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Susianna is an expert on crystals with decades of experience in the spiritual field. She is an empath, healer and has psychic abilities. Her greatest passion lies in the field of crystals and she writes articles on them regularly. We are very happy to have her as a contributing author on this website. If you wish to order any crystals from Susianna or to book an in-depth crystal consultation and advice session, send an email to, shop for crystals at Susianna's Shop and follow her on Social Media.

Harmony in Relationships

Atlantasite “Stone of Spiritual Awareness” is also known as “Stichtite in Serpentine”, “Stichtite” and “Tasmanite” (not to be confused with Tanzanite). Atlantasite is a relatively new crystal and only currently found at a mine called Stichtite Hill in Zeehan, Tasmania off the coast of Australia.


It is a combination of Serpentine (Magnesium Silicate) and Stichtite (Magnesium Chromium Carbonate) of the silicates class of crystals. It comes in various shades of lime green Serpentine with purple spots of Stichtite and is opaque.


Atlantasite can be useful to end disputes, by encouraging thought before speech, but also brings successful thinking in a business situation or whilst dividing up property following a breakup. It assists in the understanding of the concept and energy of love, showing compassion, encouraging forgiveness and in letting go of past hurts. It is believed that Atlantasite carries the knowledge of ancient civilizations; thus allowing access to information from Atlantis and to past lives.


It is a powerful crystal of grounding and protection, particularly whilst travelling, but also against negative energy fields caused by other people. It can stimulate spiritual development whilst assisting with contacting spirit guides and Angels. As with many green stones, it can help with abundance but is also beneficial to plant growth too.


Atlantasite is not associated with any particular Goddess. However, it is a crystal for fertility so could be used to honour Brigid, the Irish Goddess of Fertility, and Bona Dea, the Roman Earth Goddess of Fertility.


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Connecting the Higher & Lower Chakras

Atlantasite is not associated with any particular Angel. However, light green crystals are associated with both Archangel Chamuel, the Angel of Peaceful Relationships, and Angel Lailah (Lailiel) (Leliel), the Angel of Conception.


Atlantasite works on all of the chakras but is primarily associated with the Heart Chakra (Anahata), relating to love and compassion. It clears the chakras and activates the kundalini energy and by doing so, cleanses the aura whilst clearing and energising the chakras.


In crystal healing, Atlantasite is said to help with illnesses and symptoms relating to the circulatory system, diabetes or hypoglycaemia, heart, hernias, infertility, kidneys, lungs, menstrual pain, metabolic function, muscle spasms, skin regeneration or elasticity and the stomach.


Emotionally, Atlantasite is said to assist with balancing emotions, depression, easing anxieties, emotional pain, insecurity, loneliness, loss, fear of change, reducing stress levels and self- doubt. It is of use in emotional healing after having experienced emotional trauma, promoting forgiveness and removing feelings or emotions that are no longer helpful to you.


Atlantasite is not a traditional or ancient birthstone but is a modern birthstone for the Zodiac signs of Virgo (23rd August - 22nd September) and Libra, (23rd September - 22nd October).


Atlantasite is not on the anniversary list.


Atlantasite is a perfect crystal for meditating with to retrieve ancient information and to access wisdom about past lives.

Affirmation: My aura is cleansed and my chakras are in perfect balance.

Important to Know

WARNING: As with all crystals you use regularly, don’t forget to cleanse and recharge it at least once a month.

For crystal healers who use crystals in their work, they should be cleansed after each client to remove any negative energy prior to being used on someone else.


PLEASE REMEMBER: Although the powers of crystals and stones are well documented and have been proven to help bring positivity into people's lives, they are never a substitute for medical advice.


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