A Banker Gives Up All Her Security for Love



Bailey is not satisfied with being a career woman any longer. The death of her cat gives her the rest and she decides to move from Montana to sunny San Diego to find a man of her own, someone who is a hero like her Spec Ops veteran dad whom she adores. She gives up her life and career at home and starts all over again as a sales assistant at a supermarket on Cordoba Island.

However, her first encounter with a member of the military leave her in dire straits to convince him and his awesome teenage children that she is not a taghag. When a teacher abuses her position of power and Bailey wins Sandro’s trust, she is invited to stay in the guestroom until she has found her own place. However, the following day, both Sandro and his brother Rafael are called on duty. The boarding school the children usually go to during deployments is full and in the end, Bailey offers to look after Alina and Pedro, the two lovable teenagers.

When the responsibility weighs on Bailey’s shoulders she seeks refuge in unusual places to gain strength and fortitude.

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Soon to Come...

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An Excerpt


“What is going on here?” Sandro Alvarez demanded. “Take your hands off my son at once!”


“Dad, she’s on our side!” Alina called quickly.


“What do you mean? Since when are we on sides here?” Sandro demanded.


“Miss Sullivan lied to you and Pedro didn’t say,” Alina blurted under her father’s hard stare.


“Darling, let me explain,” Bailey said patiently. “Why don’t you sit down, Mr. Alvarez?”


“I’m fine right here.”


She nodded and took a breath, then told him about Pedro and Miss Sullivan and what the teacher had just told her, ending with the recommendation to report her to the authorities and offering to be a witness.


“Damn right this is going to the police and the school’s principal and that you’re going to testify against that bitch!” Sandro fumed.


“Dad, it’s not Bailey’s fault! She helped clear it up and told Miss Sullivan she wished Trump would bury her under the wall,” Alina reminded her dad.


“You did?” Sandro asked in surprise.


“I’d rather have kicked her face in, but that would be against the law,” Bailey said and Sandro grinned.


“We are going to the police right now,” Sandro commanded and the children jumped up.


An hour later, they had all given their statements and emerged from the military police station and Sandro invited Bailey for dinner.


“That is the least we can do,” he said.


“I’d rather get going and get a room, if you don’t mind. I’ve driven a long way and am quite tired, you know,” Bailey said quietly.


“We have a guestroom. It is not much, but if you don’t mind, it is yours for the night,” Sandro offered.


Bailey thanked him from her heart, but she didn’t want to make anyone think she was a taghag, so she declined politely, but gave Sandro her number to call about arranging tutoring Pedro. She liked the boy too much, and his sister, too, to leave them wholly to their fate. Sandro drove ahead of her to the nearest hotel and asked for a room for her. It was fully booked and so were the other hotels near the base. Apparently, there was a military convention which had caused the bookings.


“It looks like you don’t have a choice but to accept our invitation,” Alina beamed at her.

“Under one condition,” Bailey said. “I’m not a hagtag!”


“Taghag!” Alina and Pedro called and burst into laughter.


Even Sandro the Solemn, as Bailey had privately called him to herself, grinned from one ear to the other.


“You’ll like it, Bailey. Uncle Rafa stays with us as well. He’s nearly as funny as dad,” Alina promised.


“In that case, I have a really good workout for my stomach muscles then,” she grinned.

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