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Tirza's Teasers: Her Badass Bikers 5

“Is he always that bitchy with you as well, Liam?” Ava shouted.

“I am not bitchy!” Jax shouted.

“He just needs to get laid,” Liam shouted back. “Take him for a ride and he’ll be as good as new.”

“Oh, well, he is taking me for a ride. On his Harley. I’m so excited. I’ve never done that before,” Ava yelled. “A proper ride, I mean.”

“You naughty little thing,” Liam yelled.

“I’m not fucking her on the bike, I am taking her down the coast for dinner,” Jax yelled.

“Ah, that’s why he is so bitchy,” Liam shouted.

“Ah, okay. Jax, why didn’t you masturbate under the shower?” Ava asked with an accusatory undertone in her voice.

“Yeah, Jax. Why didn’t you wank under the shower when a hot woman is standing right in front of you?” Liam shouted and Jax heard all the guys roar with laughter in the background.

Jax almost crushed the phone in his hand with frustration. He was standing there naked with a giant hardon and the woman he wanted more than anything in the world told him to go wank under the shower, while the entire MC was laughing at him through the phone.

“Fuck!” he hissed, hung up and turned, picked up his jeans, pulled it on, next his t-shirt and then he was about to put on his socks and boots before leaving the house.

“You always go commando?” Ava asked from the bathroom door with a smirk on her face.

“As you saw, it needs a lot of room,” he replied drily.

“We should go. We’re already late,” she murmured. “I can’t wait to be alone with you, away from Gospel Gloria and Liam who is constantly trying to invite himself over.”

Jax closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

“You sure you still wanna go out with me?”

“Of course, why would you think I changed my mind?” Ava asked in consternation.

“Because you laughed at my naked hard cock?” Jax suggested with an evil look but Ava’s features only softened and she smiled at him.

“Oh Jax, don’t be so impatient. Remember what I told you when you were at my place as a kid about how a man is supposed to treat a lady?”

“Wine and dine her, show her she’s special and mean it. Give her time, let her unfold her petals in the care of your protective hands so when you finally pluck the rose, it won’t be a hard bud but a radiant, soft blossom. I wrote that shit down.”

“You did?”

“I didn’t have much else to do in prison besides learning martial arts, so I started to write things down that inspired me. There’s a lot from you in that notebook.”

“You wrote about me while you were in prison?”

“Yes. And I thought of you when I lay awake at night, too.”

“Oh, Jax.”

Her soft sigh was almost a moan. She stepped forward to where he sat on the edge of the bed with his sock in his hand and pressed his face against her breasts in the same way she had done with Darryl. And yet, it felt all different. She smelled so good, of peach and vanilla. It was still the same perfume that she had worn all those years ago. His arms came up to encircle her waist and then his hands landed on her ass and he pulled her flush against him between his thighs.

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