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Her Badass Bikers Character Cards: Ava

Name: Ava

Age: 40

Occupation: Ava formerly was an investigative account for the FBI, also working on projects with the NSA. At the beginning of the book, she is a paid companion to an old lady, looking after her during the day while her son and daughter-in-law are at work. She also doubles as nanny for the family’s children after school if the parents aren’t home yet. During Ava’s stay at the police HQ in Honolulu’s SWAT department, she is asked by police and FBI to assist together with Mace in an ongoing investigation. Later, she works as an accountant for the Makani MC at their workshop adjoining the clubhouse.

Character: Ava isn’t a mother herself but loves children and no matter where she lives, always ends up babysitting and entertaining some of her neighbours’ children. That was also how she met 10-year-old Jax whom she looked after on occasion for two years before she moved and lost contact. Currently, she is babysitting her neighbour Gloria’s 12-year-old-son Darryl.

Ava has had one experience with three men, otherwise she has only had one-on-one relationships with men. She is an infinitely loving person, intelligent and well educated but has given up a much better-paid career as a criminal investigative accountant for something more fulfilling. With her big heart, honestly, acceptance and unconditional love, she not only makes the men of the Makani MC fall in love with her but also helps to heal trauma and distrust.

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