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The Bookish Oracle

WELCOME TO THE BOOKISH ORACLE, my new weekend feature for the week ahead. There is a section for authors and one for readers. If you would like some guidance and enjoy some spiritual inspiration to combine your reading, writing and esoteric interests, you're in the right place!

This reading is for the week starting on 20th September 2021. It is meant as a general guidance and my advice to you is, take from it whatever feels in alignment with you and discard the rest. You are always your own highest authority! Tirza xxx

When you write, surrender to your own Divine guidance. Your blank white page is in front of you and it can seem daunting but when you tap into that inner space that drives your Divine creative spirit, you will be lead onto a journey of creation that will come naturally and flow in the way it is meant to.

Do not try to force this process or squeeze your writing into a preconceived idea and parameters. Chances are, what comes when you write from a place of surrender, you will create something much greater than you had initially planned.

The Ten of Air (Swords) reminds us of not limiting ourselves. A cycle has ended and how befitting that it falls into the week starting with a full moon. You may have finished a project or wish to change employment. Perhaps write full time? Whatever it is you have accomplished, do not fear the new, the change. Go boldly at it and remember that life itself is constant change. Go with the flow and trust that new beginnings are exactly what is needed and best for you at this moment to establish the most conducive circumstances for creating new works of storytelling.

The Unicorns remind you to hydrate properly. If you do not have enough fresh water in your system, your brain cannot function as well as when you are sufficiently hydrated. It can also be a reminder to seek inspiration in or near bodies of water, lacking that, a bubble bath or shower may be just the thing to relax you, relieve stress and tension and get your head into the space of writing mode. Water also signifies emotions and feelings. Take time to feel into your characters. When you feel what they feel, you are able to bring it onto the paper and your characters will come to life. Inanimate objects do not have feelings. Living beings do. Don’t be afraid to explore your characters’ emotions and with them, your own.

Decks used in order of appearance, all by Doreen Virtue, the first with Melissa Virtue and the second with Radleigh Valentine:

  1. Angel Dreams Oracle Cards

  2. Angel Tarot Cards

  3. Magical Unicorn Oracle Cards

Check out the oracle card decks I use for my readings here or click on any of the oracle card pictures above.

The book in the picture is Cloud Nine, a standalone contemporary rockstar romance. I thought the clouds would go well with the angel cards.

Crystals used in order of appearance are Angelite and twice Blue Lace Agate.

For your personal reading, visit my services page and choose the option you prefer most.

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