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XI Justice


Please note that all Tarot pictures are not my own and I don't claim to have any right over them. They are taken from the Ancient Egyptian Tarot deck by Clive Barrett for educational purposes only.

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Card #11 of the Tarot’s Major Arcana is Justice. The emphasis here must lie on inner truth or inner wisdom. People often confuse what they hold as truth with evidence or facts. But the root of the word truth is defined as quality. In other words, truth is what adds quality to your life, not superficial outside references to the contrary.


This card asks you not to play the judge over others, but to seek the truth inside you, to connect to your inner being, your innate divine source and let it speak to you and through you. When we thus take inspired actions, we do not reference our justifications for such action on outside sources to give us permission, condone, expect or even order us to do, but act in reference only to your inner voice (don’t take “voice” necessarily literally, it may be a feeling of some sort, or any other guiding system your senses provide you with that will tell you what is in line with your divine expression).


This voice is what the Ancient Egyptians personified in the beautiful goddess of justice, Maat. Her law, the Law of Maat, was what was meant by living in justice, in balance. Justice calls us to take responsibility for our own lives, inspirations, thoughts, words and deeds and not to blame others for circumstances in your life, good or bad. Remember, you are the creator of your own life.


When Justice is revealed in a spread it asks you to look closely at the circumstances of a situation, the character of a person or your own perspective. Are you trying to blend something out because you don’t want to see it, or do you face an unpleasant reality in order to bring the truth to light and grow from it? The first thing you must always look at is your own perspective and the filters and lenses through which you observe the world.


Justice calls you to take an impartial, objective look beyond the obvious and without lacking compassion, see the real answers to your questions. You must be open to change and make adjustments where necessary to be an expression of divine wisdom, which is what you are in essence. When you peel away the layers of your self-delusions one by one, you will end up with holding a radiant light in the palm of your hand, which is your beautiful soul expressed as human being.


This card can also denote that in an argument or dispute the truth will come to light and justice will prevail. Fairness will be dealt out to all concerned.