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Featured Tarot deck above: Light Seer's Tarot by Chris-Anne. All rights stay with the author, only the edit is mine. The featured card below is from the classic Rider-Waite deck.

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IV The Emperor
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Order, Stability, Protection, Confidence, Power, Material Success

Card Meaning

The Emperor is either a characteristic we ought to cultivate within ourselves (or already possess), or a person, usually a mature man, who embodies these traits in our lives in a given situation or for a longer period. This card represents someone of authority, like your father, boss, etc.


The Emperor stands for structure in your life. He is the one who is organized, has certain rules or traditions in place, cyclical rituals, like taking care of daily chores or decorating the Christmas tree with your family once a year. He could also be your tax consultant because he is a responsible person and doesn’t take his obligations lightly, even though it may seem that he is the natural-born leader.


When the Emperor appears, it also means, he is not afraid to admit to mistakes or failures and take responsibility for them. He is not prone to victim-mentality, but rather incorporates the maturity and dignity that make him take the reins of his own life. When he is thrown out of the saddle, he’ll just get back on and do it again.

He is a reflective person and isn’t easily influenced by others. This can sometimes make him stubborn, but it also means, he is true to his word and acts according to what he deems is best, not only for himself but most of all for those whose lives he holds responsibility for. The Emperor is not prone to temper tantrums or taking rash action without having weighed off all the options. He is the rock in the churning sea, a beacon of strength, immutable and steady. He overcomes struggles and challenges using reason.


The Emperor is a brave and courageous person. He will not shy from taking the largest share of a task or responsibility and deal with it in a manner that is meant to set a good example for others.


The Emperor is intelligent, smart, logical and efficient. On the downside, this means, he can also suppress his own emotions or not tolerate them too well in others. Very often, he also possesses physical strength and all of this combined earn him the respect of others, not through status, but due to the strength of his character, his mental abilities and his often powerful physique.







Ruby, Carnelian, Topaz, Red Jasper, Emerald, Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli, Bloodstone, Diamond


Ginger, Mugwort, Laurel, Aractylodes, Oak, Geranium, Hemlock

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