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Power Animal Meditation: Cobra

Cobras belong to the genus Naja, the category in which all true cobras fall. Depending on species, their lengths vary from six to ten feet. Common characteristics are their fangs and venom glands, their ability to deliver a fatal bite to humans through their highly poisonous neurotoxic venom.

Goddess Reiki by Tirza Schaefer

When we look at how a cobra or other spirit or power animals in the spiritual realm impart their powers on a person, the most intense way of transference is a bite or swipe with a claw, i.e., through an injury that entails some part of the animal entering the human body in a vision or dream. Personally, in case of Cobra, I have repeatedly had both dreams and visions of this beautiful and powerful animal burying its fangs in my eyelids.

Cobra is your staunch supporter in times when life seems without deeper meaning, stagnant and hopeless and you have moved to a point in your life where gaining a better understanding of yourself is crucial. Cobra energies unveil your innate abilities that have thus far lain dormant and not been yet discovered. She also helps you seek and find the truth of a matter. To learn more about this Power Animal and use its energy in your meditation and self-reflection, click here:

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