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Jada, a very intellectually orientated lecturer for modern philosophy from Virginia, visits her school friend Andy, now a successful Atlanta lawyer and his wife Kathy who owns an art gallery. A surprise visitor arrives, Kyle, Kathy’s best friend’s brother who has just returned stateside from deployment.


The sexy, masculine Marine SpecOps officer and the pacifist philosophy lecturer don’t get on at all at first, but at the same time, Jada cannot deny the attraction she feels for the charismatic warrior. When she meets him in a bar back home in Virginia where both find themselves in the company of their respective friends, a crisis occurs and instinctively, Jada turns to Kyle for help. After Kyle and his Marine team save the day, she gains a different perspective on military men and spiritual shamans and when she finds herself sharing a bed with him, she wishes he wasn’t such a gentleman after all.


Kyle needs Jada’s help in turn and when she agrees to help, a web of conspiracy and lies leaves her in despair and just as she thought, she has finally got Kyle, he leaves for good. In her despair, she turns to her friends in Atlanta and is confronted with Kyle and his team of Marines once again.

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The Book's Creation


Where I’d looked at a map before to determine some general geographic guidelines, this time, I sat down and worked out an entire plan with US Marine military bases and universities, travel and the whole shebang in a different location again. So I found the perfect spots and although the female protagonist, Jada, commences the story in beautiful Georgia, she is only visiting and meets Kyle who is also from Virginia, only visiting. They end up under the same roof for a week and I had so much fun working out the opposing forces in the characters.


I usually like to write storylines where both parties have different strength and weaknesses to bring into a relationship, but this time, I really played on all the prejudices. Jada, the pacifist university lecturer of philosophy behaves very aggressive towards Kyle who is all peaceful gentleman. It takes a while, however, until Jada begins to trust him not to chop her head off from a PTSD-induced mental breakdown.


When she finally believes Kyle that he is not suffering from PTSD and he actually saves her from a very mismatched “Sandal Guru,” for which she saves him right back from “Plastic Boops,” she begins to appreciate his manners and character more and finally falls in love with him. By then, however, she is friend-zoned and has to suffer through a night in the same bed with Kyle without him touching her at all, even though he has just literally saved her life.


All could be well when they finally get together after all, if there weren’t some complications and Kyle messing things up all over again. During another trip to Georgia, the characters of Sandal Guru and Plastic Boops reappear and cause some more hilarity. Sandal Guru is based on a person I had personally met some years back who pretends to be a holier-than-though Buddhist vegan but is extremely judgemental towards others. And I dislike bigotry strongly.


I couldn’t help but poke fun at the fake guru and the girl’s character “Plastic Boops” after I had just seen a documentary on gold-digging young women who had nothing else to do in their lives but to let their men pay their way, meaning plastic surgeries, designer clothes and luxury houses and holidays. Again, on the surface, these two people seem better paired up with the two main protagonists, rather than each other, but things are never what they seem once you scratch the surface and go a little deeper.


I won’t go into more details, but I love this book not only for its humour, but to show that “Opposites Attract” is not merely a saying, but that once we look more closely and are prepared to dive in more deeply, we may find more commonalities with those we thought were our complete opposites in all respects and that it is quite possible to sometimes encounter others who seem to be very similar to us on the surface but can be quite different when the shine wears off. Thus, we need to pay heed to not allow our prejudices condemn a person only because he or she belongs to a certain group, and that it will do well for us to take a closer look and only judge a person’s value in our lives when we’ve seen what their individual characters are.


As Dr. Martin Luther King said in his possibly most famous speech, which brings tears to my eyes each time I hear or watch it again, (yes, I’m soppy that way), “I have a dream!”

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Reviews for Opposites Attract

MSt Opposites Attract 01.png

This story would be a freak show if it wasn't so - I can't even describe it.


The author plays with opposites and clichés, sets them against each other and with each other in all different varieties and whenever you think one thing cannot possibly work or the other thing is a match made in heaven on paper, it all turns out...opposite!


What kept me turning the pages the most, however, was that I wanted to know how long the two main characters can be at odds and when things finally go right for once. Then they do and they mess it up all over again. It takes a lot of pancakes to set that right, believe me. You'll know what I mean when you read the book yourself.


I was pulling my hair, in stitches, feeling the heat and cursing the author for not going further - this one is definitely slow in coming but when it does... it's like a climax not only of the physical kind. Anyway, there is fun, it is creepy, it is hot, there is loyalty and love and friendship, there is messing things up and only getting it right on the third try and there is a lot of feeling for the two leading characters who are definitely having a hard time getting their act together.


Their path is littered with wrong decisions. But at the same time, that's something I can relate to, at least where relationships are concerned. I've done my fair share of foolish things when I was younger so this entire setup is as crazy as it is totally believable. You've got to take your hat off to the author for making this possible. Great fun reading. A real page turner!

Tuari Eagleswing, Reader

Opposites Definitely Attract!

Oh my God, do they have their wires crossed! The pacifist lecturer goes mental and the war hero has to pacify the hell out of her life. This is roles reversed with some really hilarious side characters thrown in, like plastic boobs and sandal guru.


I’m not going to tell you more, but read it! It’s the author’s longest work, but it’s so fast paced that you get to the end without a single line of boredom and you just crave for more!

Karen Bennett, Reader

* * *

Brilliant Read!

This book is hilarious, exciting, contradictory and far from being PC (politically correct), and yet, it works! Jada is a left-wing intellectual, pacifist hippie university lecturer teaching philosophy with a spiritual emphasis and Kyle is a US Marine SpecOps officer that happen to live temporarily under the same roof. Jada is the aggressive, embittered and angry one, Kyle keeps his cool and even trumps Jada’s colleagues in chivalry.


There are adventure, funny scenes that make you laugh tears and a fast-paced storyline that is as entertaining as it is educational in terms of admonishing us not to think in stereotypes because those who seemingly live very opposing lives to ourselves sometimes have more in common with us than the people who belong to our group, community or tribe. It is as much as love story as it is a comedy with an undercurrent of reminding us not to cast that first stone…


This is Tirza Schaefer’s most extensive work thus far and she excelled in her writing and content alike, her novels all being complex and surprising each time. I cannot recommend OPPOSITES ATTRACT highly enough. A brilliant read!

Joyful, Reader


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MSt Opposites Attract 03.png


The plot really takes off, and how it is all going to end is totally unpredictable - the urge to keep turning pages increases in line with the pressure on the characters. The book is all beautifully written and masterfully created.


I find the novel explores the effect on relationships which is literally 'mind-blowing'. I find this book is an extremely good read which is also very informative.

Amanda, Reader

* * *

Opposites Attract

This was the first of Tirza Schaefer's books I've read. With its refreshing writing style and delightful story, I was immediately spellbound, as I would be with three more after that.


The protagonists Jada and Kyle are both well-crafted and you just want to tell the two of them to jump over their own shadows and not interpret unnecessary problems into everything. I have sometimes had to think of the story of the two royal children who cannot find each other; it's a long way but in the end....

This story is a real treat!

Kindle-Kunde, Reader


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