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Bailey is not satisfied with being a career woman any longer. The death of her cat gives her the rest and she decides to move from Montana to sunny San Diego to find a man of her own, someone who is a hero like her Spec Ops veteran dad whom she adores. She gives up her life and career at home and starts all over again as a sales assistant at a supermarket on Cordoba Island.

However, her first encounter with a member of the military leaves her in dire straits to convince him and his awesome teenage children that she is not a taghag. When a teacher abuses her position of power and Bailey wins Sandro’s trust, she is invited to stay in the guestroom until she has found her own place. However, the following day, both Sandro and his brother Rafael are called on duty. The boarding school the children usually go to during deployments is full and in the end, Bailey offers to look after Alina and Pedro, the two lovable teenagers.

When the responsibility weighs on Bailey’s shoulders she seeks refuge in unusual places to gain strength and fortitude.

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Soon to Come...

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