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Amber Calcite

Gemstones and minerals have been used since times immemorial for ritual purposes, to mark places and for healing. The work with crystals and its positive effects is well documented and comprises a valuable additional tool alongside traditional and alternative forms of treatment. For a list of stones and further information, please visit the Crystals page.

Alternate Names

Honey Calcite

Stone of Clarity

Stone of Insight

Stone of Personal Power

Citrine Calcite

Golden Calcite



Africa, Brazil, India, Mexico (the best specimens are from there), Iceland, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Belgium



The name Calcite is taken from both the Latin calix or Greek kalux, meaning husk or pod. The German word Kalkstein is derived from it, meaning chalk or limestone, as Calcite is found in limestone deposits as the main ingredient. It is a Calcium Carbonate of the carbonates class of crystals and comes in a range of yellow colours from amber, golden brown to pale gold, and is translucent to opaque in appearance. Honey Calcite is named after the honeycomb pattern that appears on its polished surface. It is formed by growing long, fibrous tubular cells and honey-coloured crystals surrounded by white membranes.


General Information & Legends

Amber or Honey Calcite helps us learn how to use power wisely. It is beneficial for all types of learning and skill development, improves mental clarity, and links emotions and intellect. Amber Calcite can help you gain an optimistic outlook on life and overcome obstacles. It creates a perception of leadership and responsibility, promoting accountability. This stone is ideal for overcoming difficulties in completing complex tasks and boosting confidence and courage.


Amber Calcite helps you think logically. It aids in grounding and maintaining focus. When moving into a new home or office, distribute it throughout the place in every room to give it a thorough, energetic cleansing. It also re-energises the body and removes stagnant energy. It relates to the element of Fire and is associated with the number 8.


Calcite in general is a commercial and industrial material, a navigational tool and looks very pretty to boost. In caves, you can find stalactites and stalagmites, which are mineral formations highly enriched with calcite. Calcite also makes up the shells of many different marine organisms, including plankton, algae, and sea sponges. While calcite stone is scattered worldwide, this beautiful stone can help you turn inwards and self-reflect with its holistic properties.


Amber Honey Calcite YT.png

Deities & Angels

Amber Calcite is not associated with any particular Goddess, but can be used to strengthen your connection to Gaia. Calcite, in general, resonates with the Goddess Arianrhod who is the Welsh Goddess of the stars. Orange Calcite resonates with Sekhmet, the Egyptian Goddess of war and healing.

  • Ganesha (Remover of Obstacles)

Amber Calcite is not associated with any particular Angel. However, Archangel Azrael (Whom God Helps) is associated with Yellow Calcite. He is the Angel of comfort and grief and patron angel of the clergy. His role is to assist people’s souls in crossing over to heaven at the time of physical death.


Solar Plexus

Third Eye

Sacral Chakra


Amber Calcite can help pull down divine and angelic energies from the Crown Chakra through the body, down to the Root Chakra whilst creating balance between the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras.


Physical: Cleanses the body, dispels negative and toxic energies from body and environment, boosts energy in both, aids in manifesting abundance. It also heals bladder problems, blood sugar regulation, body alignment, exhaustion, immune system, kidney disorders, menopause, ovarian disorders or cysts, removal of toxins, skin conditions, ulcers, uterine problems, wound healing and wart removal. It counteracts the effects of immune-suppressive or immune deficiency medications when used regularly and speeds up the recovery process of longer-term conditions. Amber Calcite also helps with dissolving calcification buildup on broken bones or those affected by arthritis.

Emotional/Mental: Calms an anxious mind and helps with feelings of overwhelm, aids in gaining confidence, finding the most effective solutions, moving on from abuse and other harmful energies, heals depression and suicidal tendencies. It boosts motivation and helps combat procrastination, aids in achieving long-term projects and goals and strengthens your self-confidence. Boosts determination to stick to decision making and seeing things through, as well as aiding with taking charge of your own life.

Spiritual: Dispels negative and toxic energies, helps in reclaiming your personal power, clears the mind of self-limiting patterns, open the conscious mind to receive guidance. It aids in astral projection and travel, balance, communicating with the higher self, cosmic awareness and consciousness, divine love and enhancing psychic abilities.

Birthstones & Anniversaries

Traditional: None

Modern: Cancer, Leo, Pisces



Amber Calcite calms the mind to connect and relax. Use it to work on changing any persistent thoughts about self-worth or beliefs about lack.


I am open to receiving divine guidance.


Cleanse your crystals regularly.

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