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Top 20 and Happy New Year with the Goddess

Top 20 Reads of 2020 by The Magic Book Corner
Top 20 Reads of 2020 by The Magic Book Corner

I have just discovered that my reverse harem romance novel TANK, Book 1 of the Seals in Spain trilogy, has been chosen to be amongst the Top 20 Reads of 2020.

My excitement about this is off the charts because book blogger Laura Childs, owner of The Magic Book Corner (Instagram) is an extraordinary blogger and reviewer of romance and fantasy fiction with some children’s books thrown in for good measure. Check out her reviews and you will feel her magical touch for sure. Not to mention that her book dragon Jeff is just the cutest!

What a way to start the new year! And then I went into meditation to meet the Global Goddess of the Year 2021. The Global Goddess of the Year 2020 had been Ma’at. She is really more of a concept than a Goddess and symbolises divine law and harmony in Ancient Egyptian mythology. The reading I did was very much centred around that now energies are such that they no longer sustain living your lives in lies. Not being authentic was going to be so much harder and there would be many instances to call you out on and rub your face into your own BS. If you don’t get it, no worries, you’ll be reminded time and time again, from the microcosm to the macrocosm. With a sledgehammer. And look what happened! If you want to read more about the Goddess Ma’at, click here to read more about this amazing deity.

So now that it’s 2021, the Goddess who revealed herself to me on New Year’s Eve was Rhiannon, which surprised me somewhat as I had already written more about the Gaulish Horse Goddess Epona whom I thought to be the counterpart of the Welsh Celtic Goddess Rhiannon, so I hadn’t any intentions of writing about the latter separately as well. But there you go, our human intellectual consciousness often cannot fathom the intricate working of the divine plan behind the scenes and so Rhiannon ensure I would not mistake her for Epona, being a Horse Goddess as well, by surrounding herself with songbirds flitting around her head and upper body in my vision. Her message was that of hope, unconditional love and a slow alleviation of the heaviness of the collective fear we are experiencing in these Covid-stricken times. Read all about Rhiannon’s message here.

So that’s my, i.e. our, awesome news to start the new year with. Isn’t that so great?

Love, hope, health, fearless smiles and hugs to you in abundance for the year ahead,

Tirza xoxo


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