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Her Badass Bikers Character Cards: Liam

Name: Liam

Age: 29

Occupation: Mechanic, private security staff and member of the Makani MC, Jax’ best friend.

Character: Liam is the only one of the bikers who grew up in a sheltered home with his grandmother who was an active member of the community. After her death, Mace came to Hawaii, blew his money and landed with the Makani MC.

He is Jax’ best friend and his bro-code goes above everything for him. He loves him like his own brother and both share a fondness for mature women. Although Liam is a decent person, he has seen the dark side of life and been a criminal. Now legit, he is happy that no one is scared of him any longer.

Liam is in love with Ava but he is also protective over Jax and jealous of his status as his best friend and brother. Notwithstanding that, he will unerringly make the right decisions, even if it isn’t easy on his ego at the time.

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