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Tirza's Teasers: Tank 1 (Seals in Spain #1)

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Sarah danced closer, turned her head while standing with her back to him, her feet drumming a staccato on the floor, stampeding like a horde of bulls shaking the ground as they ran by, her hips swaying from side to side as he finally encircled her waist with his strong arm. She shuddered with the passion that was coursing through her body, taking total possession of her mind and emotions.

Dom murmured something in Spanish into her ear and although she didn’t understand the words, she knew, he’d said something sexual from the tone of his voice. It sounded deep, husky, seductive, like a promise of pleasures untold. Her legs nearly melted beneath her and she leaned back against his powerful chest, closing her eyes for a moment.

It was only then the catcalls and whistles pierced her mind and slammed into her consciousness.

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