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Featured Tarot deck above: Light Seer's Tarot by Chris-Anne. All rights stay with the author, only the edit is mine. The featured card below is from the classic Rider-Waite deck.

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IX The Hermit
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Self-Knowledge, Finding One’s Way, Inner Workings, Spiritual Clarity, Discrimination

Card Meaning

The Hermit, card Number Nine of the Tarot’s Major Arcana, asks you to take time in silent contemplation. When you step away from the world and remain in silence, you will find the answers to your questions and regain your inner balance in times of stress and the bustle of life.


Retreat into stillness, meditate, take walks in nature or visit a place of power for quiet contemplation. Don’t be afraid of any emotions coming up. If there are any negative feelings, allow them to come to the surface, observe them, feel into them where their roots are and then send healing light and let them go one by one. In the end, you will feel much more liberated and lighter for it.


Don’t be ashamed to shed tears, they often are a vehicle to let go of any tensions and blockages in your body, spiritual, emotional, mental and physical alike. This will give you renewed strength and inner growth, so take your time and be gentle with yourself as you go through this inner cleansing process.

The Hermit lets you know that we have been very busy playing catch up with yourself. You’ve been in action, constantly hustling and bustling in daily life and there has hardly been a breathing space. You may have tried to force results by action, rather than looking for the answers within.


If you don’t sustain your actions by an energy vibration that matches the results you wish to achieve, chances are, you are chafing at that grindstone and feel like a hamster in a wheel – not getting anywhere. This can lead to anxiety and more frantic efforts. However, in these times, it is important to let go, step away and connect to your divine source, your inner wisdom. Switch off all digital devices, the phone, the TV, everything, and be with yourself without any outside distractions.


Go into nature on your own, sit by a tinkling stream or in your house and contemplate until your mind has calmed down and you can listen to your inner voice. (It does not have to be a voice literally. It can be a feeling, a physical sensation, or anything that will let you know whether you’re on the right track or not.) Trust your intuition and recharge your batteries in silent solitude.







Peridot/Olivine, Bloodstone, Smoky Quartz, Sapphire, Blue Calcite, Blue Tourmaline, Blue ChalcedonyCarnelian, Jade, Lapis Lazuli, Topaz


Angelica, Chamomile, Sage, Liquorice, Aspen, Usnea

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