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Tirza's Teasers: Tank 2 (Seals in Spain #1)

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

“Sarah! It’s so good to meet you. I hope you had a pleasant flight?”

He shook her hand warmly and turned on his most radiant smile. It worked. Sarah felt like floating on air as they exchanged pleasantries while he led the way to the car, taking care of her luggage without a word. It seemed to come instinctively to him to be a gentleman. She could detect no conscious effort on his part to remember to treat her with the utmost civility, but rather, it seemed that this came to him naturally and was part of his personality.

At the car, he first opened the passenger door for her before stowing the luggage and then going to pay the ticket. Sarah had always had a thing for men holding doors open and pulling out chairs and the like. Dom was the type of man, it seemed, who did all this effortlessly. Coupled with his sex-on-a-stick good looks, his impression on her was lethal.

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