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Gemstones and minerals have been used since times immemorial for ritual purposes, to mark places and for healing. The work with crystals and its positive effects is well documented and comprises a valuable additional tool alongside traditional and alternative forms of treatment. For a list of stones and further information, please visit the Crystals page.

Alternate Names

Stone of Courage and Protection



Brazil, Afghanistan, America, Australia, Burma, Canada, India, Ireland, Kenya, Mexico, Pakistan, Russia, Zimbabwe



Aquamarine is a form of Beryllium Aluminium Silicate. Its colour can vary tremendously from green to turquoise green/blue and can appear transparent or translucent depending on the quality or grade of the crystal.


General Information & Legends

The name Aquamarine comes from the Latin aqua, meaning water and marinus, meaning of the sea. Aquamarine is often used to enhance spiritual communication and to clear communication blocks. It will allow the wearer to speak clearly and without anger in difficult situations. Its energy allows emotional patterns to surface and helps see the reason for holding on to old thoughts or patterns that are halting or limiting forward motion.


It also identifies where overreaction is caused by ego, where you may be assuming a victim/abuser role, manipulating others, or martyring yourself. By consciously releasing these patterns, it allows for better relationships, love and compassion.


In ancient lore, Aquamarine was believed to be the treasure of mermaids and was used by sailors as a talisman of good luck, fearlessness and protection, as it was believed to counteract the forces of darkness and procure favour from the spirits of light. According to myth, the power of Aquamarine is so pure that no impurities can exist in its vicinity, a true example of good over evil.


It is still carried today as a talisman to promote safe travel on the water and to protect against drowning. It was also considered a stone of eternal youth and happiness. Historically, among some traditional practices, it was said that it is possible to see your guardian angel if you looked through an Aquamarine crystal when it was pointed to the north.


Aquamarine YT.png

Deities & Angels

  • Kuan Yin – Chinese Goddess of mercy, compassion, and unconditional love

  • Akna – Mayan Goddess of Motherhood

  • Kupala – Slavonic Water Goddess


Heart Chakra

Third Eye

Throat Chakra

Higher Heart Chakra (Thymus)


The Higher Heart Chakra is the seat of acceptance, compassion, and inner peace, and the bridge between the voice of reason and the heart’s emotions. Aquamarine is also used to align all of the chakras and enhance the aura.


Physical: Helps with acne, allergies, autoimmune disorders, bladder, brain, bronchitis, colds, coughs, eczema, eyes, feet, glands, hay fever, jaw, legs, liver, the lymphatic system, nausea, neck, oedema, the pituitary gland, psoriasis, sinus, skin, teeth, thyroid, toothache, travel, water retention and watering eyes.

Emotional/Mental: Assists with reducing feelings of aggression, anger, crisis, nervousness and phobias, whilst creating feelings of calm, composure, harmony, inspiration, peace and serenity, particularly when coping with change. It is an excellent stone for children who have disassociated from their emotions and/or are acting out aggressively as a result of going through traumatic situations.

Spiritual: Aquamarine is the stone of your deep subconscious, your soul. It reflects all things soothing, serene, and powerful, and inspires the ability to trust and to let go whilst connecting you to your spirit guides and the element of Water.

Birthstones & Anniversaries

Traditional: Pisces

Modern: Aries, Gemini

Anniversaries: None


Aquamarine helps you induce revelations and connect with your higher self to bring new insights to use in your daily life. It also helps to find your spirit guide.


My heart and mind are in harmony.


Cleanse your crystals regularly.

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