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Goddess Meditation: Bastet

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Bastet is an Ancient Egyptian Cat Goddess who rules love, beauty, music, self-indulgence and sensuality, as well as protection, cats, perfume and ointments, fertility, pregnancy, children, the arts and warfare. The Egyptian word for cat is Mau and because of this, the breed of cats called Egyptian Mau was named.

Goddess Reiki by Tirza Schaefer

Read Tirza Schaefer's books here!

As sweet, precious and self-indulgent as Bastet was in her feline form, there was a lot more underneath the surface. She was by no means an airheaded creature of pleasure but a formidable mother, warrior and strategist. Cats are predators after all and their skill and ruthlessness in playing with their prey before finally killing it serves to show that Bastet is a deity to reckon with. It is not surprising that she is worshipped to this day, often in Pagan and Wiccan communities.

Bastet has always been a straight forward Dark Goddess who doesn’t mollycoddle you but hits you ever the head with a fence pole when necessary. She will give you orders abut what to do next, not make diplomatic suggestions. Learning by doing, we would call it. Her wisdom teachings have practical applications are easy to implement into daily life. She is not like those deities who are all about abstract concepts and are all mental. Bastet is a very wise Goddess, straight forward and can be a bit of a drill sergeant when you don’t do the things the way she expects you to and not at the speed she tells you to. However, this doesn’t mean that her wisdom she imparts is wholly mundane. She knows about magic just as much. However, it is a lot more meaningful to her when applied in a practical context. To learn more about this Goddess and use her energy in your meditation and self-reflection, click here:


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