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Susianna is an expert on crystals with decades of experience in the spiritual field. She is an empath, healer and has psychic abilities. Her greatest passion lies in the field of crystals and she writes articles on them regularly. We are very happy to have her as a contributing author on this website. If you wish to order any crystals from Susianna or to book an in-depth crystal consultation and advice session, send an email to, shop for crystals at Susianna's Shop and follow her on Social Media.

Location & Composition of the Crystal

Bloodstone the “Christ’s Stone”, “Martyr's Stone” and “Sun Stone”. It is also known as Seftonite and in its transparent form by the Greeks as Heliotrope. The name Heliotrope comes from the Ancient Greek word Hēlios, meaning sun, and trépein, meaning turn, rather like the French tournesol, meaning turns with the sun.


Bloodstone is a commonly found crystal from America, Australia, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Germany, India, Scotland and Russia. It is a Silicon Dioxide, a form of Jasper or Chalcedony, with inclusions of Iron Oxide, of the silicates class of crystals. It comes in various shades of dark green with blood-red spots and is opaque in appearance.


Location & Composition of the Crystal

Bloodstone is a powerful healing, grounding and protecting crystal and can help to release energy blockages, enhance intuition and creativity. It is perfect for seeing a project through from idea to completion. Bloodstone is able to transmute negative energy and purify the environment particularly useful in office environments where there may be a lot of negativity. As it is known as a stone of courage it may be worn as an amulet of protection against threats or bullying for both children and adults, whether that is in verbal or physical form, lending emotional support and courage to face any challenges.


Bloodstones’ use in healing dates back five thousand years to Mesopotamia where it was known as Heliotrope. Its ability to coagulate (clot) blood was renowned, and so ancient warriors often carried it for protection and courage, as well as for its practical use to help stop the bleeding from their wounds and to protect them from the evil eye. Both the ancient Greeks and Romans would wear amulets made of Bloodstone to boost endurance, increase physical strength and protect from injury during athletic competitions.


Legend claims that “Blood Stone” was formed at the crucifixion of Jesus Christ when the blood of his wounds fell onto the dark green earth and then turned to stone. Medieval Christians carved scenes of the crucifixion of martyrs into its surface and referred to it as martyrs’ stone.


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Connections: Goddesses & Angels

Bloodstone is associated with the following Goddesses: Brigid, the Irish Goddess of Fertility, Dione, the Phoenician Earth Goddess, and Persephone, the Greek Goddess of Spring.


Bloodstone is not associated with any particular Angel. However, Archangel Raphael resonates with dark green crystals. His name means God has healed or God heals. He is the Angel of Healing and Abundance.


Bloodstone is primarily associated with the Base or Root Chakra (Muladhara), relating to survival and security. Its secondary Chakras are the Heart Chakra (Anahata), relating to love and compassion, the Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura), relating to our identity and our power in this world, and the Sacral Chakra (Svadhistana), relating to creativity, sensuality, sexuality and desire for pleasure. Bloodstone cleanses the lower chakras realigning their energies with the heart.

Healing: Physical, Emotional & Spiritual

Physically, Bloodstone is said to help with symptoms relating to the following illnesses and areas of the body: acute infections, anaemia, bladder, bleeding, blood cleansing and detoxing, blood clotting, blood disorders, blood-related cancers such as leukaemia, bone marrow, bronchitis, cancer, circulatory problems, colon disorders, cramps, eye disorders and infections, fatigue, heart, high blood pressure, immune system strengthening and support, kidney disorders, liver disorders, lungs, lymphatic system, mosquito bites, muscle pain, neutralises toxins, nose bleeds, pancreas, PMS, menopausal and menstrual disorders, prevents miscarriage, poisons, regeneration of cells and tissue, spleen, stroke, tumours and growths. In medieval times it was used to remove poison from venomous snakebites.


Emotionally, Bloodstone is said to assist with aggressiveness, anger diffusing or release, calming, compassion, courage, gentleness, impatience, irritability, mood stabiliser, self-confidence, self-sufficiency, self-worth, strength and unselfishness.


It can help in cases of bullying and for anyone who is seriously ill, it can help with facing the reality of their own mortality, helping the user to carry on in a positive and constructive way with what they need to do.


Spiritually, Bloodstone is said to aid abundance, alignment, grounds and protects against negativity and undesirable entities, heightens insight and intuition, good fortune, organisation, purification and smooths energy flow. It is thought to be a shape-shifting stone allowing the user to travel between different realms invisibly which is particularly useful for travel to the ancestral spiritual realms in order to heal the ancestral line.

Birthstones & Anniversaries

Bloodstone is both an ancient and a modern birthstone for the Zodiac sign Aries (21st March - 19th April), a traditional and modern birthstone for Libra (23rd September - 22nd October) and also a modern birthstone for Pisces (19th February - 20th March).


Bloodstone is not on the anniversary list.


Bloodstone is a perfect crystal for meditating to ground and centre and to be in the moment. It brings a feeling of calmness when meditating with and helps to connect directly with the Source.


I am grounded and living in the present.

Important to Know

WARNING: As with all crystals you use regularly, don’t forget to cleanse and recharge it at least once a month.

For crystal healers who use crystals in their work, they should be cleansed after each client to remove any negative energy prior to being used on someone else.


PLEASE REMEMBER: Although the powers of crystals and stones are well documented and have been proven to help bring positivity into people's lives, they are never a substitute for medical advice.


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