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VI The Lovers


Please note that all Tarot pictures are not my own and I don't claim to have any right over them. They are taken from the Ancient Egyptian Tarot deck by Clive Barrett for educational purposes only.

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The Lovers are card #6 of the Tarot’s Major Arcana. This card is the card of decision making; the kind of decision that will have a profound and far-reaching impact on your life from that point onwards. Although the card suggests a romantic meaning, this does not necessarily have to be the case. Any kind of major decisions in any area of your life that is of great importance and impact can be referred to by this card.


What is important in this is that you make that choice with complete conviction, following your heart, rather than any analytical or logical argumentation, and then stick to it. You must be one hundred percent committed to your decision and walk this new path you have chosen.


There will be temptations and doubts that will make you second-guess your decision or even coax you into acting against it. However, do not give in to this. Temptations and distractions are born from fear. Harness your inner strength and connect to your heartspace as often as you need to affirm for yourself that the decision you have taken is the right one. And then act accordingly.

Decisions & Romance

Always remember, the grass on neighbour’s lawn isn’t always greener. It only seems so from afar at times.


The Lovers, however, can also mean quite literally that there is a romantic lover involved. If it is well aspected, you can be sure that there will be great happiness and love in the future, providing you commit yourself to this relationship whole-heartedly. Again, loyalty to your own decisions is the key here.


The card of the Lovers can also symbolise that you have a decision to make in matters of love, possibly choosing between two or more candidates and committing yourself to one person. The time for juggling suitors is over. A life-changing decision is called for now.


Again, it is vital to concentrate on what your heart tells you, rather than mundane considerations like whether the person is good looking, has a great job and so on. When you allow these material considerations to influence your decision making, you are bound to head for disaster. Only the voice of your heart can tell you which path or which person, when you choose them, can give you sustained and long-lasting satisfaction and happiness, always provided you continuously keep loyal and committed to your decision and are willing to go with it wholeheartedly.