much vaster and more complex phenomenon for better understanding) and the raising of energies on the planet to ever-higher vibrations moving into the fifth dimension have called for a gentler approach to the often as harsh perceived traditional deck.

The Skeleton of Life

Ancient wisdom and a new perception of life and energy work have resulted in many people creating new Tarot decks with a more positive vibration than the old. So don’t shy away from purchasing a deck that calls to you and resonates with your own feelings and intuition the best. Spirituality is all about having your own experience of your own divine powers, not following a doctrine religiously (pun intended) merely because someone said so and a few other people (or many more) jumped on that same bandwagon. It has to resonate with and work for YOU, so follow your own path and see where that leads you to.


But now, let’s start with The Fool.


Silly and irrational or intuitive and spontaneous? These are the two sides of The Fool. The card’s keywords are chaos, flexibility, playfulness and curiosity. And thus, The Fool takes us on a journey to explore our inner child, build trust in our own divine, creative powers and trust the flow of life expressed through us.


However, it also warns us to take heed not to act without prudence. Taking a risk is not a bad thing as long as it is felt, thought and acted upon – in that order. If we, however, not heed our own intuition, judgement and discernment, we can easily get ourselves into big trouble.


Thus, The Fool teaches us two sides of one whole, for from chaos, form is birthed. In short, the message is for us to take that stick out of our backside that has caused us to become too rigid, but at the same time, not to throw out our bones with it because without a skeleton we would collapse. Bones contain both hard and flexible material, giving it a bendable, yet strong and supportive quality.


The same must be true for our approach to life. It is important not to want to control every minute detail all the same and an inherent trust in the abundance and flow of life, the goodness in people and your own creative powers is commendable. But we do live in a 3D-dimensional, physical world in our human form and thus, there is a reason why we were created with logical and intellectual capabilities. They are tools to use and improve our existing talents and skills to create an ever-greater expertise at whatever it is we wish to do and create in life.


To manifest successfully, one must feel and focus or we cannot hold energies long enough to bring about a physical manifestation of what we desire into physical form. Manifestation is time-delayed to the idea and feeling that precedes it. If that path is not kept clear and in focus, energies will become too diffuse to reach the material plane.


Thus, here, the Fool is in his infancy, like a baby, trusting that its mother will always love, nurture and protect it. But every infant has to grow up and so the Fool takes the first steps at the beginning of a long journey of inner self-discovery and seeing these discoveries reflected on the outer plane as a sort of measuring device of your past mindset. Remember, manifestation is time-delayed and, therefore, you will experience any outer manifestations as results to mindsets, feelings and focus you had in the past, not necessarily still in the present.