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The Bookish Oracle

WELCOME TO THE BOOKISH ORACLE, my weekend feature for the week ahead. There is a section for authors and one for readers. If you would like some guidance and enjoy some spiritual inspiration to combine your reading, writing and esoteric interests, you're in the right place!

This reading is for the week starting on 18th October 2021. It is meant as general guidance and my advice to you is, take from it whatever feels in alignment with you and discard the rest. You are always your own highest authority! Tirza xxx

This week, it is important for you to get the wider picture, the overall view. You may wonder why something is as it is or why the story you are writing goes in a certain direction but the why is not important. You are being guided by your higher self and to be able to see the wider picture is also giving you the ability to share and formulate things with and for others. Trust that there is a reason that will be revealed later.

When you gain clarity on what you want to create and how, you will find that you can bring anything into being that you want. Passion tempered by control is a powerful tool and will assist you in your writing. It may also be time to work out a plan or skeleton for your next project?

Have you made any promises to yourself and others? This is a friendly reminder from the universe for your to honour your promises and not to go back on your word. You may also write a character who is either honourable in keeping his or her word or someone who is struggling with that or not capable of it at all. If you have made a commitment to yourself about your writing or anything that supports it, now is the time to honour it. You are just as important as anyone else.

For readers, this week is all about bringing things into being. Manifesting desires. Pick a book about characters who start a new venture, run a business or follow their dreams. Passion is another thing to look out for. A steamy romance over a hot mug can work wonders. And if you have promised to read someone’s book, this might be the time to do it. If you have promised yourself to make more time to read, honour your word to yourself in the same way. Make sure your needs are met, too.

The oracle card deck used in this reading is "Wisdom of the House of Night Oracle" by P.C. Cast & Colette Baron-Reid. I’ll also post an Unwrapping Card Decks video of this deck on my YouTube channel with my commentary, showing each individual card next week. (Don’t forget to like and subscribe so you won't miss out on future posts!)

Check out the oracle card decks I use for my readings here or click on any of the oracle card pictures above.

The book in the picture is A Beary Little Christmas, Book 3 of Tirza's Christmas Tales, a series of seasonal standalone novels, and the only shifter romance I have ever written and published. And because it is the only fantasy story I have published, I thought it would be fitting to use with this deck that was created on the basis of the House of Night Young Adult fantasy book series by Kristin & P.C. Cast which I absolutely love!

Crystals used in order of appearance are Chrysocolla (stimulates the throat chakra and helps us to communicate more effectively, strengthens the overall vibration of health and is great for teachers), Rainbow Flourite and Amethyst.

For your personal reading, visit my services page and choose the option you prefer most.

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