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Shiva Lingam


Susianna is an expert on crystals with decades of experience in the spiritual field. She is an empath, healer and has psychic abilities. Her greatest passion lies in the field of crystals and she writes articles on them regularly. We are very happy to have her as a contributing author on this website. If you wish to order any crystals from Susianna or to book an in-depth crystal consultation and advice session, send an email to, shop for crystals at Susianna's Shop and follow her on Social Media.

Fertility, Love & Protection

Shiva Lingam the “Sacred Stone” “Fertility Stone” and “Stone of Love”; is also known as “Banalinga”, “Banashivalingas” and “Lingam Stones”. The name Lingam comes from the Sanskrit word “linga” meaning “mark or symbol”. Shiva Lingam is a commonly found crystal from the Narmada River in India.


It is said that the minerals within it are originally from the debris of a crashed meteorite from around 14 million years ago. It is a Cryptocrystalline Quartz with Iron Oxide deposits and a mixture of Agate, Chalcedony, Basalt, and Jasper within it of the silicates class of crystals. Its colour is a grey or pale brown with brown/red patches, stripes, or rings throughout and is opaque in appearance. It is of a cylindrical shape with rounded ends like an egg.


Shiva Lingam has been a sacred stone of the Indian Hindu religion for thousands of years and symbolises the Hindu god Shiva’s union with his consort Kali. It symbolises the Brahmanda, the Cosmic Egg, from which creation rose and therefore, represents all of creation as well as the ultimate power of the universe. Each piece is typically hand-polished by villagers local to the area in which they are found.


It is said to bring about the union of opposites; the masculine and feminine, body and soul, yin and yang. They are transformative stones and are believed to help inner reflection allowing for the recognition of beliefs, habits and patterns that hold you back; whilst allowing you to release all that no longer serves you.


Shiva Lingams can cleanse and purify the place you live or work in, in order to eliminate all negativity from your life and placed on an altar in your home, it will not only cover protection but can attract love into your home. You can also carry it on you for the same purpose. Moreover, it can help bring together people that have become separated by distrust or deed by allowing the user to forgive and overcome the need to judge. It is also capable of bringing creativity and invention into the lives of artists and inventors.

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Spiritual Awakening

Shiva Lingam is associated with the Goddess Parvati who shaped a Shiva Lingam out of sand in order to honour and worship Lord Shiva. She is also said to be the reincarnation of his wife Kali, the Hindu goddess of death.


Shiva Lingam is not associated with any particular Angel. However; Samandiriel (Samandriel) is the Angel of fertility so you could use this stone to connect with them.


Shiva Lingam is primarily associated with the Base (Root) Chakra (Muladhara) relating to survival and security. However, it works on all of the main chakras, as well as the Earth Star Chakra and has the ability to charge the entire chakra system via the body’s auric field increasing the flow of energy through all vital points in the body through the chakras and immediately activating the Kundalini energy.


In crystal healing, Shiva Lingam is said to help with symptoms relating to the following illnesses and areas of the body: back pain and spinal alignment, depression, fatigue and weakness, fertility and pregnancy, fluid balance, general wellbeing, impotence, menopausal symptoms, menstrual cramps, prostate disorders, reproductive organs, restoring balance and vitality.


Emotionally, Shiva Lingam is said to assist with clarity, enlightenment, insight, intuition, psychic abilities, purification, spiritual awakening and transformation. It is particularly useful for helping with early childhood emotional pain.


Shiva Lingam is not a traditional, ancient or modern birthstone although some believe it to be a natural birthstone for all Zodiac signs.

Shiva Lingam is not on the anniversary list.


Shiva Lingam is a perfect crystal for meditating with to connect to your Higher Self and the Universe in order to align all of the chakra points within the body and to activate the kundalini energy. It is said that meditating with it in the morning will help you remain energised for the whole day.

Affirmation: I am an independent person and value my own company.

Important to Know

WARNING: As with all crystals you use regularly, don’t forget to cleanse and recharge it at least once a month.

For crystal healers who use crystals in their work, they should be cleansed after each client to remove any negative energy prior to being used on someone else.


PLEASE REMEMBER: Although the powers of crystals and stones are well documented and have been proven to help bring positivity into people's lives, they are never a substitute for medical advice.


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