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The Bookish Oracle

WELCOME TO THE BOOKISH ORACLE, my new weekend feature for the week ahead. There is a section for authors and one for readers. If you would like some guidance and enjoy some spiritual inspiration to combine your reading, writing and esoteric interests, you're in the right place!

This reading is for the week starting on 4th September 2021. It is meant as general guidance and my advice to you is, take from it whatever feels in alignment with you and discard the rest. You are always your own highest authority! Tirza xxx

Ansuz is the messenger rune, connected to the Norse god Loki. Look out for new messages and information you receive at this time to inspire your writing. You may also feel called to try something completely new, maybe a new trope or genre, a different tense of POV, an unusual setting, etc. Be open to change, to bring in something new.

The Egyptian god Set is the ruler of chaos, the desert, thunderstorms and red creatures. Starting something new you are not familiar with can seem daunting and chaotic when you don’t yet know what you are doing. However, go with the flow and stir the ship through stormy waters. The messages or Ansuz will assist you to find new points of reference and provide you with information vital to your writing.

It is perhaps rather synchronistic that the last rune is that of the crook and flail, ascribed to the God Osiris, the mythological brother and polar opposite of Set. Osiris brings form into the chaos and through perseverance, you will be able to reap a rich harvest from your efforts. You may also consider writing something with a theme that combines polar opposites, as I have in my book Opposites Attract.

For readers, try to find a couple of books that seem very much opposed to each other in theme, cover colour or on any other level. When you read both, how can you combine what you have learned or felt in emotions? Did you enjoy both? What are the opposing traits within you that make this possible? Have you read my book Opposites Attract?

Rune Stones used in order of appearance:

  1. The New Book of Runes by Ralph Blum

  2. The Eye of Horus Oracle of Ancient Egypt by David Lawson

  3. Sacred Scarabs for Divination & Personal Power by DeTraci Regula

Check out the oracle card decks I use for my readings here or click on any of the oracle card pictures above.

The book in the picture is Opposites Attract, a standalone contemporary rockstar romance. I actually picked it, as well as the crystals, before I pulled the rune stones. If you look up the crystal meanings, you will find that they suit each other perfectly.

Crystals used in order of appearance are Tiger Eye in a Sandstone Bowl, with the rune stones, from left to right, there are Smoky Quartz, Fire Agate and Carnelian.

For your personal reading, visit my services page and choose the option you prefer most.

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