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The Bookish Oracle

WELCOME TO THE BOOKISH ORACLE, my new weekend feature for the week ahead. There is a section for authors and one for readers. If you would like some guidance and enjoy some spiritual inspiration to combine your reading, writing and esoteric interests, you're in the right place!

This reading is for the week starting on 11th October 2021. It is meant as general guidance and my advice to you is, take from it whatever feels in alignment with you and discard the rest. You are always your own highest authority! Tirza xxx

You have come some way in your writing journey and there is a fountain of wisdom, knowledge and skills you can draw on from inside you, as well as the writing community of which you are a part of. Don’t hesitate to draw on these resources, they will give you clarity, strength, fortitude and courage to venture forward in your craft and hone your skills.

It is also a time to slow down and set priorities. Life’s demands may have come in the way of your writing so you need to take care that you don’t burn out or take on too many things at once and ultimately get overwhelmed by the sheer multitude of it. Remember, sometimes less is more! Bring your life and writing into balance.

When you have accomplished the above, you’re in a perfect position to create something of substance and manifest your plans and dreams. It is time to make your dreams come true and this week is the perfect opportunity to do so. You have all resources necessary at your fingertips.

For readers, how about picking a book that features a wise old man, a king or some other male seasoned authority figure? If you love romance, maybe a trope with a more mature and/or powerful man is something you might enjoy at this time? If you like fantasy, The Light of Darkness series by Catrin Russell (IG: @catrinrusselauthor), or for contemporary romance, you might like to pick up the Closer Than Blood (including Book 4, Going Down) series by Jayne Lockwood (IG: @ladyjaguarwrites).

The tarot card deck used in this reading is "The Light Seer's Tarot" by Chris-Anne.

Check out the oracle card decks I use for my readings here or click on any of the oracle card pictures above.

The book in the picture is Ria, Book 2 of The Milf Diaries series and the only one that is not a reverse harem but a one-on-one. As I had decided on using only my new Tarot deck, which is so colourful, Ria was the perfect choice to go with it. She is a somewhat spaced out spiritual painter and artist and the love of her life, Jordan, is a male stripper who regularly stands in the colourful limelight on the stage of his own strip club. But somehow, these two so different people fall deeply in love. If only Jordan didn't suffer from severe anxiety attacks each time he is even thinking about having sex with Ria...

Crystals used in order of appearance are Chrysoprase, Larimar and Lapis Lazuli.

For your personal reading, visit my services page and choose the option you prefer most.

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