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Goddess Meditation: Al-Uzza

Updated: Mar 7, 2020


Explore how Tirza can support you on your personal journey.

Al-Uzza is the Goddess of the morning and evening star, also known as Venus. She is the Goddess of Love, as well as of Death. Her energy is that of new beginnings. Whenever a new phase in life is heralded, whenever there is a new cycle starting, a new project commencing, it is Al-Uzza’s energy that brings in the new. However, to bring in the new, the old has to die, so the Crone, through death, can once again be reborn as the maiden. And thus, Al-Uzza is both, death of the old and birth of the new.

Explore how Tirza can support you on your personal journey.

You may not feel ready for the changes Al-Uzza brings into your life and the upheavals that often go with it, but once you surrender to them, you will understand how you were actually readier than you gave yourself credit for in the first place, only because we, as humans, tend to cling a little too much to the familiar and all that is within our comfort zone. Al-Uzza will drag you out of that rut, by the hair, if necessary. But she does so lovingly and gives you all the tools to emerge stronger and more empowered than ever before. Her advice is to trust and surrender to the process, be gentle with yourself throughout this process.

Al-Uzza urges you to put yourself first for once and do whatever is necessary to go through this process in the most gentle and loving way with yourself as best as you can. This will aid you in integrating the new energies and acquired wisdom much more quickly and on a deeper level than you would trying to rush through it and being more superficial about it. To learn more about this Goddess and use her energy in your meditation and self-reflection, click here:


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