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Love Expressed - An Introduction

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Author Tirza Schaefer’s book Love Expressed is a collection of poetry of love, romance, passion and sensuality, some sweet, some explicit, some from a male, some from a female perspective, and as universal as to not reduce their power by aiming solely at one type of orientation. It is love unbounded, love celebrated and love expressed.

This collection of love poems will delight your soul, warm your heart and heat your mind. The way Schaefer weaves her words and conjures up emotions and feelings will leave you breathless, moved to the core and your heart-melting like ice in summer’s sunshine. Whether it is her description of a night of passion or soulmates finding each other through a chance encounter, this book has it all and will transport you into fields you did not previously imagine you had within you.

“Love Expressed” is exactly what the title indicates: An emotion, a feeling, a state of being expressed in words, graphic, colourful, imaginative, designed to rekindle your belief in the power of love and that perfect passion is not only possible, but your birthright to enjoy in your life.

This book is also a perfect gift for your romantic partner, a friend, or the person you secretly long for, but never found the right words to convey your feelings to. This books also serves as an inspiration to instate a ritual of reading a poem to your loved one before going to bed (and not necessarily sleeping right after). Enjoy the pleasure Schaefer’s words convey. Romance your date by reciting one of the sweet, romantic poems to the person. Let this poetry inspire you and open your heart to the wonders and magic of true, divine love in all its forms, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.

A Poetic Excerpt from The Book

My Inner Warrior

(A Vision)

A Viking, clad in thick leather armour

Sits on a fallen trunk and reiterates

The stories of old

Revelling in his narrative’s glamour

In which he is the hero of battles thus far untold

He is a mighty man of strong built

A shining example of his guilt

So uncaring and untouched by sorrow

Although he has seen enough to worry

A lesser man for lifetimes to come

Yet his perspective is, it cannot be undone

So why sadden and weigh down your heart

When he knew from the start

What it would all entail

So he allows happiness to prevail

And heroism of his own and those long gone

Before he commences a raucous song

Of a warrior’s adventures

A hymn so bold

That you forget your own troubles and fears

Over the stories he’s told

(©Tirza Schaefer, 13 November 2017)


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