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Amber (Honey) Calcite

Susianna is an expert on crystals with decades of experience in the spiritual field. She is an empath, healer and has psychic abilities. Her greatest passion lies in the field of crystals and she writes articles on them regularly. We are very happy to have her as a contributing author on this website. If you wish to order any crystals from Susianna or to book an in-depth crystal consultation and advice session, send an email to, shop for crystals at Susianna's Shop and follow her on Social Media.

Cleanser & Happinator

Amber Calcite the “Stone of Clarity”, “Stone of Insight” and “Stone of Personal Power”; is also known as “Honey Calcite”, “Citrine Calcite” and “Golden Calcite“. The name Calcite is taken from both the Latin expression “calx“ and the German word “Kalkstein” meaning chalk or limestone as Calcite is found in many limestone deposits.


Amber Calcite is a commonly found crystal predominantly from Africa, Brazil, Czech Republic, India and Mexico; with the best specimens coming from Mexico. It is a Calcium Carbonate of the carbonates class of crystals; and comes in a range of yellow colours from amber, golden brown to pale gold and is translucent to opaque in appearance.


Amber Calcite is a powerful cleanser and will dispel negative and toxic energies from both the body and the environment resulting in a boost to the energy levels of both. It is able to gently support the user through challenging times, when change occurs, by calming an anxious mind and feelings of being overwhelmed. It helps to find the most effective solutions to obstacles in your way and can help with recovery from abusive situations where you feel your power has been removed; giving you the strength to move away from these harmful energies.


It boosts motivation, allowing you to overcome procrastination in order to meet long-term projects and goals. It can work with the Third Eye Chakra to clear the mind of self-limiting patterns and to open the conscious mind to receive guidance and to bring abundance in. When working with the Solar Plexus Chakra, it gives a sense of personal empowerment and confidence, whilst helping to stick with decisions made and inspiring you to take charge of your own life.


Amber Calcite is not associated with any particular Goddess. However, Calcite, in general, resonates with the Goddess Arianrhod who is the Welsh Goddess of the Stars; whilst Orange Calcite resonates with Sekhmet, the Egyptian Goddess of War and Healing.


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Personal Power

Amber Calcite is not associated with any particular Angel. However, Archangel Azrael is associated with Yellow Calcite. Azrael’s name means “Whom God Helps” and is the Angel of Comfort and Grief and Patron Angel of the Clergy. Archangel Azrael's role is to assist people’s souls in crossing over to heaven at the time of physical death.


Amber Calcite is primarily associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura), relating to our identity and our power in this world. Its secondary chakras are the Third Eye or Brow Chakra (Ajna) relating to insight, intuition, awareness and guidance and the Sacral Chakra (Svadhistana), relating to creativity, sensuality, sexuality and desire for pleasure. It is said to be able to pull down divine and angelic energies from the Crown Chakra through the body, down to the Root Chakra whilst creating balance between the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras.


In crystal healing, Amber Calcite is said to help with symptoms relating to the following illnesses and areas of the body: bladder problems, blood sugar regulation, body alignment, exhaustion, immune system, kidney disorders, menopause, ovarian disorders or cysts, removal of toxins, skin conditions, ulcers, uterine problems, wound healing and wart removal.


It is reported to counteract the effects of immune-suppressive or immune deficiency medications when used regularly, and to speed up the recovery process of longer-term conditions. Amber Calcite is also believed to help with dissolving calcification buildup on broken bones or those affected by arthritis.

Emotionally, Amber Calcite is said to assist with confidence, coping with change, courage, and motivation. On a spiritual level, it aids astral projection and travel, balance, communicating with the higher self, cosmic awareness and consciousness, divine love and enhancing psychic abilities.


Amber Calcite is not a traditional or ancient birthstone but is a modern birthstone for the Zodiac signs of Cancer (21st June - 22nd July), Leo (23rd July to the 22nd August) and Pisces (19th February - 20th March).


Amber Calcite is not on the anniversary list.


Amber Calcite is a perfect crystal for meditating with to calm the mind, quietening the “chattering monkey” in order to connect and relax. Use it to work on changing any persistent thoughts about self-worth or beliefs about lack.

Affirmation: I am open to receiving divine guidance.

Important to Know

As with all crystals you use regularly, don’t forget to cleanse and recharge it at least once a month.

For crystal healers who use crystals in their work, they should be cleansed after each client to remove any negative energy prior to being used on someone else.


PLEASE REMEMBER: Although the powers of crystals and stones are well documented and have been proven to help bring positivity into people's lives, they are never a substitute for medical advice.


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