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Tirza's Teasers: Her Badass Bikers 1

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

He raised his hand to her cheek, cupped it and stroked his thumb over her soft skin.

“I’ve never stopped thinking of you.”

And then he lowered his head to kiss her. Ava’s eyes fluttered closed and her lips parted slightly. He kissed them softly, brushing his own over them lightly at first before pressing his over hers and allowing his tongue to dart out and lick at her upper lip just a little. She moaned into his mouth and moved forward, trying to press herself against him.

“Jax,” she whispered and fisted a handful of his t-shirt in her hand.

He gave a low growl and kissed her more urgently, deepening their kiss. Their tongues started to dance, lash out at each other, and then he found himself on top of her in the sand, dry humping between her legs. He was so hard, he had blue balls by now and he was dying to get inside her. Ava was the woman of his dreams, always had been. He had fantasised about her endlessly during lonely nights in prison, jerking off to the memories of her delicate flesh, soft skin, her smell of peach and vanilla.

“I want you, baby. I need to have you.”

His phone rang.

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