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The Reaper by Nikki J Summers

THE REAPER is Book 2 in the SOLDIERS OF ANARCHY series by Nikki J Summers. It is a New Adult standalone. (But you really want to read the entire series in sequence to be sure to get the most out of it and TOTALLY RECOMMEND the audiobooks, narrated by Shane East and Faye Adele!)

This book is simply epic. The characters, however dark or sweet - or indeed both - come alive and practically leap off the page, or in case of the audiobook, leap at you through the voices of the brilliant narrators, and create the most vivid scenes in your mind.

The story has some unforeseen twists and what I love especially is that, although it's a dark romance, women and children are never hurt but protected by the gang of vigilante assassins, The Soldiets of Anarchy. Their women are adored, worshipped and fiercely protected, their rights to make free, autonomous decisions are never questioned and always respected.

I loved the story of Devin and Leah, his dark but in so many ways honourable character and her understanding, acceptance and love of all his many facets. She herself stands out as a person who is sweet, kind and compassionate but, at the same time, also has her own shadows. Therefore, none of the characters are anywhere near one-dimensional.

The story itself is beautifully written, full of suspense, some violence and also very sweet and endearing moments. The promise Leah made as a child to her mother at the funeral moved me to tears. literally.

I'm already a great fan of this author and this third book I read/listened to of hers didn't disappoint but, rather, reinforced my great love for her work. Just epic!

Please heed those trigger warnings!

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Nikki J Summers

Nikki J Summers is a British author who was born and raised in Birmingham, the home of the Peaky Blinders. She currently lives in Staffordshire with her husband, two children, a cavapoo called Poppy, and two guinea pigs, Cookie and Blaize. She writes U.K. based new adult and dark romance stories about morally grey heroes who would burn the world to save their heroine. Those heroines usually save themselves, but the heroes are always by their side holding the matches. Much like her soldiers, she wears many masks; schoolteacher, romance writer, wife, mother, daughter, sister... the list is endless, but she loves wearing every single one of them. When she’s not writing, you’ll find her curled up with a good book or bingeing a Netflix box set. She loves to hear from readers, so please feel free to reach out.

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