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VII The Chariot


Please note that all Tarot pictures are not my own and I don't claim to have any right over them. They are taken from the Ancient Egyptian Tarot deck by Clive Barrett for educational purposes only.

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The Chariot is card #7 of the Tarot’s Major Arcana. It symbolises your movement through life. It is a description of your life’s journey, the passage of time and your energies, as well as navigating through the energies you encounter on the outside.


How you act or react to the people, places, things and circumstances you encounter depends on the energy you sustain yourself with at any given moment. This can range from low-vibrational energy like fear, jealousy and hatred through to highest-vibrational ones of love, peace and joy.


How you learn to master these energies, direct them and stay balanced within is vital to your journey through life and the course you take through it. Learning to deal with your personal energy, staying centred and grounded, even amidst possible challenges is something that is of the utmost importance if you are striving to lead a happy, pro-active and self-governed life.

Energy in Flow

At the same time, it is important not to “force” your energies, wishes and desires upon others. Force always creates pressure and you know what happens when the pressure gets too much – boom! Yes, it will eventually all fly around your ears and you may not have seen it coming. This is not to say that you must sacrifice your own needs. The point here is how you bring your desires into your physical reality without harming others in the process. Always remember, love is the greatest creative force and the ultimate power.


Thus, it is important that you learn to empower yourself and thus, empower others. True power is creating from love, from knowing that all your needs are taken care of and you are provided for at any given time. Then you can direct your focus upon any desire you may have and with sure aim, your chariot will fly towards your goal easily and without any hindrance.


Look at your life and the direction you are taking. Do you see any unhealthy patterns or areas where you feel victimised? This is an indicator of low-vibrational energies being at work here. When you have pinpointed the underlying root cause of your dysfunctional energy patterns, you can bring them to the light for healing to create a different life path for yourself, and, in consequence, a better experience for others who are affected by your energies.


Remember, you are the creator of your own life. Everything else is an illusion and an indication of you giving your power away to outside sources, which then give you the feeling of things being out of your control. However, when you take the reins of your life, direct your own energy and choose how you wish to feel and on which frequency you wish to function on, then you will see that you can attain anything you put your mind to.