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Tirza's Teasers: Izzy's Law 1 (The BFF Diaries #1)

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Dad shrugged.

“You always had a thing for younger men since you passed the age of 35,” he observed.

How did my dad know? I hadn’t even admitted it to myself. And he had known for a decade and never said anything about it. I felt so embarrassed and lowered my head in shame. Some things you just didn’t want to discuss with your dad, no matter how good your relationship was.

“No one is judging you, cara. You only do that yourself. But maybe Dante or that other handyman are not necessarily the right choice for that. I can introduce you to some of our younger officers,” dad offered.

Earth, open up and swallow me! How desperate must my family think I was when my dad offered to pimp me out already?

“Actually, I came by to see Andrea. Is he in or on patrol?” I quickly changed the subject. “He helped us this morning and I wanted to bring him some donuts to say thank you. Dante was in tears because no one had ever stood up for him besides Shaunie. It really moved him. He is a good young man, dad. He really is.”

“I know, Izzy. It’s just, he needs to acclimatise and get his life in order now. He doesn’t need any complications and neither do you. Better if the boys take him out to a bar to have some fun without any strings, don’t you think?” Dad offered, bringing the subject right back to where I had wanted to stay clear of. Fuck!

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